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Question: Is there a way to export projects from an iOS device to Reaper (Garageband, Cubasis, Auria, et cetera?) My buddy still uses a desktop and Reaper but I moved on to mobile only a few years ago. Was hoping for an easier way to share projects since we don't live nearby and there isn't a Reaper for iOS.
Asked by James (174.126.161.x) on January 17 2019, 8:27pm
Reply on January 18 2019, 3:53am:
    I don't know much about exporting things from iOS...
Question: I am a fairly skilled coder from Atlanta who has a buyout offer for an app I have created. Actually, I have 2 offers. One is to sell a substantial portion of the app and go to Silicon Valley. The other is from a local university, which basically pays me a smaller salary but they pay for office space in the tech sector of Atlanta. Either offer makes me well off (however southern cost of living is way cheaper), but it seems all the super companies (including your Winamp) are in Silicon Valley. Which would you
Asked by Matt Parks (73.91.212.x) on January 14 2019, 3:21am
Reply on January 14 2019, 1:45pm (edited at January 14 2019, 1:46pm):
    Obviously the specifics of each offer would be the most important. Assuming they are roughly equivalent:

    If you're happy where you are living I'd stay there. I moved to SF when I sold Winamp, which was a good experience, but I wouldn't want to live there now.
Question: At this point what's the major ``enemy'' in everyday development of REAPER?
Asked by Gio (79.130.178.x) on January 12 2019, 11:22pm
Reply on January 12 2019, 11:51pm:
    Something I enjoy the least is dealing with plug-in compatibility issues...
Question: Did you used COM to lunch plugin in seperate process?
Asked by ruchira (123.231.120.x) on January 12 2019, 6:06am
Reply on January 12 2019, 2:42pm:
    No, we create a process manually and use WDL/shm_msgreply
Question: When compiling audio related project, I have two options! static and dynamic CRT. which one should I use to get higher performance? Will I get SIMD boost automatically when using dynamic CRT?
Asked by Ruchira (123.231.127.x) on January 11 2019, 3:49am
Reply on January 11 2019, 1:17pm:
    I don't think it matters much in that context, but with recent MSVC compilers, a static CRT will use one of your precious FLS slots, of which there are not too many, which can be problematic if hosted in an application that hosts a lot of plug-ins.
Question: Hey Justin, I'm your cousin Jesse. I'm going to UVM for Music Technology and Business and was hoping you could give me advice on where to find a good internship.
Asked by Jesse Leibman (76.19.85.x) on January 10 2019, 9:33pm
Reply on January 11 2019, 1:58am (edited at January 11 2019, 1:19pm):
    Hah, you can always email me -- I'll answer you here though since I assume you'd want the public answer. A) I don't know because I've never had one. I have a friend who runs a studio that takes interns, I'll ask him what his advice would be and I'll add it to this post.

    My friend replies:
      This is a tough question to answer without a lot more context and info.

      I think Jesse needs to first figure out what a "good internship" means for them. What do they want to learn? Is it important that they get paid? Does locality matter?

      Music technology and business seems like such a weird combination to me (I have no idea what Jesse is studying from the title alone-- is it microphones, synths, or phat beats, or how to get plays for people distrokid style...).

