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Question: I purchased REAPER license when v5.0 was on its last legs and got next two versions covered. Was that a kind of a campaign or is this always the case that a licence purchased at the very end of one version will apply to next two versions?
Asked by User (198.16.66.x) on August 12 2023, 5:30pm
Reply on August 13 2023, 2:22am:
    Did you? I forget what we did then. Anyway the point of our "two major versions" scheme is that worst case you get a few years of updates. So if someone buys a license at 6.81, they get any remaining 6.x versions and all 7.x versions, which is plenty.

  • Posted by User (198.16.76.x) on August 13 2023, 1:17pm:
    I guess i got lucky then

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