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Question: Which antivirus do you use? Or, you have made your own antivirus, just like you have made your own cloud storage ;)
Asked by Abhi (104.131.75.x) on July 21 2019, 3:41pm
Reply on July 21 2019, 9:29pm:
    I continuously roll the dice; on Windows I usually use the MS builtin stuff.
Question: what tires you out when working on REAPER?
Asked by sean (186.31.97.x) on July 20 2019, 6:28pm
Reply on July 21 2019, 9:29pm:
    The most tedious and least rewarding is the whack-a-mole of plug-in compatibility.
Question: Today i found out, how shitty coder i am, because performance of a c++ thing i did, works the same as lua script on Win and on 2% worse on mac OS(at least on virtual machine), i am sad and need vodka today :) If you remember, can you name a few functions from WDL, that can be very hungry/heavy? I will be trying to find out, what i did wrong and will start from them. Thanks!
Asked by Poooooooooooooooooooooooony (78.152.169.x) on July 18 2019, 11:42am
Reply on July 20 2019, 10:35am:
    Compiler optimizations enabled? post the code if you want feedback.. :) Familiar with big-O notation? Usually the first step is figuring out the things which are exponential or O(N^y) time where y is more than 1...
Question: I recently found some old GUIs White Tie came up with for the main Reaper plugins, I guess over a decade ago. The ReaComp one looked amazing. Here is the link: reaperblog.net/2013/01/reacomp-is-...Could these be made available at some point, they look great!
Asked by David (74.14.60.x) on July 18 2019, 4:13am
Reply on July 20 2019, 10:34am:
Question: Do you think, it is now a good time to buy Intel based Apple machine for software development, considering upcoming ARM based machines. Or it's better to wait and see what Apple will bring up to the table?
Asked by zabukowski (89.142.60.x) on July 17 2019, 9:23am
Reply on July 17 2019, 7:20pm:
    I wouldn't hold your breath waiting for ARM macs, and when they do arrive I'd probably wait for the second generation... unless you really like being on the bleeding edge.
Question: Hey Justin, some of the JS plugins are seemingly not available when the Mac Reaper version is installed. They seem to be there on Windows. In particular the ''Utility'' js plugins like the basic limiter are not there. You still refer to those in the manual, so I just wondered about that. Thanks
Asked by David (74.14.60.x) on July 17 2019, 3:05am
Reply on July 17 2019, 7:22pm:
    We removed a bunch of very-outdated JSFX from 5.0 -- if you have them on your Windows machine it is probably left over from a 4.x install. You can do the same on the mac side. If the manual mentions them, if so it should probably be revised (I'll look and mention it to Geoff)...
Question: I just recently started using Reaper and I love it! I also love the approach you have taken with the software being very fairly priced and not stripping down the software for cheaper licenses. Since you were bought out before by AOL, if some corporation comes along and offers you a whole bunch of cash for Reaper... would you sell it?
Asked by Todd (199.5.189.x) on July 16 2019, 6:47pm
Reply on July 16 2019, 9:36pm:
    I can't say never but it's been incredibly unlikely for a long time.
Question: any advice for addictions in general, thanks
Asked by Emmm (46.199.192.x) on July 15 2019, 2:17pm
Reply on July 16 2019, 9:36pm:
    No idea, sorry
Question: What is/was your parents occupation?
Asked by Vitali (212.87.13.x) on July 14 2019, 1:32pm
Reply on July 16 2019, 9:36pm:
    Lawyering and various
Question: Just like this website, where we ask questions from you and you answer us, why not make a website 'Answer Justin Frankel', where you ask us questions, any type of question, and we answer you? :D
Asked by Abhi (103.66.140.x) on July 13 2019, 9:24am
Reply on July 14 2019, 2:45am:
    I already have google for that or something?
Question: I use reaper .999 but now have computer w/ 16gb ram.(time to go 64 bit)Traction,cakewalk,ardour are slow pigs(poorly coded)Will you consider making older versions of reaper,say up to 2.58, free ?
Asked by scott (76.18.147.x) on July 12 2019, 3:31pm
Reply on July 12 2019, 8:43pm:
    That's an interesting thought...
Question: Are you aware of Fabrice Bellard? bellard.org ... He seems amazing as a programmer!
Asked by Will (50.84.190.x) on July 12 2019, 2:51pm
Reply on July 12 2019, 8:43pm:
Question: Do You believe, that ARM can replace x86 (specifically x86-64) in future?
Asked by Pony (78.152.169.x) on July 12 2019, 7:02am
Reply on July 12 2019, 1:00pm:
    Could it? yes. Will it? Probably not?
Question: Can you implement question numbers here? So that we can know how many questions are asked till now. However, we can see that by clicking on "older questions" and the question numbers are revealed in the url. My last question number is 4713. Maybe, it will look odd, like, "Question 13579: blah blah" XD
Asked by Abhi (117.197.15.x) on July 11 2019, 6:31pm
Reply on July 12 2019, 12:43am:
    Click the "Comment" link and it will be in the URL too.
Question: Hey Justin, do you see Reaper becoming a Industry Standard one day?
Asked by Bryan (76.86.126.x) on July 11 2019, 3:10pm
Reply on July 11 2019, 10:21pm:
    Hopefully we are post industry-standard.
Question: I know you're working on v5.980 for Reaper and thanks for that! But come on! When will v6 be realized? Any clue? 2021?
Asked by Burak (193.255.122.x) on July 11 2019, 1:50pm
Reply on July 11 2019, 2:44pm:
    See the note above! Before the next US general election, I hope.
Question: Google Drive or OneDrive, which one is better and secure? Which cloud storage you use?
Asked by Abhi (117.197.5.x) on July 10 2019, 4:21pm
Reply on July 10 2019, 7:15pm:
    I have my own NASes at home and studio...
Question: Seeing the current usage of Metal, wondering have you looked into Vulkan API as it seems to run on top of Metal and seems cross platform?
Asked by nofish (94.134.90.x) on July 9 2019, 9:15pm
Reply on July 10 2019, 3:32am:
    I haven't, but the current use is just about implementing basic OS-level blitting in a not-insanely-slow-way.
Question: Most people can't hear beyond 15 Khz, especially people of age 25 and onwards. Then why bothering more than 128 kbps mp3 quality? Because 128 kbps cut-off all frequencies after 16 Khz. Why people are so crazy for 320 kbps mp3, which cut-off after 22 Khz? Rarely there are people, who can listen beyond 20 Khz, even let say, 18 Khz.
Asked by Abhi (117.197.7.x) on July 9 2019, 10:56am
Reply on July 9 2019, 3:39pm (edited at July 9 2019, 3:40pm):
    mp3 at 128kbps is also often perceptibly lossy in lower frequencies. So people are into higher bitrates not just for higher frequencies, but for improved perceived quality all around.
Question: Justin, it's been awhile. Hope you're doing good. Since the old IRC server is down, what do you think about making a discord to get the old #nullsoft crew back together?
Asked by Germ (174.50.11.x) on July 8 2019, 6:44pm
Reply on July 8 2019, 11:40pm:
    Nobody was ever on there anyway... email? twitter? The company has a Slack, if you'd like to come to our #irc-refugees channel send me an email.
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