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Question: does any type of hypnotherapy interest you? maybe releasing old habits- or for better health+deeper understanding of 1's place in the multiverse perhaps? (recommend Alba Weinman)
Asked by 2020 (95.149.70.x) on February 14 2020, 12:30am
Reply on February 15 2020, 5:25pm:
    Seems like trust of the hypnotist would be the biggest factor heh
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Question: Finally, Microsoft has allowed developers to put their win32 apps (.exe softwares, right?) into Microsoft Store. Are you going to put REAPER in that store? MS Store is really growing after allowing .exe softwares :D
Asked by Abhi (182.68.50.x) on February 12 2020, 3:58pm
Reply on February 12 2020, 4:27pm:
    Hmm probably not, the current model works well.
Question: when* do you see the end* of 32-bit machines? >will reaper cease it's 32bit bridging mode anytime soon?
Asked by 2020 (95.149.70.x) on February 11 2020, 10:22pm
Reply on February 12 2020, 1:38am:
    Not anytime soon
Question: Do you eat foie gras?
Asked by Andrew Vogel (69.61.144.x) on February 11 2020, 8:19pm
Reply on February 11 2020, 10:03pm:
    I'm not much of a fan. Too rich.
Question: Sorry, if I am a noob in tech. What's the advantage of the major upgrades in any software? For example, why there is a need for REAPER 5 or 6 or 7. Why MS Office 2007, 2013 etc. Why not just make one software and give constant updates to it, just like what Microsoft did with it Windows 10? There will be no more Windows, just constant updates to W10. And also same with MS Office 365 (their MS Store version). Also apps in smartphones, they don't have any major upgrades, just constant updates.
Asked by Abhi (182.68.63.x) on February 10 2020, 7:20am
Reply on February 11 2020, 10:03pm:
    I personally don't like the continuous update model for a number of reasons (off the top of my head):
    • it assumes that the developer won't break things (if they do, good luck getting/finding/etc the working version when you need it)
    • when the developer wants to make major changes, there's no way for the user to know this is coming. If you update from v5 to v6 of something, you choose to do that upgrade at a time when you're ready to adapt to changes. If it just comes down the pipe, you're fucked.
    • Major versions allow for the "pay for major versions" update model. Otherwise it's "pay lifetime" (unsustainable without constant growth), or subscription based (and personally I prefer software to be owned licenses!).
Question: Do you hang in any IRC channels or chatrooms these days?
Asked by 0xFF (72.79.34.x) on February 10 2020, 1:35am
Reply on February 11 2020, 9:58pm:
    We have our own Slack but other than that I check into a couple of discords every few weeks
Question: any script to select all plugins with a given name in the project ? (name specified in the script, then script compiled to an action) ?
Asked by louis lesne (77.199.121.x) on February 10 2020, 12:54am
Reply on February 11 2020, 9:58pm:
    That should be easy to write but I'm not aware of a specific one
Question: has the forum been formally closed? / sorry I mean the lounge in the forum
Asked by fixerdave (92.6.184.x) on February 8 2020, 3:46pm
Reply on February 11 2020, 9:57pm:
    I'm not sure
Question: On landoleet.org you ask for not distributing anything from that site. Does this include the Reper 6 compatible versions of SWS as well?
Asked by Mespotine (109.104.49.x) on February 6 2020, 10:59pm
Reply on February 11 2020, 9:56pm:
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Question: What do you think of the new midengine c8 corvette?
Asked by Will (23.125.224.x) on February 6 2020, 8:41am
Reply on February 11 2020, 9:56pm:
    I haven't seen it. Mostly over cars. I did rent a Toyota Corolla recently and its cruise control had radar that would pace the car in front of you, which was amazing.
Question: Do you use Linux personally? If so, why and how is it going?
Asked by Pior (93.48.248.x) on February 4 2020, 5:27pm
Reply on February 5 2020, 1:48am:
    Yes! It's nice. You can control everything. It doesn't update without asking... etc.
