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Question: hey jf- well if yr ever looking for a spare bike,there is always the mountains some chinese are creating.. i mean,WOW! holy crap. > ( youtu.be/TDfLWFv3ixk)
Asked by 2023 (86.186.250.x) on June 21 2023, 8:44am
Reply on June 22 2023, 1:50pm:
    Damn, I wonder how it compares to a modestly-sized auto junkyard (of which there are many thousands and thousands in the US) though.

  • Posted by Sunblister (77.185.34.x) on June 22 2023, 10:09pm:
    These Rent-A-Bikes often were vehicles (pun intended) for other schemes. They placed the most horrible cheapest bikes to be found because people had to place a deposit when signing up. These deposits were then doggywalked on the financial markets. The bikes were just for scale, which is why the owner company didn't care too much about them.

  • Posted by 2023 (86.186.250.x) on June 23 2023, 8:21am:
    hurts our heart.... had an idea though= weld them all together to make 1 looooong bike ( a bicycle made for 2..or..2million !) tandem the modern way!

  • Posted by wasereb4 (93.206.6.x) on June 23 2023, 11:28pm:
    Thanks @Sunblister, I've watched the video but even with the video description I didn't quite get how/why that happened, with your comment I now get it.

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