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Question: hey jf- #if you had another digit on each hand...would you be able to type/compute faster,or, play the guitar & drums with an extra level of twang,crash & bang?
Asked by 2023 (31.52.158.x) on August 4 2023, 11:42pm
Reply on August 5 2023, 8:31pm:
    there would be some interesting chords for the guitar for sure! typing I don't think it would help much though.

  • Posted by 2023 (31.52.158.x) on August 6 2023, 9:32am:
    apparently its not that uncommon..got to thinking about hands and fingers more after bolder/ rock climbing....because the more fingers you take away from a grip= obviously harder things get to cling on for dear life...LOL...made me more greatful for EACH digit on each hand. cheers.

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