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Question: Previously, there was a Winamp app for android phones. Did you made it? If yes, then why did you discontinue it? And is there any link from where the android version can be downloaded?
Asked by Macrohard (27.58.10.x) on January 31 2021, 5:58pm
Reply on January 31 2021, 7:25pm:
    I didn't, that was long long after I stopped having anything to do with Winamp. Ask the new owners! :)
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Question: why questions are italics and your answers are not?
Asked by WinAmp = Windows Amplifier (27.58.10.x) on January 31 2021, 4:20am
Reply on January 31 2021, 7:25pm:
Question: As I want to make small game engine, I would like adding sound support from scratch using purely Windows API library. What your recomendation to use, DirectSound (but old), WASAPI (but pain to manage), or XAudio2 (seems unpopular than both former)?
Asked by Thiekus (45.76.148.x) on January 30 2021, 9:11pm
Reply on January 31 2021, 7:25pm:
    the classic WaveOut API is probbly good enough unless you need really low latency?
Question: So, you are into real instruments music, instead of electronic music, then why don't you at least use a VSTi for other lots of instruments. SampleTank, it's far cheaper than Komplete and mostly gives you tons of real-instruments (like lots of pianos, guitars, strings, drums etc. and they all are very high quality). Also, if you need a singing vsti, which can sing for you, then check out Yamaha Vocaloid, very great voices (free alternative is Alter Ego by Plogue, decent one)
Asked by pubg pubkey (27.58.70.x) on January 30 2021, 3:20pm
Reply on January 31 2021, 7:24pm:
    I do when the time is right (ninjams)
Question: You implement the features you'd use in REAPER and Schwa implement features users want to use. Is my assumption correct?
Asked by Vitali (195.191.162.x) on January 30 2021, 10:00am
Reply on January 30 2021, 4:49pm:
    Those are probably our inclinations but reality is rarely so simple
Question: Why reaper.fm is your main website. Why not reaperdaw.com?
Asked by reaperdaw (27.58.21.x) on January 29 2021, 3:57pm
Reply on January 30 2021, 5:27am (edited at January 30 2021, 5:28am):
    All about the tunes, man! far out. reaperaudio.com is also there... but I like it shorter
Question: Are tutorial videos uploaded in reaper website updated automatically as soon as Kenny sir upload video in his youtube channel?
Asked by 1990s kid (27.58.21.x) on January 29 2021, 2:34pm
Reply on January 30 2021, 5:27am:
    Nope they go up in a separate batch when it is convenient
Question: How does one set the slope in stretch-markers via API? SetTakeStretchMarkerSlope seems only to allow setting both ends of a slope at the same time, but both of them individually. Are we holding something wrong or is it a bug? XRaym and me destroy our brains over that one currently...
Asked by Mespotine (80.187.82.x) on January 29 2021, 12:57pm
Reply on January 30 2021, 5:27am:
    Probably better to send me an email :)
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Question: Why don't you make electronic music?
Asked by Redtooth (27.58.21.x) on January 29 2021, 5:17am
Reply on January 30 2021, 5:26am:
    I like playing instruments too much!
Question: Just wondering if you know Jawed Karim? Once upon a time the guy made JawMD2, a quake2 model viewer. Then he helped make Youtube. Seems like a kindred spirit.
Asked by Mike (76.89.170.x) on January 29 2021, 2:53am
Reply on January 30 2021, 5:25am:
    Yep I used to know him on IRC, 25 years ago or so
Question: Considering the following thread, how much OO do you subscribe to? news.ycombinator.com/item?id=25933121
Asked by Will (23.125.224.x) on January 27 2021, 9:17pm
Reply on January 28 2021, 2:47am:
    The "right" amount of OO. OO can be great, misuse of it can be terrible.
Question: Hi Justin, I found this guys the other day and, I don't no why, I thought! they are a group that is are going to like it to Justin. I end up finding them because they recorded this work on REAPER. Take a listen. vamplifiers.bandcamp.com/album/the...and let me know if you like. The best for you friend. Cheers from spain.
Asked by Javier (84.76.39.x) on January 27 2021, 9:37am
Reply on January 28 2021, 2:48am:
    Hah thanks, sounds like fun! Playing outside is so good...
Question: Would you have preferred Sanders over Biden?
Asked by wasereb4 (79.246.84.x) on January 26 2021, 9:43pm
Reply on January 26 2021, 11:46pm:
    I am ideologically closer to Sanders, but I'm not sure he had as good a chance at winning.
Question: in which software you make reaper?
Asked by okay (27.58.10.x) on January 26 2021, 3:35pm
Reply on January 26 2021, 11:47pm:
    We compile it using VC6/2005 w/ICC on win32/win64, gcc on Linux, and xcode/clang/ICC on macOS.
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Question: thanks for Reaper m/. listen to АРИЯ, Master Boot Record, Anaal Nathrakh
Asked by ChExi (212.22.193.x) on January 26 2021, 2:48am
Reply on January 26 2021, 11:47pm:
Question: How much time it can take just by a single person to develop a nice full-fledged software? (like reaper, gimp etc.). Is it possible to start learning coding & make great software at the age of 27?
Asked by A Simple Man (27.58.99.x) on January 25 2021, 3:21pm
Reply on January 25 2021, 9:01pm:
    Sure by the time you're 35 you'll be well on your way! :) Things always (or rather, should?) start small and grow as you go...
Question: Are you still sad that our boy, Conor McGregor, lost the fight last night?
Asked by Mommy (86.106.87.x) on January 24 2021, 10:15pm
Reply on January 25 2021, 2:41am:
Question: Hello Mr. Frankel, This is not really a question but rather a brief message thanking you for your work. I use REAPER every day to record acoustic instruments and produce midi mockups; its routing power and stability, not to mention its many great functions (sub-projects, ...) have changed my daily life. I wish you (with a slight delay ...) a beautiful and happy year new full of projects, sporting and musical meetings. Thanks for creating this awesome tool! Yours truly, Charles (Arlequin)
Asked by Charles (Arlequin) (212.224.238.x) on January 24 2021, 4:49pm
Reply on January 25 2021, 2:41am:
    Aww thanks! Happy New Year to you and stay safe out there!
Question: Delete your Twitter-Account. The only social-network you'll ever need is waste-central.com/which is hosted by Radiohead themselves. No idea why, but it's full of the cool kids. When will we see you there? ;)
Asked by Mespotine (80.187.117.x) on January 24 2021, 1:34am
Reply on January 25 2021, 2:42am:
    Mmmmmmm I should, right?
Question: Look it's the grandchild of WASTE! - youtu.be/6664mpKmccA
Asked by DaveJ (76.109.106.x) on January 23 2021, 2:53pm
Reply on January 25 2021, 2:42am:
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