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Question: Are there plans to allow GPU video rendering in Reaper? It is doable in the ffmpeg, but the commands don't work with Reaper.
Asked by Artur (187.19.173.x) on May 3 2023, 3:04pm
Reply on May 4 2023, 1:03am:
    There are plans for the video processors, though on the encoder side ideally if you're using WMF or AVFoundation it should already be GPU-accelerated by the underlying framework. Not sure what it would take to get ffmpeg to use it.

  • Posted by Artur (187.19.173.x) on May 4 2023, 12:02pm:
    Thank, I will check it out

  • Posted by Artur (187.19.173.x) on May 4 2023, 12:02pm:
    Those are the arguments for command line ffmpeg gpu acceleration encoding: NVIDIA ffmpeg -c:v h264_nvenc ffmpeg -c:v hevc_nvenc AMD ffmpeg -c:v h264_amf ffmpeg -c:v hevc_amf Intel ffmpeg -c:v h264_qsv ffmpeg -c:v hevc_qsv

  • Posted by Justin on May 10 2023, 8:09pm:
    yeah, doing that from the psuedo-api side is not necessarily straightforward

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