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Question: Do you happen to know if reaper can take advantage of obscene amounts of cores, like from a 3990X? Has anyone even ran reaper on one of those? It's about four thousand bucks away from being a practical question for me, just curious if you heard anything from users. :)
Asked by ebbn (95.235.113.x) on April 21 2020, 5:03pm
Reply on April 24 2020, 12:31am:
    Probably, though we've only recently added the CPU groups support for systems with more than 64 logical cores (on Windows) so it is not extensively tested.
Question: What's the worst piece of code you remember ever being exposed to? No need for names of course.
Asked by b4df00d (213.127.26.x) on April 21 2020, 9:49am
Reply on April 21 2020, 2:38pm:
    There are so many kinds of bad. Sometimes there's code that works very well but gives me a headache any time I try to follow it. Including one very well known library that I won't name...
Question: What's the difference between normal cockos plugins and JS plugins in reaper? Why JS plugin needed? Why didn't you made those plugins normal like reacomp, reaeq etc?
Asked by Just cauSe (46.101.16.x) on April 20 2020, 2:37pm
Reply on April 20 2020, 4:27pm:
    JS plug-ins are user editable, so you can write code on the fly! And do a lot of cool things.
Question: Honey and other products from bees - yes/no?
Asked by 2020 (95.149.70.x) on April 20 2020, 1:00pm
Reply on April 20 2020, 4:28pm:
    yes, when done with care (leaving enough honey for the bees to be healthy, vs replacing it with sugar)
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Question: Any thoughts/questions which come to your mind upon looking at corona pandemic situation? Doubts maybe..idk???
Asked by tpa.Ind (157.37.183.x) on April 20 2020, 12:40pm
Reply on April 20 2020, 4:28pm:
    Despair about the ineptitudes of our elected leaders, mostly.
Question: In future, will loseless formats like .wav replace lossy formats like mp3, aac etc. ? Obviously in future, we will have like 10 TB of SSD in our laptops and 500GB to 1 TB of storage in phone devices. Why bothering lossy formats then? Why not just listen directly to the lossless formats?
Asked by Wave (107.170.186.x) on April 20 2020, 9:13am
Reply on April 20 2020, 4:29pm:
    Why bother worrying about the format, really?
Question: Q1) What did you always wanted to do but never found the courage or opportunity to do? Q2) If you be a protagonist in a movie, what movie would it be? Q3) If you had a time machine, would you go back in time or visit the future, and why? Q4) What was your favourite game when you were a child?
Asked by Abhi (117.99.169.x) on April 19 2020, 5:18pm
Reply on April 20 2020, 4:36pm:
    1) Uhh well when it's possible to do it, I want to run a 100 mile race. And the grand canyon rim to rim to rim. 2) I don't know who I would want to be, nor who I would likely be. 3) If I could only travel once, I'd probably go back an hour, just for the entertainment value. 4) Maybe Yar's Revenge? shrug
Question: in one answer of yours, you said 192 kbps mp3 songs are good enough. how can you say that? don't you think higher bitrates like 256 kbps or 320 kbps are much better? in websites, people say that 128 kbps is radio quality and 192 kbps is just CD quality, not the highest quality. and anyone can distinguish between 192 kbps, 256 kbps and 320 kbps if they listen songs from a good high quality headphones or speakers. then why do you compromise in listening music when you yourself is a music maker?
Asked by Try a longer question (46.101.22.x) on April 18 2020, 9:03am
Reply on April 18 2020, 7:52pm:
    It is rare that I can hear the difference between a well-encoded 192kbps mp3 and the source .wav file, provided the output of the mp3 is not heavily processed (run any mp3 through a compressor and you can make the differences incredibly obvious).
Question: In how many places you keep the source code for REAPER? Are you prepared for a disaster scenario? These days looks like everything is possible... :)
Asked by Gio (79.130.163.x) on April 18 2020, 4:55am
Reply on April 18 2020, 7:52pm:
    Git is pretty good about keeping copies scattered about!
Question: hey- Are you able to do calculations in your head quickly,or do you prefere calculating devices?
