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Question: Do you like some boardgame?
Asked by Bananamen (170.239.234.x) on May 14 2024, 9:04pm
Reply on May 15 2024, 2:41pm:
    been playing backgammon lately but not sure that counts ;)
Question: hey jf- is the future "cloud" processing? (for reaper)
Asked by 2024 (86.185.199.x) on May 12 2024, 12:59pm
Reply on May 12 2024, 6:38pm:
    not that I can see
Question: are there a lot of feature branches on the line besides the current ones on dev? not asking specifically for one, maybe mroe like a number, just curious if there's a queu of features youre maybe interested in but can't manage yet or for any reason are just there waiting. Or everything on dev is all there is?
Asked by justino (187.213.121.x) on May 11 2024, 10:34pm
Reply on May 12 2024, 6:37pm:
    There are some wip branches but not sure how promising they are, also some "would be nice" todos...
Question: Thanks for being there
Asked by Timur (217.107.125.x) on May 10 2024, 7:19pm
Reply on May 10 2024, 10:02pm:
    And you too!
Question: Just read this and it made me think of you and your running. (: sciencealert.com/elite-runners-liv...
Asked by Dom64 (82.132.215.x) on May 10 2024, 3:10am
Reply on May 10 2024, 10:02pm:
    Hah well I can't run a 4 min mile that's for sure! and they don't establish causality, maybe those who are able to run so quickly just live longer... but anyway I like running and it seems to be what we're made for!
Question: Just noticed, that in v7 mouse-modifiers differentiate now between mouse-modifier actions and regular actions in the reaper-menu.ini. Thanks for this addition.
Asked by Mespotine (212.122.61.x) on May 8 2024, 2:34pm
Reply on May 8 2024, 10:34pm:
    Ah yes, right on
Question: Dear Justin, I've searched extensively on forums and couldn't find an answer. Is there a way to modify the default behavior of routing a multi-channel track so that it sends all channels to another multi-channel track, instead of just "channels 1-2"? This is crucial for handling templates with hundreds of tracks. I tried using the SetTrackSendInfo_Value method for scripting, but it didn't work as expected. Thank you for your help.
Asked by Wenhao Su (185.217.5.x) on May 8 2024, 4:59am
Reply on May 8 2024, 10:35pm:
    Hmm I don't think so, we should add that to the "track/send defaults" in the prefs, will look at that.
Question: hey jf- why do we have vertical piano rolls in daws when a piano is played horizontally? (other than obvious answer) heh, would a horizontal piano roll make no sense to people? (+bonus question! how do you feel about top> bottom tracker style rolls?) ta
Asked by 2024 (86.185.199.x) on May 7 2024, 9:51pm
Reply on May 8 2024, 10:36pm:
    I guess because we usually represent time as left to right? the only vertical piano rolls I've seen have the music come from the top, which is also backwards because we read top to bottom etc...
Question: Which countries have you been to?
Asked by Will (23.125.224.x) on May 7 2024, 2:38pm
Reply on May 7 2024, 7:23pm:
    The big North American ones, a few in the Caribbean, maybe 8 or so in Europe and Tahiti.
Question: Have you got any favourite desert island distortion/overdrive/fuzz?
Asked by Dom64 (82.132.224.x) on May 7 2024, 6:29am
Reply on May 7 2024, 9:23am:
    Iā€™m very happy with my Plasmatron, but the Strymon Sunset is pretty versatile for the non-fuzz side of that question. But a friend has a lot of pedals and there are so many good ones!
Question: Favorite destination to travel
Asked by Ben jose (152.58.203.x) on May 6 2024, 4:18pm
Reply on May 6 2024, 10:15pm:
    I dunno, but I find I need a purpose for it to be fulfilling.
Question: Hey Justin, I'm a beginner, can you give me a licence now for reaper , I will buy it when I have money , till then can you. In return I will do videos with the software . Please , I will be grateful , I know 80dollars is very less for a developed country, but for a poor being like us it's difficult, please don't ignore this., hope you will respond .
Asked by Tom matthew (152.58.203.x) on May 6 2024, 3:15pm
Reply on May 6 2024, 10:14pm:
    I'm sure if you go a little past the 60-day eval period nobody will show up at your house and arrest you.
Question: Do you know any trick to batch normalise all my 2000+ mp3 songs upto the volume of the loudest song I have got?
Asked by Norm (117.234.55.x) on May 6 2024, 8:34am
Reply on May 6 2024, 12:23pm:
    not sure if it's what you're really looking for, but replaygain is probably a good idea?
Question: hey jf-most like drums,bass,guitar n vocals ..have you considered branching into some of the worlds vast array of instruments//tones or techniques.? .we can across a channel recently (youtube.com/@learningmusichub/videos & tohught some of the choices were gorgeous,inspiring & really unique...worth a share, if you care?
Asked by 2024 (86.185.199.x) on May 5 2024, 4:51pm
Reply on May 6 2024, 12:24pm:
    been really enjoying the sax but only so much time
Question: hey jf. are you a C++ dev or C w/ classes dev?
Asked by whipped llama (162.19.25.x) on May 5 2024, 12:11pm
Reply on May 5 2024, 2:50pm (edited at May 5 2024, 2:51pm):
    Somewhere in between... classes are useful, templates are useful (though you have to keep in mind the potential code size implications). Operator overloading can be very useful when refactoring code but I wouldn't write brand new code using it. Inheritance and virtual functions can be very useful, but multiple inheritance I will try to avoid, etc.
Question: What is your best memorable day in your life
Asked by Tom matthew (152.58.203.x) on May 5 2024, 11:33am
Reply on May 5 2024, 2:47pm (edited at May 5 2024, 2:48pm):
    Hell if I know they all blend together. It probably changes day to day. The day in January when I ran my last trail race was pretty amazing.
Question: Which is your favourite artist DAW šŸ™‚?
Asked by Tom Gonsalves (152.58.219.x) on May 5 2024, 7:12am
Reply on May 5 2024, 2:47pm:
    Hmm not sure what an artist DAW is?
Question: hey jf- any note worthy dreams lately? (do you remember any usually?)
Asked by 2024 (86.185.199.x) on May 3 2024, 5:35pm
Reply on May 3 2024, 5:49pm:
    I remember them for a short bit but any time I try to articulate them they just seem too weird to put into words
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Question: What are your favorite tenor sax players ?
Asked by SlikkTim (37.166.82.x) on May 3 2024, 4:18pm
Reply on May 3 2024, 5:48pm:
    Hah no idea
Question: If you had a choice between removing bread or rice, what would you pick?
Asked by Wei Rong (27.111.71.x) on May 3 2024, 1:19am
Reply on May 3 2024, 5:48pm:
    Hmm tough one, I'd probably keep bread.
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