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Question: hey- are you interested in fractals? (fractal universe perhaps?)
Asked by 2020 (31.124.45.x) on January 8 2020, 11:25pm
Reply on January 9 2020, 12:37pm:
    I like the mandelbrot set as much as anybody, but no not really
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Question: Do you ever forget what a specific part of the Reaper code does, and thus sort of have to reverse engineer it to fix something?
Asked by mlprod (155.4.133.x) on January 8 2020, 10:27pm
Reply on January 9 2020, 1:46am:
    There's definitely time where I have to read the code to figure out how it works, yes. Sometimes I didn't write it, but sometimes I did.
Question: How many countries did you visit?
Asked by Georgy (108.185.102.x) on January 8 2020, 7:57am
Reply on January 8 2020, 12:39pm:
    I've been to maybe a dozen or so?
Question: Was Gene murdered?
Asked by JoeLongerName (98.234.196.x) on January 8 2020, 1:32am
Reply on January 8 2020, 12:39pm:
    K? I don't think so. He was really depressed :(
Question: how did you learn to play drums? any specific drum tutorials
Asked by doep (83.168.36.x) on January 6 2020, 9:16pm
Reply on January 7 2020, 2:46pm:
    Not really, mostly just been brute forcing it for the last many years
Question: is macos really better over windows for audio?
Asked by daniel cha (177.170.162.x) on January 5 2020, 11:27pm
Reply on January 7 2020, 2:45pm:
    CoreAudio is a lot nicer to program with than say, WASAPI. Each platforms has different strengths and weaknesses, though.
Question: Do You think, killing Soleimani was a good idea?
Asked by Pony (94.230.203.x) on January 5 2020, 12:40am
Reply on January 7 2020, 2:45pm:
    I don't know the details, but I'm thinking it was probably not a good idea.
Question: have you followed the progress of autonomous vehicles ? if so when do you think we will see level 5 cars on the road ?
Asked by EcBaPr (119.18.2.x) on January 4 2020, 5:30pm
Reply on January 7 2020, 2:44pm:
    Some yes. Not sure when we will. I don't doubt they will get to be as (in)competent as people are, the question will be will we be able to trust machines with the same level of power and destruction as we trust people with now. People are (collectively) terrible at driving, and cars are incredibly dangerous. Anyway... it'll be a while. I'm also skeptical of the induced demand they will bring (if you don't have to actually do the driving, and gas/electricity is cheap, why not go do XYZ all the time).
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Question: How do you approach learning new skills/information? Do you use mnemonics or have you developed some system that speed up that process?
Asked by Georgy (108.185.102.x) on January 4 2020, 8:44am
Reply on January 7 2020, 2:42pm:
    These days I write down the key words to remember what to internet search for...
Question: Hey a big great confusion. Should I create 4 YouTube channels (one for Music in English, one for Gaming in English, one for Music in my own language and last for Gaming in my own language)? Or should I create only one channel and add all Music + Gaming contents of both languages in single YouTube channel only? Any pros-cons for both method?
Asked by TubeYou (59.97.204.x) on January 3 2020, 2:41pm
Reply on January 7 2020, 2:41pm:
    I have no idea, I'm a terrible YouTube failure by all metrics available :)
Question: Today I find a weird thing in REAPER 6. It wasn't in 5th version. When soloing one audio track, other audio tracks still give sound. Their sound is low but why other tracks are making sound when I have already soloed a track? Or did you guys changed something? If yes, how can I revert back like it was in 5th version (other tracks doesn't make sound when soloing one track)?
Asked by BuggyBug (117.207.139.x) on January 2 2020, 2:04pm
Reply on January 2 2020, 4:53pm:
    Sounds like you have "solo in front" enabled
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Question: Any New Year resolutions? :)
Asked by Abhi (104.236.70.x) on January 2 2020, 12:15pm
Reply on January 2 2020, 4:53pm:
    One is to look at my phone less often
Question: Do you have any friends from childhood that you still keep up with?
Asked by Will (23.125.224.x) on January 2 2020, 7:31am
Reply on January 2 2020, 4:54pm:
    A small number, but only occasionally
Question: Any thoughts about newly released reFX Nexus 3?
Asked by WoahNexus (117.242.97.x) on December 31 2019, 12:17pm
Reply on January 1 2020, 8:59pm:
    I can't say I've looked at it.
Question: So the ARA 2 specification supports chord tracks.  Does this mean that a chord track plugin could provide that functionality to an ARA 2 compliant DAW or would the host DAW also need to have some basic chord track functionality?
Asked by Pete (98.144.110.x) on December 30 2019, 7:25pm
Reply on January 1 2020, 8:58pm:
    I do not know the answer to this.
Question: Ummmm, why Classic_1.x theme is still there in REAPER? Also, any plan for REAPER 6 light theme? Current theme is too dark for my poor eyes :/
Asked by Reaper6IsAwesome (117.197.5.x) on December 30 2019, 4:37pm
Reply on January 1 2020, 8:57pm (edited at January 1 2020, 8:58pm):
    It's the builtin fallback icons for themes. We could remove it from the menu, but meh. Re: theme colors, maybe we should add color transformations as part of the theme loading process...
Question: Do you have a grandiose plan/s for 2020?
Asked by Vitalik (195.91.166.x) on December 28 2019, 4:13am
Reply on December 28 2019, 11:31pm:
    I don’t have many, other than some sweet trail runs...
Question: hey! so r6 arrived! ..but no change in forum theme/icons or changes to logo? how come?
Asked by 2020 (31.124.45.x) on December 27 2019, 9:29pm
Reply on December 28 2019, 11:31pm:
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Question: What is your best place in NY
Asked by Georgy (108.185.102.x) on December 27 2019, 3:53am
Reply on December 28 2019, 11:33pm:
    Favorite coffee: Interlude Cafe
    Favorite indian/pakistani restaurant: Chandni
    Favorite pho: Bep Ga
Question: Can I hang out with you guys sometime?
Asked by Jesse (74.105.134.x) on December 24 2019, 8:04pm
Reply on December 24 2019, 10:14pm:
    There's only one of me
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