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Question: Is it possible at all to aggregate multiple audio devices in Windows on ASIO, not WDM? Could Reaper do it although system does not support it?
Asked by greg (89.233.113.x) on December 18 2022, 10:03pm
Reply on December 18 2022, 10:19pm (edited at December 18 2022, 10:20pm):
    REAPER could probably do it, but the performance would likely be lousy as we'd have to synchronize threads for each device (since ASIO involves each driver creating its own processing thread).

  • Posted by Ian the The (165.225.94.x) on December 19 2022, 12:43pm:
    Maybe a silly question, but how does Asio4all solve this? Or does that mean that when I use it, my performance will be lousy too?

  • Posted by Justin on December 19 2022, 1:47pm:
    ASIO4All provides ASIO to the app, but uses WDM/WASAPI/whatever to pull from the devices, which is an asynchronous API so probably has less scheduling issues. But the performance will still not be as good as a single device, in general.

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