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Question: One question about gfx.measurechar/gfx.measurestr: do these do some kind of gfx.update or something? I have a script, whose gui refresh stops, when I add these functions at a given position before drawing anything and it blanks out the gfx-window, making it black. Haven't got around a minimal working example for a bugreport, yet.
Asked by Mespotine (80.187.118.x) on October 22 2023, 2:42pm
Reply on October 22 2023, 8:37pm:
    Ah, count this as the bug report -- they do end up marking the surface as dirty even though they don't actually draw anything. Fixing!

  • Posted by Mespotine (80.187.118.x) on October 22 2023, 9:24pm:
    Thank you :D

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