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Question: Do you know of a way to upload a midi file, and then play along to see how well you are doing like Melodics? I am wanting to upload my own midi files from another musician to practice, but Melodics does not support this? Any input is appreciated. Thanks!
Asked by John-Scott Thompson (24.253.255.x) on January 24 2023, 8:48pm
Reply on January 25 2023, 6:44pm:
    nope, like guitar hero but for proper music? could make a jsfx to do that I suppose
Question: Do you use 'modern' C++ features, like say smart pointers?
Asked by wasereb4 (79.246.85.x) on January 24 2023, 3:51am
Reply on January 24 2023, 5:58am:
    We don't really use smart pointers, no
Question: My program(installer) is executed as administrator. How to get APPDATA path for the current logged in user? SHGetFolderPath(CSIDL_APPDATA) gives admin path.
Asked by Ruchira (123.231.109.x) on January 24 2023, 2:59am
Reply on January 24 2023, 5:59am:
    Hmm not sure! For UAC stuff usually you end up passing that from the installer which first runs as the regular user to the administrator-running side...
Question: hey jf- congrats on that long run & making through to this new year!! great achievements!?! "did you actually get any muscle spasms or shakes concerns during,or, afterwards? (++have very BEST years!)
Asked by 2023 (2.29.234.x) on January 24 2023, 1:27am
Reply on January 24 2023, 5:59am:
    Thanks! No real cramps, hints of them at times (especially after nearly tripping), and big chills after the race for a good solid 8 hours.
Question: Hi! What language or engine do you like to use for this web and your other personal webs like code, music etc? You are like a remote mentor to me. I admire people that do interesting things like you!
Asked by victor (190.122.201.x) on January 23 2023, 1:12pm
Reply on January 24 2023, 5:59am (edited at January 24 2023, 6:00am):
    just a bunch of homegrown php ;) and some html/javascript too
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Question: SWELL: At this point I am not sure if emulation was the right choice for long term sustainability/usability. Microsoft works with PALs which I cannot visualize conceptually but I guess is something close to the approach used in IdTech 4. Considering the parameters and the team size how feasible would have been for Cockos to pull something like this, if that makes sense at all for the time you made the cross-platform considerations?
Asked by Gio (94.70.29.x) on January 21 2023, 8:52pm
Reply on January 21 2023, 10:01pm:
    I suppose time will tell, however aside from the uncertainty you have expressed in your question you don't provide any actual basis for that uncertainty, so it's hard for me to answer your question when all you've done is expressed your feeling?
Question: How much of a headache is writing for X11 and Wayland times a gazillion window managers and compositors?
Asked by PimplyAdonis (147.161.164.x) on January 21 2023, 6:52pm
Reply on January 21 2023, 7:07pm:
    Using gdk takes care of most of it
Question: I don't understand how in Reaper 768pt sinc is considered very slow but R8Brain is fast. Isn't the expensive part of resampling the convolution with the filter kernel? What can R8Brain possibly be doing that differs so much from a simple windowed sinc? Is it just the method of convolution, direct vs FFT?
Asked by Erin (75.15.159.x) on January 21 2023, 5:09am
Reply on January 21 2023, 5:25am:
    IIRC r8brain does big FFT AA filters plus a smaller size sinc interpolation, vs the 768pt sinc filter which is a combination of sinc interpolation and AA filtering, which is brute force. One advantage of 768pt sinc is lower latency if you're using it on FX.
Question: What will happen Reaper when it no longer becomes sustainable developing or maintaining it?
Asked by Matthew (165.225.39.x) on January 20 2023, 12:16am
Reply on January 20 2023, 5:03am:
    Heat Death of the Universe
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Question: do u know where the new reaper irc channel is?
Asked by kibolab (71.231.176.x) on January 19 2023, 10:28am
Reply on January 20 2023, 5:03am:
    There isn't an official one, I think there are some discords around, but none official either. Forums, baby.
Question: I'm currently coding Gui-accessibility-stuff and I wondered about some specifics: in reaper's Guis, is a label of a dropdownlist part of the ui-element(both together) or is it rather label + dropdownlist(separate elements)? And are labels always skipped when tabbing through or are there usecases, where one can tab through labels/text elements, too?
Asked by Mespotine (46.114.205.x) on January 18 2023, 7:32pm
Reply on January 18 2023, 11:31pm:
    Send me an email, include the specific context too :)
Question: Have you seen what BryanChi is doing with ReaImGui on his Fx Devices script? What do you think about it? Did you ever think reaper would be this kind of incredible programing platform too?
Asked by sameold (187.213.50.x) on January 18 2023, 4:04am
Reply on January 18 2023, 7:06pm:
    Cool stuff!
Question: Any plans for Reaper/Reaper Lite for Android or iPadOS/iOS
Asked by Josh (139.99.46.x) on January 17 2023, 5:57pm
Reply on January 18 2023, 7:06pm:
Question: Did you intentionally name JS to share initials with JavaScript? I'm forever seeing people conflate the two. Seems like a bit of an oversight in terms of communication clarity.
Asked by Erin (75.15.159.x) on January 16 2023, 12:12am
Reply on January 16 2023, 2:56am (edited at January 16 2023, 2:57am):
    no it was not intentional, it's called JSFX but should've used JSFX: in the FX browser but that's too long I guess so laziness prevailed. And I guess JSFX would still be confusing. But that's the way it goes! Technically JavaScript is actual ECMAScript anyway? And I guess JSFX is EEL2.
Question: Do you think there will be any programming language in the future which can replace all languages and become the only programming language which can be used for any purpose?
Asked by Abhi (27.58.14.x) on January 14 2023, 4:25pm
Reply on January 15 2023, 4:14pm:
    Different languages have different properties and advantages, I think there will always be some diversity based on use.
Question: Do you like electronic music? have you heard of tipper? youtube.com/watch?v=0eSxsosJu18very cool sound design and landscapes
Asked by NotTipper (187.213.60.x) on January 14 2023, 4:26am
Reply on January 15 2023, 4:14pm:
    I haven't, electronic isn't one of my preferred genres.
Question: Have you deleted your Twitter?
Asked by Chris (77.64.160.x) on January 14 2023, 1:03am
Reply on January 14 2023, 3:01am:
    Yep, I did.
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Question: Q1. What's the reason why did you choose C++ for developing REAPER? Why not any other language? Q2. If Visual Studio adds a feature of converting languages into any other, in which language you want to convert all your codes into?
Asked by Abhi (27.58.1.x) on January 13 2023, 9:52am
Reply on January 13 2023, 9:47pm:
    It was what was available and what I was used to. If there was a C++ to rust converter I'd probably take a look at that output.
Question: Will you ever write your autobiography? Lots of people need to know about your entire life from the beginning ;-)
Asked by Abhi (106.215.124.x) on January 11 2023, 4:39pm
Reply on January 11 2023, 6:22pm:
    I'm not planning on it but I will try to post more things on the blog anyway. Maybe some reflections?
Question: any reason or story behind why Reaper on Linux cant burn audio cd like windows version can ?
Asked by EcBaPr (119.18.0.x) on January 11 2023, 11:02am
Reply on January 11 2023, 6:21pm:
    Never got around to that and who burns CDs these days? Anyway you can write a bin/cue then burn with whatever software you like.
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