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Question: hey jf #multi question..heh...erm..what type of home you live in or at??? big,small? how do you furnish? simple,plain? colours? who cooks,cleans? open spaced , closed? rounded, cubed? ..rented? lease? paid4? ..cheap? expensive? +would you swap with the neigbours?? =)
Asked by 2023 (91.110.225.x) on April 19 2023, 12:58pm
Reply on April 19 2023, 3:00pm:
    An apartment, pretty good sized! Furnishings I mostly leave up to Allison. She does most of the cooking and I do most of the dishes, aside from when my wrist is broken which has shifted the balance a bit for a while. At the moment we don't have many doors (it's a big open space), though that will be changing soon.

  • Posted by 2023 (91.110.225.x) on April 22 2023, 8:54am:
    cheerz..over here we call these type of questions "being nosey" aka (nosey git)...heh... + yes,this wrist...you know theres some fixes for that! =cymatic harmonic resonant tuning..or!...mind over matter... winkywink...BE well.

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