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Question: Could you give a pointer what to look for in order to fetch from reaper-screensets.ini IDs of FX windows currently stored in a screenset and visible? Is this data accessible without too much decoding?
Asked by Buy One (95.135.211.x) on April 12 2023, 8:12pm
Reply on April 14 2023, 4:16pm:
    poslistX_id is fx#{guid-string} etc. postlistX_data has a hex-encoded string best read with GetPrivateProfileStruct() (the lat byte is a checksum). First 4 bytes is a LE integer flags, 1 set means "visible", 2 set means docked. Second byte is docker ID if nonzero. Next 16 bytes are LE integers of window coordinates (left/top/right/bottom).

  • Posted by Buy One (95.135.211.x) on April 14 2023, 8:03pm:
    Thank you, way above my paygrade at the moment, but good that the info has been put out there

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