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Question: hey jf- did you take note of ytubes updated terms about "altered content"? & do you see any reason to be #alarmed by any of these new terms?
Asked by 2024 (81.131.121.x) on April 1 2024, 6:20pm
Reply on April 1 2024, 7:18pm:
    I hadn't seen this, thanks for the heads-up! Looks like a good policy for them to have.

  • Posted by 2024 (81.131.121.x) on April 2 2024, 11:17am:
    yes- this is why we pre asked "concerns about being cloned or replicated either physically or virtually?" it appears the deepmind/deepfakes tech can take your identity and 1 could appear to be doing or saying something 1 has not.... this ai is deceptive! altering perceptions of reality? (#concerned!) :/

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