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Question: I hope it is ok to ask this here: in REAPER, if i have, for example, 50 tracks with lots of inserts, some with sends to each other, some folders, and all their outputs are being sent to 24 buses. And I use ReaStream/ReaRoute on those buses to send to another DAW. How is the latency compensation calculated? Will audio arrive on perfect time or I should be cautious? I will be running some tests but I'd like to understand how this works a bit more. Also, is Reastream sample-accurate with a cabled LAN? Thanks!
Asked by Ignacio (93.35.165.x) on November 10 2022, 9:40pm
Reply on November 10 2022, 11:03pm:
    definitely better on the forum, but in general reastream isn't really good for this. If you do it, make a single 64 channel reastream instance, send everything to that, then have that send to the other place.

  • Posted by Ignacio (5.90.3.x) on November 11 2022, 12:44am:
    Thanks a lot, I haven't thought of that way. I imagine but lately I don't have luck in the forum with this type of questions. Is there any guide that explains how the latency compensation works in cases where you want to output audio like this, or even using analog outputs? I guess that if just going to the master channel, the fastest tracks wait for the slowest and they all go out together. But what happens if there is a hierarchy and audio is being outputted at different points of the singal flow? Thanks!

  • Posted by Justin on November 11 2022, 2:07am:
    Tthe main thing is that multiple instances of ReaStream will almost certainly not be synchronized. The latency compensation behaviors and anticipative FX multiprocessing could also cause issues, but even without that you'll be in trouble...

  • Posted by Ignacio (93.35.165.x) on November 11 2022, 10:58am:
    I see, thanks. And if I don't use ReaStream but for example. If using a session as a tape machine and outputing through analog outputs, DANTE or ReaRoute. What would be the best way to do this? Or how does people who use consoles do in REAPER? Keeping it simple with no internal sends, but tracks with plugins and maybe folders should be sending all the channels at the same time, if the hardware outpus are post fader or post fx? Any tips on how can I understand this further?

  • Posted by Justin on November 11 2022, 11:59am:
    If you're using hardware outputs, they should all be latency compensated automatically and you'll be good.

  • Posted by Ignacio (93.35.164.x) on November 12 2022, 7:12pm:
    Gracias Justin! Regarding using a 64-channel ReaStream instance, I can't seem to find how to have it set to more than 8-channels, search the forums but couldn't find it. Am I missing something?

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