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Question: Can you implement question numbers here? So that we can know how many questions are asked till now. However, we can see that by clicking on "older questions" and the question numbers are revealed in the url. My last question number is 4713. Maybe, it will look odd, like, "Question 13579: blah blah" XD
Asked by Abhi (117.197.15.x) on July 11 2019, 6:31pm
Reply on July 12 2019, 12:43am:
    Click the "Comment" link and it will be in the URL too.
Question: Hey Justin, do you see Reaper becoming a Industry Standard one day?
Asked by Bryan (76.86.126.x) on July 11 2019, 3:10pm
Reply on July 11 2019, 10:21pm:
    Hopefully we are post industry-standard.
Question: I know you're working on v5.980 for Reaper and thanks for that! But come on! When will v6 be realized? Any clue? 2021?
Asked by Burak (193.255.122.x) on July 11 2019, 1:50pm
Reply on July 11 2019, 2:44pm:
    See the note above! Before the next US general election, I hope.
Question: Google Drive or OneDrive, which one is better and secure? Which cloud storage you use?
Asked by Abhi (117.197.5.x) on July 10 2019, 4:21pm
Reply on July 10 2019, 7:15pm:
    I have my own NASes at home and studio...
Question: Seeing the current usage of Metal, wondering have you looked into Vulkan API as it seems to run on top of Metal and seems cross platform?
Asked by nofish (94.134.90.x) on July 9 2019, 9:15pm
Reply on July 10 2019, 3:32am:
    I haven't, but the current use is just about implementing basic OS-level blitting in a not-insanely-slow-way.
Question: Most people can't hear beyond 15 Khz, especially people of age 25 and onwards. Then why bothering more than 128 kbps mp3 quality? Because 128 kbps cut-off all frequencies after 16 Khz. Why people are so crazy for 320 kbps mp3, which cut-off after 22 Khz? Rarely there are people, who can listen beyond 20 Khz, even let say, 18 Khz.
Asked by Abhi (117.197.7.x) on July 9 2019, 10:56am
Reply on July 9 2019, 3:39pm (edited at July 9 2019, 3:40pm):
    mp3 at 128kbps is also often perceptibly lossy in lower frequencies. So people are into higher bitrates not just for higher frequencies, but for improved perceived quality all around.
Question: Justin, it's been awhile. Hope you're doing good. Since the old IRC server is down, what do you think about making a discord to get the old #nullsoft crew back together?
Asked by Germ (174.50.11.x) on July 8 2019, 6:44pm
Reply on July 8 2019, 11:40pm:
    Nobody was ever on there anyway... email? twitter? The company has a Slack, if you'd like to come to our #irc-refugees channel send me an email.
Question: Can we expect new theme from White Tie?
Asked by Bryan (76.86.126.x) on July 8 2019, 7:26am
Reply on July 8 2019, 11:40pm:
    Yes, there will be/is/etc.
Question: Windows phones are dead. Windows store is like post-apocalyptic film scene (even famous apps like Facebook, Whatsapp has like only 100 reviews?). I think, soon Microsoft will end its Windows Store in Windows 10 and it will again become like Windows 7. Do you think Microsoft comes to end? If yes, then what's the future of Windows OS? Will it be replaceable by another OS, which can compete MacOS?
Asked by Abhi (104.131.188.x) on July 5 2019, 3:25pm
Reply on July 6 2019, 3:11am:
    And yet somehow MS is now worth over $1T? So maybe Windows store is bad, but they've still got it?
Question: Will reaper 6 be entirely different from all other reaper Daws
Asked by Bryan (76.86.126.x) on July 5 2019, 12:34pm
Reply on July 6 2019, 3:10am:
    No it will be entirely not different! But first, 5.980.
Question: Which build tools do you use in your pipeline (e.g. Jenkins, SonarQube, etc.)?
Asked by Chris (69.165.148.x) on July 5 2019, 11:49am
Reply on July 6 2019, 3:10am:
    Some custom scripts written mostly in PHP.
Question: What is your day to day like? ie: occupation
Asked by William (45.41.173.x) on July 5 2019, 1:08am
Reply on July 6 2019, 3:10am:
    Making REAPER, things relating to that mostly. And playing music though it is far less commercial... :)
Question: In your landoleet.org website, in 'whatsnew-dev.txt, you have used '+', '-' and '#' for updates. What does these symbols means?
Asked by Abhi (117.207.136.x) on July 3 2019, 8:31am
Reply on July 3 2019, 2:35pm:
    + is major changelog line, -/# are lines that will be in development builds but not releases (usually represent changes from dev build to dev build, or very minor things).
Question: What should I do during college?
Asked by Zach (98.232.186.x) on July 3 2019, 1:17am
Reply on July 3 2019, 2:35pm:
Question: How do you keep track of the gazillions of features in Reaper so you don't break things with new features? Do you have some kind of reference-documentation or is the code itself docs enough? ;)
Asked by Mespotine (109.104.51.x) on July 2 2019, 10:06pm
Reply on July 3 2019, 2:36pm:
    Try not to overengineer, I guess? :)
Question: There's some Reaper users that seem to spend their entire lives obsessing over the program creating scripts like it's their full-time job. Have you ever thought about just bringing them on to the actual team? Just wondering what your philosophy is on that.
Asked by Nick (159.153.90.x) on July 2 2019, 5:56pm
Reply on July 2 2019, 6:48pm:
    I'm a terrible manager.
Question: What's the best way to handle someone who is arrogant / too sure of him/her self?
Asked by Will (50.84.190.x) on July 2 2019, 3:30pm
Reply on July 2 2019, 6:48pm:
    Disassociate? :)
Question: What happend to the (Cockos) IRC server?
Asked by Kaboon (82.74.12.x) on July 1 2019, 5:53pm
Reply on July 2 2019, 6:49pm:
    The VM running it crapped out, my backup was old enough that I sort of said "fuck it, maybe I won't bother"... haven't really missed it since then!
Question: Any chance WDL_HeapBuf/WDL_TypedBuf to get constructs for iterators and ranges? For those of us that have become "modern" but still love WDL for what it is... it should be trivial but I see the other side of the argument too ;)
Asked by Gio (94.66.58.x) on July 1 2019, 3:06pm
Reply on July 2 2019, 6:49pm:
    Shrug, someone could add that...
Question: Tulsi Gabbard? Do you see her as potus?
Asked by Greg (89.212.48.x) on June 30 2019, 5:34pm
Reply on June 30 2019, 10:54pm:
    Not my first (or second, or third, etc) choice, but I'd vote for her in the general!
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