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Question: after reading source.opennews.org/articles/audio.... am wondering state of play today. As well as webaudio there's websockets, webrtc, kafka... and perhaps more! does ninjam use any of these, or are any of these particularly beneficial if trying to emulate some sort of web-ninjam machine? (Think of an inter-connected network of local supercollider sessions, with the ability to receive (and maybe send) audio resources via webaudio client apps, if that helps / makes any sense! ✌
Asked by Jonny (82.19.103.x) on November 6 2023, 1:00pm
Reply on November 6 2023, 2:47pm:
    for playback things are great (all my stuff uses a tiny bit of javascript to do useful things)... but for low latency and multiprocessing it's not inspiring to me. Things may be possible via web workers and whatnot but it would be a pain to do much. Native software ftw still.

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