Asked by 2020 (95.151.177.x) on April 17 2020, 11:44pm
Reply on April 18 2020, 4:06am:
    I'm not particularly quick, no.
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Question: What should i do, if i am stupid and psycho?
Asked by Poooooony (46.252.220.x) on April 17 2020, 2:18pm
Reply on April 17 2020, 4:20pm:
    procrastinate I guess? be lazy?
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Question: what is the most versatile LFO that you know of?
Asked by sousastep (68.194.88.x) on April 17 2020, 6:39am
Reply on April 17 2020, 4:20pm:
    I don't know any LFOs
Question: Do you by chance use any free VST/VSTi plugin? What are they?
Asked by shitsongmaker (110.54.176.x) on April 17 2020, 5:50am
Reply on April 17 2020, 4:20pm:
    Not really, mostly just REAPER built-in stuff (and the occasional non-free VSTi).
Question: Is it a good idea to purchase a smartphone or laptop which costs around one's monthly salary? No show-off, just because of better features, stability, performance etc.
Asked by Abhi (182.64.56.x) on April 17 2020, 3:57am
Reply on April 17 2020, 4:18pm:
    Probably not! I'd figure out what you really need and go for the sweet spot of price/performance that meets it. If I were to buy a new phone now I'd definitely get a 128GB iPhone SE 2020.
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Question: Who created excel?
Asked by Chloe (172.196.138.x) on April 17 2020, 3:17am
Reply on April 17 2020, 4:18pm:
    I could google it but I don't know ;)
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Question: hey- does it upset or crush your spirit of creation,looking day after day,week after week,year in and out,seeing endless bugs reports/forum complaints and general hoo-ha whinging >about reaper?< (& how can this be solved,if so?)
Asked by 2020 (95.151.177.x) on April 16 2020, 10:13pm
Reply on April 17 2020, 4:17pm:
    Not really, you have to have thick skin to get by putting things on the internet. What gets to me is severe bugs in REAPER (e.g. crashing that is not a plug-in's fault), but thankfully we don't have too many of those (*knocks on wood*).
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Question: Some functions like SetOnlyTrackSelected (invoked from C++ plug-in) make REAPER crash when called with a MediaTrack* that points to an already deleted track. Others don't. 1) Is it good practice to always check with ValidatePtr2 if unsure about the object's existence? 2) Is this check very cheap? 3) Is this check safe to perform in audio thread? 4) Is there a similar check for midi_Input*, midi_Output* and KbdSectionInfo*? 5) Thank you!
Asked by helgoboss (84.59.97.x) on April 16 2020, 7:23pm
Reply on April 16 2020, 8:19pm (edited at April 16 2020, 8:20pm):
    Ideally you shouldn't hang on to pointers longer than you need them -- for example, the user might delete a track and create a new track and the pointer could be the same and would validate, but point to the wrong track!

    ValidatePtr() is in general relatively cheap, but not necessarily, and generally safe from the audio thread, but also not necessarily (especially since in a race condition the pointer might become invalid after you checked it!).
Question: whats is your idea about this? sdk.steinberg.net/viewtopic.php?f=...
Asked by ruchira (175.157.42.x) on April 15 2020, 12:24pm
Reply on April 15 2020, 1:36pm:
    IMO Steinberg should totally open source VST2.
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Question: Why was the Reaper forum lounge removed without reason.
Asked by Suleiman (149.167.129.x) on April 14 2020, 11:43pm
Reply on April 15 2020, 4:37am (edited at April 15 2020, 4:39am):
    It was not removed without reason, but it's complicated and really shouldn't be discussed here (nor there).
Question: Hey- considering all the users that code using reaper,both jsfx+lua+whatever else,"have you learnt much from all the different people that write all these different scripts? +ever thought of adding any as standard,default features?" (i imagine the code now *belongs* to you+company)
Asked by 2020 (95.151.177.x) on April 14 2020, 11:33pm
Reply on April 15 2020, 4:37am:
    The code of people who write scripts/jsfx/etc does not belong to us, it belongs to them! It is often inspiring to see what people do, though! Some very good code out there.
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