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Question: I made my own programming language in ChatGPT. Like, I have told it all syntax of it (like, for printing a statement, Data.Output(). And for if condition, i used "when". For 'else', I used "otherwise", and told it about integer variables. And made a factorial code in it. And wow, it actually understand everything and told me the correct output. And I also gave it some reasoning puzzles, which it actually solved. Woah!!! what kind of experiment you did with it?
Asked by Abhi (171.50.130.x) on January 30 2023, 4:42pm
Reply on January 30 2023, 7:21pm:

  • Posted by yololo (89.82.152.x) on February 1 2023, 10:11am:
    I did the terminal thing too, and it absolutely refused to run "rm -rf / " because it was "too dangerous" :D

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