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Question: have you ever tried balancing rocks/stones? (i found it a really fun/challenging meditation) i.pinimg.com/originals/78/d2/57/78...
Asked by 2022 (95.148.58.x) on August 1 2022, 8:58pm
Reply on August 2 2022, 8:09pm:
    Nice, not since I was young
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Question: hey- do you have any all time fav commands for any particular os??
Asked by 2022 (95.148.58.x) on July 31 2022, 10:13pm
Reply on August 1 2022, 4:00am:
    Uhh rsync and ssh and git are all incredibly useful
Question: What did you think of the new Top Gun movie?
Asked by Erin (75.15.159.x) on July 31 2022, 9:51pm
Reply on August 1 2022, 3:59am:
    Haven't seen it yet, but the last couple of episodes of What We Do In the Shadows are great.
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Question: Where does GetUserFileNameForRead store its last position? It remembers it, but doesn't seem to store it in the windowpos ini-file...
Asked by Mespotine (146.0.126.x) on July 31 2022, 6:43pm
Reply on August 1 2022, 3:59am:
    Probably Windows that does that?
Question: Hi Justin. Just wanted to mention that a monospace font in the note items would be great to write down tablatures there for example. Greetings and keep up the good work!
Asked by gideonstar (84.58.33.x) on July 31 2022, 10:22am
Reply on August 1 2022, 3:59am:
Question: Hey how to over-right new MIDI notes into older ones? Let's say I have a chord progression, but then I copied another melodies (notes) and pasted into that chord progression. Currently there will be two notes, one above another. But instead of this, I want to replace all duplicate notes with my new pasted notes. How can we do this in REAPER?
Asked by Food (122.176.10.x) on July 30 2022, 5:03pm
Reply on August 1 2022, 3:58am:
    Use MIDI touch-replace recording?
Question: What are your thoughts on the Winamp 5.9 changelog? Did they drop Fraunhofer for mpg123 decoding? I thought that engine was inferior. forums.winamp.com/showthread.php?t...
Asked by Will (23.125.224.x) on July 29 2022, 8:11pm
Reply on July 30 2022, 5:10am (edited at July 30 2022, 5:11am):
    nah at this point they're all the same I think, maybe the fraunhofer decoder has a slight performance edge but who cares about 0.0051% cpu vs 0.0052%? REAPER also uses a LGPL subset of mpg123, mpglib, + additional code for layer1/2 decoding (this is open source as part of the reaper sdk)
Question: Hello! Do you own a Photovoltaic System for your home? If so, would you chat a little about technical details? What do you think about this technology?
Asked by Zacki (80.132.100.x) on July 29 2022, 6:24pm
Reply on July 30 2022, 5:08am:
    I don't, the apartment building I live in doesn't have any either afaik
Question: If Winamp was for sale and cheap, would you buy it back?
Asked by Vlad (99.145.169.x) on July 29 2022, 3:23pm
Reply on July 29 2022, 3:55pm:
    if the other terms were acceptable, yeah
Question: opinion about Dolby Atmos? is it something that i need to look into and learn? is it something that will be popular? thanks
Asked by Rani (37.120.236.x) on July 28 2022, 7:42pm
Reply on July 29 2022, 1:10am:
    No opinion
Question: Hello Justin Frankel, using the REAPER API, I should be able to fully remote control REAPER app from another C++ compiled app running on the same OS and who is replacing my mouse and my keyboard by code, right? What is missing with C? Using C with REAPER API do I need to compile a C++ project? Thank you! Best.
Asked by Arlequin (212.224.232.x) on July 28 2022, 11:51am
Reply on July 29 2022, 1:11am:
    Not really, the C/C++ API is designed to be used in-process, which means you would need to write a reaper extension DLL to control. You could make that DLL communicate with another app via whatever mechanism you like. Or you could skip the extension DLL and control REAPER via OSC or http calls via the web interface...
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Question: Why Reaper is not free(open source) software?
Asked by Reaper (95.7.140.x) on July 27 2022, 12:51pm
Reply on July 29 2022, 1:11am:
    Because we like writing it ourselves!
Question: hello- is there any particular issue,or problem,either in life,or code,that you have struggled to solve over the years?
Asked by 2022 (95.148.58.x) on July 27 2022, 11:23am
Reply on July 29 2022, 1:12am:
    I'm sure there are but apparently they aren't important enough to keep track of
Question: Hello Justin Frankel, how are you ? I'd like to know your thoughts about that : github.com/carbon-language/carbon-langis it promising or can we ignore it ? Best.
Asked by Arlequin (212.224.230.x) on July 26 2022, 11:10am
Reply on July 27 2022, 3:36am:
    No real thoughts! We'll see I guess?
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Question: I found an interesting bug in Winamp. Streaming an MP3 over the network using Windows File Sharing. I rebooted the host of the MP3. Winamp just keeps repeating a loop 1 second long. Is this how you designed it?
Asked by Jesse (173.63.46.x) on July 25 2022, 9:07pm
Reply on July 25 2022, 10:40pm:
    Probably not, but I haven't looked at that code in more than 15 years. Are you using DirectSound output? could be its buffer repeating as it underruns.
Question: Is it easier developing for Windows or Mac?
Asked by jstaguy (45.149.173.x) on July 25 2022, 5:31am
Reply on July 25 2022, 10:41pm:
    Depends on what you're doing, I guess? In general Windows is more of a pain but has better documentation.
Question: I graduated in 2020 with a degree in music business and after two years of struggling to make that career work, I've decided to pivot into software development instead. I do have a deep understanding of music tech, so I may be able to use that to my advantage in finding a job, but I'm open to any type of coding. If I were your theoretical dumbass nephew and told you this, what advice would you give me to help my career change be successful?
Asked by Steven (24.166.214.x) on July 24 2022, 6:46am
Reply on July 25 2022, 10:41pm:
    If you can make things you want to use, that's my sweet spot... but other than that I have no idea
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Question: hey - are you,or are you not,a person?
Asked by 2022 (95.148.58.x) on July 23 2022, 2:53pm
Reply on July 23 2022, 4:45pm:
    Pretty sure I'm a person, but how do I check?
Question: Does the future of consumer-grade computers lie in x86-64 or ARM64? Does it even matter?
Asked by archipelago (72.111.43.x) on July 22 2022, 1:49am
Reply on July 22 2022, 6:54pm:
    don't think it matters much, golden age of processing power :)
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Question: Is there a way to optimize Media Explorer's performance when reading extremely large databases from network? I compared it with Soundly which uses binary database files, and even though Media Explorer does db scanning quicker, searching existing databases is enourmously slower than Soundly.
Asked by nikolalkc (88.172.223.x) on July 21 2022, 9:11pm
Reply on July 22 2022, 6:55pm:
    hmm reading or searching? searching should all be in RAM, there might be room to optimize, how many items we talking?
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