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Question: Can I write you an e-mail?
Asked by Andreas (203.174.244.x) on June 21 2021, 8:04am
Reply on June 21 2021, 11:02pm:
    Sure, I think maybe you already did and I replied, though
Question: Hope your day is great. So, I made an app to play all the songs in our live set list using your web interface. ( in javascript ) It works a treat. That said , reaper sends out the relevant midi info to another PC using software called Gig Performer ? Have you ever heard of this program ? It is equally brilliant just like reaper !
Asked by neovich (14.200.140.x) on June 20 2021, 1:54pm
Reply on June 21 2021, 11:01pm:
    Nice... I haven't heard of Gig Performer, no, will google it
Question: Okay, as you know that Windows 11 is going to release with a new MS Store. And they are done with UWP metro apps and just keep the normal .exe softwares. Will you add REAPER into their store? It will make REAPER even more popular than before because then lots of people will search for DAWs in their store. Right now, only FL Studio is there but their mobile version, not desktop. So yup, if you do this, REAPER would be the first major DAW to come there.
Asked by Argh asking question (162.210.194.x) on June 19 2021, 9:02am
Reply on June 19 2021, 8:21pm:
    We're not really interested in putting REAPER on stores, it's better for us and our users to just be a separate download.
Question: Ah its okay for the deleted song. I really love it, I hope you like it too (unless you deleted it even without listening XD). Anyway, SCALE FINDER IN REAPER is so helpful and time saver. In my previous DAW, after making song (mostly MIDIs), I had to manually figure out the scale of my song and it took me too much time. But not anymore, thanks to you! Just keep bringing more little cool tools like this which saves our precious time in making music. (Now don't delete this post because of no question XD)
Asked by Argh again (110.227.159.x) on June 19 2021, 8:11am
Reply on June 19 2021, 8:22pm:
    Thanks, but rather than "now don't delete this point" maybe just add a question? silly :/ I'll delete it later.
Question: What's the best code one-liner you've ever seen? (if you remember any)
Asked by needalongername (83.81.43.x) on June 18 2021, 4:14pm
Reply on June 18 2021, 8:38pm:
    For what goal? Can't say I can remember any anyway...
Question: Oh recently I have posted a very lovely song link from YouTube here and you have deleted that? :(
Asked by Argh (207.244.71.x) on June 17 2021, 7:33am
Reply on June 17 2021, 1:27pm:
    Correct, it was not a question.
Question: What do you think about that suggestion? :P kvraudio.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f...(first post)
Asked by wasereb4 (93.206.7.x) on June 17 2021, 12:34am
Reply on June 17 2021, 1:55am:
Question: You still into Tame Impala? I've had that bassline from "Lost in Yesterday" stuck in my head for days! (lol)
Asked by schmoe (50.92.68.x) on June 15 2021, 10:52pm
Reply on June 17 2021, 1:55am:
    I like the old stuff (demos, EPs, innerspeaker, lonerism) but not sure if I've heard the latest.
Question: Have you ever watched the IT crowd series ? Older classic UK comedy . A must see.
Asked by neovich (110.175.58.x) on June 15 2021, 1:34pm
Reply on June 15 2021, 6:35pm:
    A few episodes, painful but funny. Mostly painful.
Question: Would you agree that the Meaning of Life is about to dealing best with Suffering and Fortune?
Asked by Chris (95.90.213.x) on June 13 2021, 11:31pm
Reply on June 14 2021, 2:39am:
    s/is about to/includes/ maybe?
Question: Are you related to Bernice Frankel whom is the actress Bea Arthur?
Asked by Nicholas Forystek (173.16.33.x) on June 13 2021, 4:51am
Reply on June 14 2021, 2:38am:
    Not that I know of
Question: what Smartphone do you use? (when) do you consider to upgrade?
Asked by random (94.134.91.x) on June 11 2021, 10:21pm
Reply on June 11 2021, 10:57pm:
    currently an iphone 11 pro... not looking to upgrade any time soon, so a few years at least
Question: C++98 or latest? Which one you prefer and why?
Asked by ruchira (123.231.110.x) on June 5 2021, 7:05pm
Reply on June 7 2021, 12:52pm:
    Still using old stuff here but whatever works
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Question: Why is the playback head lagging (not smooth, even a little blinking) in R. especially in the midi editor ? Strange for a DAW that is so powerful.. I've missed something for sure :) Looking forward to reading you Justin ! Best,
Asked by Arlequin (212.224.226.x) on June 5 2021, 2:18pm
Reply on June 7 2021, 12:52pm:
    Probably just prioritizing audio threads over UI etc? Would need to know more about the OS etc
Question: what's your favourite keyboard synth you own
Asked by neovich (60.241.237.x) on June 5 2021, 7:55am
Reply on June 7 2021, 12:52pm:
    I have a Nord Stage II which is never-ending in its possibilities.
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Question: Windows 11 is coming. Be ready. Huhaha.
Asked by Mr. Gates (27.58.94.x) on June 3 2021, 1:46pm
Reply on June 4 2021, 2:17am:
    Oh great. If I had to use Windows, I'd probably choose Win7...
Question: What do you think about this? youtube.com/watch?v=73masMqvagM
Asked by Kambrica (191.113.4.x) on June 2 2021, 4:45am
Reply on June 2 2021, 7:14pm:
    It's alright I guess?
Question: if software requires .net in order to install, does this imply it may be more bloated or not run as efficiently as software that doesnt require it ?
Asked by EcBaPr (119.18.1.x) on June 1 2021, 1:03pm
Reply on June 2 2021, 7:15pm:
    It's definitely not the most efficient nor least bloated way to make something, but it doesn't necessarily mean much (it's definitely possible to do worse without .net)! There can be lots of factors and specifics to consider
Question: How to learn piano, guitar & drums without having actual piano, guitar & drums?
Asked by Argh (27.58.127.x) on May 31 2021, 3:44pm
Reply on June 1 2021, 1:00pm:
    I'm still working on learning those _with_ having the instruments...
Question: In retrospect what would you have done differently with Winamp? Is there something you never got to do that you wish you have during its development?
Asked by Sengor (159.196.230.x) on May 29 2021, 2:58pm
Reply on May 30 2021, 2:19am:
    Hmm good question.

    As far as the program itself goes I was pretty happy with it, and while I could probably judge the code very harshly now, having an extra couple of decades of experience, it definitely did enough things right to be useful.

    Relating to the personal and business side of it -- there are a number of relatively minor things, the details which are likely not worth mentioning, that I do sometimes wish I had done differently. When I was 20 I definitely didn't know how much I didn't know. Now I at least know the lower bound...
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