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Question: Do you think it's good to do masters in the age of 35-40?
Asked by Asked by (182.68.228.x) on November 22 2022, 3:25pm
Reply on November 22 2022, 7:14pm:

  • Posted by Your Name (182.68.134.x) on November 23 2022, 6:20am:
    Oh I meant PG (Post Graduation)

  • Posted by Justin on November 23 2022, 4:56pm:
    Ahh, I'm the last person qualified to ask, as I have no experience beyond the first year of undergraduate.

  • Posted by Daniel Lumertz (201.48.182.x) on November 24 2022, 9:47pm:
    I am doing my master and have a colleague with that age more or less. I think is very nice for the academic community have more experienced people together with younger people with less background. Normally in academy the more diverse the better is the discussions as more ground are covered, at least in music i guess.

  • Posted by My Name (171.48.3.x) on November 26 2022, 4:23pm:
    @Daniel Lumertz What was your age when you started your master? In which field you are doing your master?

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