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Question: Hey Justin, hope you're well. How has your commenting style evolved over the years? Personally I like to add a dated comment outlining a system's general structure, and that's about it. Also, have you seen Unity's (game engine) latest misstep? Crazy.
Asked by Jack (91.90.123.x) on September 15 2023, 8:57am
Reply on September 15 2023, 1:09pm:
    the problem, of course, is when the design evolves and the comment doesn't get updated with it... I haven't seen the Unity misstep, lemme google that

  • Posted by mope (149.88.19.x) on September 17 2023, 8:19am:
    I get the trust breach, but Unity's been clear that this only applies to new releases and successful projects, and that there are ways to circumvent the per-install fees if you make some other deal with the framework devs. The alternative is that Unity dies because hundreds of successful games use it/rely on it for free, view it as a natural resource, and don't pass their success back to the tech which gave them an engine which they didn't need to design themselves.

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