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Question: Hey justin, don't you think that AI will make all daws obsolete? Can Reaper adapt to this?
Asked by Robert (2.7.2.x) on March 15 2024, 9:38pm
Reply on March 17 2024, 3:34am:
    We'll see, lol

  • Posted by Mespotine (80.187.119.x) on March 18 2024, 9:13am:
    Explaining to a DAW, how my drumline shall sound(aka prompt engineering) will always be longer than playing and recording it via a DAW. AI can generate some music but not exactly what ai have in my head. The more precise it shall generate my music the worse AI gets. This will never be solved by AI-companies.

  • Posted by Mespotine (80.187.119.x) on March 18 2024, 9:14am:
    ... what I have in my mind, not ai have in my mind...

  • Posted by Robert (91.165.163.x) on March 18 2024, 11:52am:
    AI can make suggestions to non-instrumentalists. This could revolutionize many practices

  • Posted by 2024 (86.155.70.x) on March 18 2024, 6:34pm:
    ALL your music are belong to us

  • Posted by Name (198.16.70.x) on March 19 2024, 10:50am:
    "what ai have in my head" Freudian slip LOL

  • Posted by Mespotine (80.187.118.x) on March 19 2024, 8:35pm:
    Rather Shift-Keyian slip ^^

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