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Question: heyman- have you ever questioned,or wondered #why? windows o.s. does not come with any MIDI loopback functions by a default installation? is there a serious reasons,or considerations #why? this would NOT be included without further 3rd party installer? (is that same on mac/linux?
Asked by 2022 (95.145.189.x) on December 6 2022, 2:20pm
Reply on December 7 2022, 10:45pm:
    They could do a lot of things relating to pro audio way better than they have... so can't say I really have spent much time on it

  • Posted by 2022 (95.145.189.x) on December 8 2022, 11:26pm:
    win10 audio is a maze of spagi bollocknese imo- what a mess!! (wonder how you might do it!?)

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