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Question: Are there any binary search trees in the REAPER code?
Asked by Will (98.251.43.x) on June 24 2024, 9:34pm
Reply on June 24 2024, 11:41pm (edited at June 26 2024, 5:08pm):
    Not off the top of my head. Lots of sorted buffers that are bsearch'd though.
Question: Do you know personally the developers of the other big DAWs?
Asked by Will (98.251.43.x) on June 23 2024, 5:27pm
Reply on June 24 2024, 2:06am:
    I've talked to Paul of Ardour a bit, but afaik that's about it
Question: Why we can easily see source code of any website in browsers? What if some web developer doesn't want their source code to not publicly visible?
Asked by Abhi (122.161.59.x) on June 23 2024, 4:25pm
Reply on June 24 2024, 2:06am:
    You could obfuscate it if you want, I suppose. There are tools to do that.
Question: Hey Justin! You've been around for a minute - what (if anything) do you miss about the 90s era of computing / internet culture?
Asked by FERRO (76.32.109.x) on June 22 2024, 3:40pm
Reply on June 22 2024, 9:52pm:
    Hah not too much, things are pretty sweet now. I'd say I miss upgrading your Windows install being optional, but I don't really use Windows anymore unless I have to so it doesn't bother me much...
Question: Hey jf - The plugins that are bundled with Reaper. Were they developed on top of a custom plugin architecture or just regular VST? And if so, how would you go about implementing one?
Asked by Matthew (76.37.54.x) on June 21 2024, 8:22am
Reply on June 21 2024, 3:23pm:
    They are VST-ish, but if you were to implement something similar you'd have to use VST2, which isn't freely available unfortunately. Closest thing to it is probably CLAP, which would be a better alternative!
Question: Are you the best DAW engineer alive?
Asked by Will (23.125.224.x) on June 21 2024, 3:43am
Reply on June 21 2024, 3:22pm (edited at June 21 2024, 4:16pm):
    Not sure how one would quantify best. Lots of potential criteria to choose from, and even then the context would be different, you can't directly compare marathon times on vastly different courses. But any rate, I'm going to go with "no" as an answer.
Question: What did you do for acoustic treatment in your studio/rehearsal space?
Asked by Sunblister (147.161.165.x) on June 18 2024, 4:10am
Reply on June 18 2024, 1:32pm:
Question: Of all places you have been to, which one has the best bicycle infrastructure?
Asked by PedalingPanda (77.179.191.x) on June 17 2024, 5:27pm
Reply on June 17 2024, 11:50pm:
    Probably Copenhagen, but I say it with the least amount of certainty because I was only there for a handful of days in 2019 and it's hard to really know what a place is like given that small of an experience. I've been to Amsterdam many years ago but didn't bicycle there, I imagine it is fantastic. Berlin may have not had the best infrastructure but I enjoyed riding there.
Question: hey jf- if we think in terms of a "quantum reality" - & we measure in chunks of planck constant,surely this means time & space is packets of energy, which is not a continuous signal? ..so do you think our "reality" comes in chunks?? or, blocks of energy?
Asked by 2024 (31.104.68.x) on June 15 2024, 11:00pm
Reply on June 16 2024, 10:53pm:
    Over my head heh
Question: Do you do bookeeping for Cockos yourself? How much do you know about it and do you find it fun maybe?
Asked by nikolalkc (80.216.31.x) on June 15 2024, 6:37pm
Reply on June 16 2024, 10:54pm:
    I am the bookkeeper, not sure I'd call it fun but it's not so bad. How much do I know? it's just data entry and categorization and making sure everything adds up to 0.
Question: For the Linux version of Reaper. What Linux distro do you compile it against? Ubuntu I am assuming?
Asked by Matthew (76.37.54.x) on June 15 2024, 1:29am
Reply on June 16 2024, 10:54pm (edited at June 16 2024, 10:55pm):
    We compile on pretty old Ubuntu versions using gcc 4.x, for maximum libstdc++ compat.
Question: So for Reaper. Did you implement MIDI from scratch like a mad man or are you using a library?
Asked by Matthew (76.37.54.x) on June 13 2024, 6:12am
Reply on June 13 2024, 1:31pm:
    We used rdmid.c, a C library for reading .mid files, but everything else is ours.
Question: I've been trying to replicate LiceCap's 'transparent hole in a window' but for the life of me can't actually figure out what makes that work -- any hints?
Asked by Shane (160.72.17.x) on June 13 2024, 5:55am
Reply on June 13 2024, 1:32pm:
Question: How much REAPER code is specific to one particular OS?
Asked by Will (98.251.43.x) on June 13 2024, 12:29am
Reply on June 13 2024, 1:32pm:
    Not that much! Mostly audio/MIDI device handling and such.
Question: Is programming still as fun to you today as it was at 20?
Asked by Will (23.125.224.x) on June 10 2024, 1:58pm
Reply on June 10 2024, 5:45pm:
    For sure! It's easier now, too.
Question: Do you play guitar with plectrum exclusively? If not, what is your preferred style of fingerpicking?
Asked by SpoiledHobo (77.181.183.x) on June 10 2024, 1:16pm
Reply on June 10 2024, 1:41pm:
    most of the time, I do use a pick, only occasionally fingerpick and when I do I have no idea what style it would be heh.
Question: what do you think of Llama Group’s announcement to open source Winamp?
Asked by jdubs (67.245.7.x) on June 10 2024, 12:22am
Reply on June 10 2024, 2:01am:
    as I mentioned before in a previous answer, it's ancient terrible code that nobody would want to work on anyway (the leaked version going nowhere pretty much proves that IMO). We'll see if they actually open source it with some permissive license, I predict that they will not.
Question: Irrespective of your personal feelings about Elon, did you watch Starship's fourth flight?
Asked by Ian the The (194.191.254.x) on June 9 2024, 3:58pm
Reply on June 9 2024, 11:01pm:
    I missed that one, but had I been at a computer and aware of it I would've watched it.
Question: Do you think much about economics? Are you familiar with “The Gift Economy”? chatgpt.com/share/7a1e5b25-f688-46...
Asked by Michael Allenby (73.12.60.x) on June 9 2024, 2:37am
Reply on June 9 2024, 11:01pm:
    Some yes, and yes. Not sure how things like that play out on a large scale but definitely works on a smaller scale, generally in an environment of abundance.
Question: Do you have any tatoos?
Asked by Tatto promo (189.112.81.x) on June 8 2024, 2:05am
Reply on June 8 2024, 2:06pm:
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