      Sorry if this wasn't much of an answer...
Question: Hello JF - Happy New Year :) Any Decanted Youth gigs planned for January? I'm gonna be in NYC from the 20th (woohoo!), would be cool to come see you live :)
Asked by neverbeeninariot (138.32.176.x) on January 10 2019, 4:34pm
Reply on January 10 2019, 8:07pm:
    Next one is February 15th at Rocky Sullivan's in Brooklyn! Get ready for the cold, ugh. :)
Question: Hi Justin. Can REAPER software be accessed by a third party application? Your expertise in this area would be very helpful. Thanks.
Asked by Joseph (50.192.91.x) on January 9 2019, 6:17pm
Reply on January 10 2019, 1:36am:
    Probably worth asking this in the developer forum (with more clarification on what you mean by "accessed")...
Question: Hi Justin. Are you using a password manager like keepass or browser internal storing of passwords?
Asked by zacki (93.208.242.x) on January 7 2019, 9:43pm
Reply on January 7 2019, 10:16pm:
    I'll use browsers for some non-important passwords, but for the important stuff I use a outdoor paper book with pencil, which is labelled cryptically and only includes part of the information (the other part(s) are memorized). The often-used ones get memorized by nature, too...
Question: Have you ever had any kind of anxiety or depression issues?
Asked by Will (23.125.224.x) on January 6 2019, 7:50pm
Reply on January 7 2019, 1:27pm:
    There are times where I inexplicably feel that everything in my life is wrong and hopeless. It can be overwhelming... reminding myself that I won't feel that way forever seems to help.
Question: I see in your WDL repo 'from [short commit hash(?)]' in the commit msgs. What purpose serves this?
Asked by nfof (94.134.90.x) on January 5 2019, 3:38am
Reply on January 5 2019, 12:21pm:
    We pull changes from our private repository to the public WDL one, those commit hashes are for our reference.
Question: Hello Justin! Do you ever plan to jam in Ninjam again? I would like to gather more players into using Ninjam and I would like to see how I can help grow it's popularity :)
Asked by David (47.21.94.x) on January 3 2019, 9:53pm
Reply on January 5 2019, 12:21pm:
    Yes I'll drop in from time to time :)
Question: Do you listen to Vinyl? From a sonic only perspective, do you think there is any benefit to analog?
Asked by Prizmaxic (96.3.195.x) on January 3 2019, 3:25pm
Reply on January 3 2019, 7:48pm:
    I do sometimes and it has a nice feel and ritual but I don't think it's necessarily better. Just different.
Question: I think it is sensible to think that people learn things best when they "tinker with it". What sort of simple coding projects can be worked on, just for fun, that are enjoyable yet good for learning?
Asked by Chad Young (73.91.212.x) on January 2 2019, 7:21pm
Reply on January 3 2019, 2:41am:
    That depends on what appeals to you... It's gotta be interesting enough to motivate you!
Question: Happy New Year! I wish health&happiness to you, your family&friends. May all your dreams come true this year!
Asked by Pony (78.152.169.x) on January 2 2019, 8:35am
Reply on January 3 2019, 2:42am:
    Thank you, and to you as well!
Question: Justin what is your goal for 2019?
Asked by Will (23.125.224.x) on January 1 2019, 2:14pm
Reply on January 1 2019, 10:09pm:
    Hmm I dunno. Thinking about this one...
Question: Is there a design constraint that TypedBuf does not provide operator= and CopyFrom? In some cases I just use GetHeapBuf, etc, but I would love to hear the reasoning behind the decision. Excellent stuff, thanks!
Asked by Gio (79.130.181.x) on December 31 2018, 2:42am
Reply on December 31 2018, 2:44am:
    No need -- HeapBuf implements the copy operator, and TypedBuf just uses a HeapBuf, so you can do:
    WDL_TypedBuf<foo> a = b;
Question: Happy New Year Justin! Thanks for all you effort developing REAPER. Hugs!
Asked by Javier Ramallo (195.235.163.x) on December 30 2018, 6:45pm
Reply on December 31 2018, 2:06am:
    Thanks Happy New Year to you too!
Question: Any hard sci fi you could recommend? I'm running out and have a 10h train + 16h plane ride ahead of me tomorrow...
Asked by Ian Dingwall (59.153.253.x) on December 30 2018, 3:13am
Reply on December 30 2018, 12:48pm (edited at December 31 2018, 2:06am):
    It’s not terribly hard but the Culture series by Iain M Banks is a favorite.
Question: I'm trying to resize dock depending on the theme and I thought it would be a simple matter of using SNM_GeSettIntConfigVar to change "docker2_right" but it doesn't get it. How come some variables from REAPER.ini are exposed to extensions and others are not? Is there some hack to get the rest?
Asked by John (93.138.8.x) on December 29 2018, 5:07pm
Reply on December 29 2018, 8:15pm:
    Changing things isn't necessarily safe, because a lot of things are not re-read from the config etc. This sort of thing belongs in the dev section of the forum at any rate.
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