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Question: we have a theory about storage-considering the vast amounts of data/info people can gather throughout their lives..do you think it may be possible that we do not actually "store" all this data in our brains directly..we use more of a portable drive (the aetheric consciousness field) & we simply upload & download relevant momentary info at will..yay/nay?
Asked by 2023 (165.120.114.x) on December 13 2023, 9:13pm
Reply on December 13 2023, 11:42pm:
    We've got plenty of neurons and neural connections!

  • Posted by 2023 (165.120.114.x) on December 14 2023, 10:43am:
    lol yes apparently according the the mainstream scientists + health managing wizards... but! we also know for a fact >they lie ALL the time , dont we? am preferring the up+ downloading theory... LOL thanks anyway!

  • Posted by User (198.16.76.x) on December 17 2023, 10:10am:
    I on my part prefer the flat Earth theory, the elliptic Earth is all lie

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