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Question: hey jf- do you have powers to *unban the banned* on reaper forum? (asking for a very confused friend!)
Asked by 2023 (5.81.138.x) on September 7 2023, 11:31am
Reply on September 7 2023, 2:15pm:
    Banned by IP or banned by username?

  • Posted by 2023 (5.81.138.x) on September 7 2023, 8:28pm:
    they went to login- got this "you have been banned for the follwing reason- sockpuppet account,insulting - date the ban will be lifted =never" why did that happen to "reapology" account? (no warnings issued!)

  • Posted by Dom64 (82.132.185.x) on September 8 2023, 1:29am:
    Are they trying to rea-apologize for something?

  • Posted by Justin on September 8 2023, 11:57am:
    Self-explanatory reason... I have the power to unban the banned however I am unlikely to exercise it.

  • Posted by 2023 (5.81.138.x) on September 8 2023, 8:26pm:
    fine- a coin always has 3 sides..not 2. thankingyou

  • Posted by 2024 (23.106.56.x) on September 9 2023, 11:39am:
    Looked through their latest (or last) posts, some REAPER bashing but no personal insults. So does Cockos ban people or user accounts? Because this user's old account was banned. The term sock puppet only makes sense if it's an account concurrent with another active account.

  • Posted by Ollie (80.187.102.x) on September 11 2023, 1:48pm:
    The account was banned 1. for an insulting post, the insulting post was soft-deleted after the ban and 2. for being banned before and circumventing this ban by creating a new account (this alone is a reason for a ban), then falling back to their old behavior at some point. You have always the chance to create a new account and just behave yourself and never get banned again but my experience is that these people just can't stop being themselves in ways incompatible with public forums.

  • Posted by 2023 (5.81.138.x) on September 12 2023, 8:40am:
    yeah.. total control freaks... Liberalism does not mean " if you do not fit in, we will delete you" people obviously do not have 'rights' to express their fact findings freely.. fact is: reaper is badly broken in many areas & its NOT a crime to point that out ! (apparently it IS?) we wear technicolour glasses not "rose tinted spectacles." (kangaroo courts do not phase us !)

  • Posted by 2023 (5.81.138.x) on September 12 2023, 8:45am:
    ** at the VERY LEAST - give users WARNINGS before a ban? either in pm or direct forum thread. zero tolerance is not always the answer....same with ignorance.!

  • Posted by 2024 (23.106.56.x) on September 12 2023, 12:01pm:
    I don't know if the user was warned before being banned bit i think if warnings aren't practised, introducing them would be fair. The rule regarding the number of warnings before the ban is up to the moderators to draw up.

  • Posted by 2023 (81.159.206.x) on September 12 2023, 12:45pm:
    go check WHY? bri1 was banned.. people are ASSUMING puppet accounts? where is the proof? (track n trace is it?) or, just "gang mentality" in full effect. CAN give numerous examples of long term forum users abusing "insults" (without any ban!)

  • Posted by Justin on September 12 2023, 1:42pm:
    sigh, let this one go eh?

  • Posted by 2023 (81.159.206.x) on September 12 2023, 7:48pm:
    done.. delete as you wish...apologies for any upset.. thanks anyway.. + best wishes going forward.

  • Posted by Ollie (80.187.127.x) on September 15 2023, 10:48am:
    FWIW, we never ban members for their opinion about REAPER. However, the tone in which they share it is often prone to escalate into ban-worthy insults on all sides. Since we can't read every single post we rely on users reporting questionable content, so some forum rule violations may slip under the radar and I personally try to consider the context and frequency of those. But our time budget for mothering immature behavior is limited while the forum rules are very clear. Be nice = never get banned.

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