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Question: Hey, Justin! Could not get answer on the forum, so I'll try to ask you) is there possibility to load automation item from file in Reascript? (Those which were saved by right clicking AI and "save")
Asked by Alex k. (86.102.18.x) on December 8 2023, 10:44am
Reply on December 9 2023, 5:00pm:
    I'll look into this

  • Posted by Buy One (95.133.222.x) on December 13 2023, 8:16pm:
    Is it not possible to parse it and then replace the dummy AI code in the track chunk?

  • Posted by Alex K. (86.102.18.x) on December 16 2023, 3:11am:
    No, automation item's data aren't stored in track chunk. I track chunk we have only alias to data that is stored in rpp outside of track chunks

  • Posted by Buy One (95.133.222.x) on December 20 2023, 3:27pm:
    AFAIK it's stored in the chunk as the POOLEDENVINST token but not all parameters have been deciphered by State Chunk Definitions file contributors in the ReaTeam Doc repo

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