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Question: Hi! I'm exploring how to become a 1 or 2 man band with Reaper. For guitar I'm interested in routing to an FRFR active cab, and I'm curious whether I can also route a bass to the same cab if it's a 2x12 instead of 1x12. For drums, I have a single loud speaker for an e-drum set and I'll probably start with that. Do you have any opinions to share on this? I'm also curious what you're using for your guitar tones in Not Vampires. It sounds great!
Asked by Chip (130.41.86.x) on August 23 2023, 2:40pm
Reply on August 24 2023, 5:33pm:
    I don't know much about active cabs... For passive cabs, many 2x12 cabs will have separate inputs for each speaker, optionally, though they'll often be specific about the impedance in this case. Anyway I think you'll have a lot of options! For the NV sessions we have a couple of amps we use, a Fender Hotrod Deluxe I think, and a ZT Lunchbox (with a cheapo Bugera cab)... and some pedalboards :)

  • Posted by Chip (84.242.19.x) on August 24 2023, 7:15pm:
    Currently I'm running a Quilter Superblock US in FRFR mode into Reaper and from there I'm going into Super8, my live guitar and two cells then sum up to a parent track which applies an IR. I'm looking at the active cabs because then I can go out from Reaper directly to the cab. I've been inspired by some shows I've seen lately (AACKR, YASS, Melt Banana) but can't justify a full amp and mic situation. :D Constraints -> Creativity etc etc

  • Posted by Justin on August 25 2023, 2:26am:
    Cool, my super8 stuff usually I use some cab models and jsfx for guitar and I like the sound fine... not as fun as a real amp but you can get decent enough sound out of it anyway

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