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Question: How could it be possible that VST plugins do not double CPU calculation (calculating identical L and R) on tracks that contains only mono media items ? (like vocal tracks or any mono microphone track like BD, snare, guitar, bass, etc...)
Asked by binbinhfr (86.211.250.x) on November 28 2022, 9:37pm
Reply on November 30 2022, 3:07pm:
    There are a few answers to this:
    • You can detect mono signals and treat them as such
    • On modern CPUs with SIMD you can often parallelize stuff for free
    • Even without SIMD, with modern superscalar CPUs you can often parallelize stuff for nearly free
    • Even without the above things, a lot of times there is shared work. E.g. a compressor would (often) only have one envelope for the combined signal...

  • Posted by binbinhfr (86.211.250.x) on November 30 2022, 5:14pm:
    Sorry for my bad english, but I meant : what can we do in Reaper to avoid this double CPU load on effective mono-tracks ?

  • Posted by Justin on November 30 2022, 6:42pm:
    Well then, as my explanation above indicates, there usually isn't a double CPU load, but maybe a slight increase.

  • Posted by Justin on November 30 2022, 6:44pm:
    but having said that -- you can use the "VST3 Bus Size" setting on the plug-in and request mono if you're so inclined.

  • Posted by binbinhfr (86.211.250.x) on December 3 2022, 8:45am:
    I did not know about this VST3 feature. I finally made some testing using a VST3 EQ, and effectively, running it in mono or stereo on a mono signal does not multiply CPU by x2. So I have another question for a future CPU upgrade : are these new Intel 13th gen CPUs worth it ? Like this one : Intel Core i5-13600KF (3.5 GHz / 5.1 GHz) Processor 14-Core (6 Performance-Cores + 8 Efficient-Cores) 20-Threads Socket. Does Reaper fully benefit of these "efficient cores" ? Or multi-threading ?

  • Posted by Justin on December 8 2022, 3:47pm:
    Efficient cores aren't great for low latecy audio in general, no. But I don't really have an opinion on these CPUs

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