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Question: hey jf- how do you feel about words (english language) that can have multiple "meanings"? 2,3,4 or moar! meanings...(is this not confusing,even for the "educated" ?) + have a very creative/ blessed year
Asked by 2024 (109.158.137.x) on January 4 2024, 4:12pm
Reply on January 4 2024, 10:46pm:
    Are there any languages where words have exactly one meaning?

  • Posted by 2024 (109.158.137.x) on January 5 2024, 10:19am:
    idk...but it IS confusing!! (like: when we hear the term asylum seekers..are they are looking for mental hospitals,or a place of refuge?) ((knowing the song "the lunatics have taken over the asylum" ohh for sure!)) LOL

  • Posted by Justin on January 5 2024, 12:04pm:
    that example is more or less the same meaning "a place of relative safety" or whatnot. How about "literally" which now means both "not figuratively" and "figuratively"? hah

  • Posted by Justin on January 5 2024, 12:05pm:
    Or "bow" and "bow" and "bow" which can be a tied piece of ribbon, the front of a ship, or an motion done by a human.

  • Posted by Justin on January 5 2024, 12:06pm:
    (though in the last case, the first version is pronounced differently so...)

  • Posted by 2024 (109.158.137.x) on January 5 2024, 7:38pm:
    lol= confused ✔ case considered closed.....thanx! = (we write our own language/words and definitions these days!)

  • Posted by User (92.38.148.x) on January 5 2024, 8:56pm:
    it's not confusing because there's usually context, and if the familiar meaning doesn't fit it chances are the word means something else

  • Posted by 2024 (109.158.137.x) on January 6 2024, 4:41pm:
    @user - 1 meaning or definition is enough..is it not? " context" is not a substitute for defining multiple meanings... a tree is a tree.. a spade a spade...if there are to be more than 1 meaning for any word, then FIND a new description to keep describing simple... simples? LOL we are still able to invent new words,new descriptions and NOT be bound or limited to what is already in place?

  • Posted by User (107.181.177.x) on January 7 2024, 12:51pm:
    There must be reason why people tend to ascribe different meanings to the same lexeme, because the phenomenon isn't unique to any particular language. For example because there's a finite number of lexemes that a human being is able to keep in their memory

  • Posted by 2024 (109.158.137.x) on January 7 2024, 10:45pm:
    hmmm.. an infinite mind is not bound to limited concepts ! human expression CAN be infinite IF allowed to be so? no? 🧪

  • Posted by User (185.239.173.x) on January 8 2024, 3:10pm:
    That's provided the mind is infinite, but is it? I'm not sure. And is infinity of expression tantamount to infinity of memory?

  • Posted by 2024 (31.54.122.x) on January 9 2024, 2:54pm:
    according to "qauntum theorists" every electron can be everywhere & nowhere @ the same "time"..as time is a human construct..1 soon realizes that each cell of their body is quantum/energy...which appears to be "everywhere & nowhere" all at any measurable/observable moment..IF! each cell is this (we have trillions per body) 1 can then assume infinite states of mind? yes?

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