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Question: hey jf- these terms "luck"..."get lucky" "we got lucky" "lucky dip" etcetc... what does this word "luck" actually mean to you?? is it all really random chaotic / just_by_ chance happenings..or,some kind of pre_mapped, pre_determined outcomes as 1 proceeds through life?? ta.
Asked by 2023 (31.49.162.x) on August 12 2023, 6:31pm
Reply on August 13 2023, 2:21am:
    There are plenty of things that are random and out of your control, but lots of things you can do to affect your odds.

  • Posted by 2023 (31.49.162.x) on August 13 2023, 12:11pm:
    yes...but how does 1 INCREASE them chances?? focus? intention? prayer? practices? =) (we truly believe the notion that eveything serves a purpose)

  • Posted by User (198.16.66.x) on August 13 2023, 2:52pm:
    There're some stories of realized individuals for whom everything would fall into place without effort on their part. I guess this can be interpreted as entering into resonance with the universe.

  • Posted by 2023 (31.49.162.x) on August 14 2023, 12:04am:
    hey thanx user for reply... so with resonance..something has to excite...and the other be excited..? seems to be self manifested,self realized? in some way.... shruggingz

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