Question: Does Reaper really whip the llama's ass?
Asked by Dingus McLeary (158.184.209.x) on February 3 2020, 8:36pm
Reply on February 5 2020, 1:48am:
    No way, it doesn't do anything like that :)
Question: Is it true that ASIO dirivers don't report xruns? Is this the reason why I can't see xruns in Reaper's perf meter, despite hearing pop and clicks on very small buffers, (only on Windows)?
Asked by Giuan (93.48.248.x) on February 3 2020, 11:49am
Reply on February 3 2020, 5:05pm:
    There is a spec in the API, and REAPER uses it, but I haven’t seen a driver that actually implements it...
Question: So our community has been talking about creating a ninjam application for android and iPhone. What are the key requirements of connecting to a ninjam server and receive/send data to/from the ninjam server? What code/library/framework is the ninjam server using? And does the server use encryption to accept a user? The reasoning is since the smartphone world is more advanced, we want to recreate the client to phones and have people jam online using their mobile devices.
Asked by David (74.101.225.x) on February 3 2020, 3:13am
Reply on February 3 2020, 3:56am:
Question: Which methods in IReaperControlSurface are never reentered by REAPER? For example I suspect that with SetTrackListChange(), the following can happen: REAPER invokes SetTrackListChange() => I call InsertTrackAtIndex() in this method => REAPER inserts the track and immediately invokes SetTrackListChange() again without waiting for the next main loop cycle (= "reentering"). I suspect for example Run() to be never reentered because it is simply called once per main loop cycle. But are there any other methods fo
Asked by helgoboss (2.206.26.x) on February 2 2020, 1:59pm
Reply on February 3 2020, 3:58am:
    There are various checks to prevent reentrancy from causing problems, but it's probably a good idea to avoid modifying projects from within notifications of the project having changed. e.g. only modify things in response to user action, etc.
Question: Today I released Euterpe v1.00, www.grafmin.gr/euterpe/ --- would you mind to give some feedback? Also, it would be a chance to see STD with Amiga fonts before I update it to something more relevant with the times.
Asked by Gio (94.70.18.x) on February 2 2020, 12:58am
Reply on February 3 2020, 4:03am:
    Hah nice, not at home so no Windows for me for a while though... Maybe post some screenshots?
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Question: Why do you no understand there's only one correct answer to "What's the meaning of life?" Well, okay, you could argue that "What's the meaning of life?" is not the same as "What's the Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything."
Asked by Dudesky (173.239.232.x) on February 1 2020, 12:00am
Reply on February 3 2020, 4:03am:
    No or not? I dunt standunder.
Question: Any comment about this poll? gearslutz.com/board/music-computer...Reaper got almost 50% of the votes.
Asked by MS from Sweden (82.100.127.x) on January 31 2020, 11:17pm
Reply on February 3 2020, 4:04am (edited at February 24 2020, 2:36pm):
    Changing rapidly, it seems? Internet polls are pretty meaningless anyway :)
Question: About delay buffers: when using a 'standard' ring buffer (doubles) with (extreme example) SR 192 kHz, 2 BPM, delay length one bar, RAM usage should be 120 (sec) * 192000 * 8 (bytes) ~ 180 MB. Though when doing this in REAPER/ReaDelay is seems to consume much less RAM (according to PerfMeter/TM). Do you use another technique for it?
Asked by nofish (94.134.90.x) on January 31 2020, 3:22pm
Reply on February 3 2020, 4:05am:
    Busted! We use 32-bit floats for the delay lines...
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Question: hey-have ya heard 'ol steve the mad drummer's -Moon drums, Paint splashing Drums? > soundcloud.com/user7828480/moon-drums (love this guy's improv style+abilities) do you?
Asked by 2020 (2.25.95.x) on January 31 2020, 2:48pm
Reply on February 3 2020, 4:07am:
    Them some drums
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