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Question: congrats on 18 years of reaper (+ thanks). reaper still seems ahead of the pack, performance-wise - i'm curious if there are any architectural decisions you made back then that have held up over that time. (my guess would be anticipative rendering which still seems unique)
Asked by dan_remaincalm (119.18.0.x) on November 19 2023, 2:31am
Reply on November 19 2023, 3:41am:
    Using doubles for everything except time was great. For time, less great... Pretty much everything has evolved though, probably very little has remained. The biggest win I think is trying to keep the build process fast and easy.

  • Posted by Benjamin (46.114.202.x) on November 19 2023, 1:53pm:
    Interesting! Can you say more about how using doubles for time turned out to be less great? Doubles vs. floats or vs. integers? In Playtime 2, I internally use integers wherever possible because I found them easier to work with in terms of continuity, since everything boils down to discrete frames at some point anyway. But not sure if that's related to your point.

  • Posted by Gio (94.65.207.x) on November 19 2023, 9:05pm:
    As dan_remaincalm pointed out REAPER is an adult now. Is the engineering involved in REAPER close to a nuclear reactor? Also, I sense that there is something wrong in this world when I visit the Wikipedia page and is that short...

  • Posted by Justin on November 19 2023, 10:13pm:
    Yeah integers for time would be preferable for continuity/disambiguity. There's really no reason to use float for anything these days other than for storing data if space is a concern. Gio -- I know nothing about nuclear reactor engineering so I'm certainly not qualified to answer that!

  • Posted by Mespotine (80.187.118.x) on November 19 2023, 10:29pm:
    I would think, that the window title "Reaper query" in the "Save project before closing" is one of the oldest, still remaining parts of Reaper. It has been in place in Reaper 0.19 already...

  • Posted by Gio (94.65.207.x) on November 19 2023, 10:52pm:
    @Mespotine: that's a very interesting observation! REAPER will always be a special piece of software because it is written in the most demanding programming environment. My guess is that when we are all gone this particular software will continue to strive, possibly it will refuse to die as the name suggests...

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