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Question: hey jf- have you ever come across the idea of "math loops"
Asked by 2023 (109.149.174.x) on December 4 2023, 1:57pm
Reply on December 8 2023, 12:16am:
    Is that like a theoretical mobius strip?

  • Posted by 2023 (109.149.174.x) on December 8 2023, 10:17am:
    well...it was a recent video with terrance howard @12m 33s (
    youtu.be/PNOK1Is-eoU?t=753 that sparked our interest...maybe you realized it before? but new to us...heh

  • Posted by Justin on December 10 2023, 1:25am:
    I dunno, that whole sqrt(2) property is interesting enough (sqrt(2)/2 = 1/sqrt(2), which seems really odd until you multiply each side by sqrt(2)...). but to really blow your mind you have to go to e^(i*pi)+1 =0, that one is crazy.

  • Posted by Justin on December 10 2023, 1:27am:
    at any rate, there are tons of interesting things in math for sure! most of it is old news.

  • Posted by 2023 (109.149.174.x) on December 10 2023, 1:01pm:
    hmmmmm.... the star races apparently use base12 math... whatever outcomes that means... worth noting perhaps.. =) cheerz!

  • Posted by Justin on December 10 2023, 4:40pm:
    haha I thought about that video more and how much nonsense it really is. e.g. at youtu.be/PNOK1Is-eoU?t=880 - "any number below 2 and it will go to infinitely small, any number above 2 and it will go infinitely large" .. well yeah, because you're dividing by 2. Divide by the other number and then it has the same property. e.g. (sqrt(X)^3)/X = sqrt(X). If you assign Y=sqrt(X), this is the same as writing (Y^3)/(Y^2)=Y, which is basic algebra.

  • Posted by Justin on December 10 2023, 4:41pm:
    is that terrance howard clip from a movie with nicholas cage in it btw?

  • Posted by 2023 (165.120.114.x) on December 12 2023, 2:12pm:
    tbch- am not sure about anything anymore...this life appears (2me) as a nonsensible movie full of crooks & gangsters + a few heroes thrown in for good measure & entertainments! LOL

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