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Question: hey jf- we have a slight problem to solve & wondered if you could help? question= how does water extinguish,or "put out" a fire or flame? (hows the chemistry these days??) ta!
Asked by 2024 (109.149.174.x) on February 11 2024, 2:37am
Reply on February 11 2024, 2:45am (edited at February 11 2024, 2:46am):
    I admit I'm not a chemist! My guess would be that it only works on a material which only burns when dry, e.g. wood. Using water to extinguish something more exotic, e.g. thermite, would probably not have the desired effect.

  • Posted by 2024 (109.149.174.x) on February 11 2024, 3:44pm:
    its just that water is h2o... 1 hydrogen (flammable) 2 oxygen (which fire needs to burn) although pure oxygen itself is not flammable,it oxidizes...isnt that interesting? what we call "air" is a compound of elements including carbon,argon,neon,nitrogen,helium,ozone (some are flammables!) etc....isnt nature beautifull in some of its "contradictions"? LOL! =)

  • Posted by Justin on February 11 2024, 4:51pm:
    I think you have that backwards, 1 oxygen and 2 hydrogen. yes, reality is very complex!

  • Posted by 2024 (109.149.174.x) on February 11 2024, 10:59pm:
    yes..sadly a case of dyslexia,autism,adhd & torrets syndrome all rolled into 1..thats why we dont write white papers!! +just seeing who is awake,or not. cheers =)

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