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Question: If you had a choice between removing bread or rice, what would you pick?
Asked by Wei Rong (27.111.71.x) on May 3 2024, 1:19am
Reply on May 3 2024, 5:48pm:
    Hmm tough one, I'd probably keep bread.
Question: When it is raining/snowing do you still do your runs? If so, do you get some chill, cold from it?
Asked by Reich, Philipp Glass friend (186.210.95.x) on May 2 2024, 9:40pm
Reply on May 2 2024, 9:45pm:
    Sure yeah, if it's above freezing I usually wear shorts and a long sleeved wool shirt, below freezing maybe tights depending on how long I go out. Light gloves or heavy mittens for the hands. Colds you only get if there's a pathogen...
Question: If you had to rewrite Reaper from scratch again, how long do you think it would take you to get back to the same point?
Asked by todd_r (86.142.172.x) on May 2 2024, 8:49pm
Reply on May 2 2024, 9:26pm:
    I would refuse, but probably a long time
Question: hi Justin, what are your thoughts on cryptocurrency... is it all just a big ponzi?
Asked by Lachlan (104.28.90.x) on May 2 2024, 4:05pm
Reply on May 2 2024, 9:27pm:
    totally, but don't forget it's also good for demanding ransoms etc!
Question: So when compiling Reaper for Windows. Do you use a virtual machine or bare metal for Windows?
Asked by Matthew (76.37.54.x) on May 2 2024, 10:52am
Reply on May 2 2024, 12:57pm:
    Usually the latter but sometimes the former
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Question: Would you vote for Bernie Sanders?
Asked by Donald Trump (200.146.246.x) on April 30 2024, 4:26pm
Reply on April 30 2024, 5:06pm:
    If he had a reasonable chance of winning, yeah! But seriously he's too old too.
Question: What is the most recent thing you learned regarding programming?
Asked by wasereb4 (95.90.211.x) on April 29 2024, 10:35pm
Reply on April 30 2024, 3:50pm:
    Not exactly programming but win32-API, the way that GetMessage()/PeekMessage() generates mouse events based on whether the "mouse-changed" internal state is set, and the prioritization of that related to other events such as timers and paint events, and how you can use PeekMessage() with PM_QS_* flags in order to prioritize those other events if desired...
Question: hey jf- in your mind, is there any benefits for using 32bit integers rather than 32bfp? reasons? (ie: rearouting audio) ta
Asked by 2024 (86.185.199.x) on April 29 2024, 12:23pm
Reply on April 29 2024, 1:08pm:
    There are some theoretical scenarios that could be advantageous but for real life I'd say 32FP is the way to go. The reason we offer 32I is for compatibility with software that doesn't support 32FP.
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Question: would you ever consider taking a programming course if it means it could make reaper better in some way?
Asked by Jonston Frendall (187.213.1.x) on April 28 2024, 5:13pm
Reply on April 29 2024, 2:00am:
    I'd have to do a holistic cost/benefit analysis which would include the time/effort/interest/enjoyment of such a thing. Hard to imagine, though.
Question: How's life treating ya jf
Asked by Matthew (76.37.54.x) on April 28 2024, 7:46am
Reply on April 29 2024, 2:00am:
    Not bad not bad
Question: Hey Justin, I've been a huge fan from the Winamp era. I recently stumbled upon one of your answers where you shared that not having kids has been a part of your approach to a long-lasting marriage. It's an interesting perspective, especially considering the global trends on shrinking population. Given your successful career and the your life filled with outdoor adventures, music, reading, and meaningful work, I'm quite intrigued. Would you be willing to share a bit more about your decision not to have kids?
Asked by mike (128.77.51.x) on April 27 2024, 12:17am
Reply on April 27 2024, 12:58pm (edited at April 27 2024, 1:00pm):
    That was sort of a joke (its effect on our marriage) but not sure what else there is to share other than to say that it was always an obvious preference for both of us. So it wasn't a decision that was contemplated at length, it was a natural conclusion that I have not yet regretted.

    Re the global trends mentioned in the question: I don't think the global population is decreasing yet, but the growth is slowing (so if the trends continue, it would decrease at some point).
Question: Do you have fear biking around NY ? Whenever I do more distant pedals around my city I am a little scared because of the caos cars make, also some drivers dont give a damn about cyclist. Fortunately nothing happened until today, but I am always hearing some tragic news have you ever got into some accident, is close to someone that got into one?
Asked by Fuck Cars (186.210.31.x) on April 25 2024, 9:22pm
Reply on April 25 2024, 10:11pm (edited at April 25 2024, 10:12pm):
    On the plus side, usually (if you pick your route right) the cars aren't moving so fast, so there's that. For whatever reason I'm not too afraid, the few times I've fallen on a bike haven't involved cars. The last year or so I've been walking most of my miles instead of riding, for the time on my feet. Doing around 80 miles of walk+run per week now, and it feels good.
Question: Why does Winamp 5.9.2 on Windows use 2% CPU when idle?
Asked by Marcus (176.5.0.x) on April 25 2024, 7:07pm
Reply on April 25 2024, 7:50pm:
    doing idle stuff, I'm sure. Probably calling Sleep(1) at times...
Question: Did you see the Physical Winamp (part 1) Dirk de la Hunt on YouTube that went up yesterday? Pretty neat.
Asked by Michael Dean (65.38.48.x) on April 25 2024, 4:16pm
Reply on April 25 2024, 7:50pm:
    hah cute
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Question: Do you follow any particular tech blog for new skill acquisition? How do you stay on top of what's happening in the DSP world for example?
Asked by Will (23.125.224.x) on April 25 2024, 3:29pm
Reply on April 25 2024, 7:50pm:
    no but I sometimes read Raymond Chen's blog, and hacker news.
Question: hey jf- for you,what is the actual "meaning of life"?
Asked by 2024 (81.151.173.x) on April 24 2024, 10:32am
Reply on April 24 2024, 3:08pm:
    no idea, thus we continue
Question: Do you telecommute with Schwa everytime a build is made? Would it be possible that both of you uploaded one at the same time on landoleet?
Asked by Albi (77.8.20.x) on April 23 2024, 6:26pm
Reply on April 23 2024, 7:54pm:
    Some coordination is usually done ("ready for a build?") but the builds happen via git and automatic infrastructure, which manages race conditions.
Question: Reaper/Reaper Lite for iPadOS?
Asked by MKBHD (104.243.213.x) on April 23 2024, 6:11pm
Reply on April 23 2024, 7:54pm:
Question: Have you checked out the new Pearl Jam album yet? Thoughts?
Asked by Will (23.125.224.x) on April 23 2024, 4:13pm
Reply on April 23 2024, 7:55pm:
    I stopped paying attention after the first couple...
Question: Hey, what technology do you use on a daily basis? Like computers to dev, music, personal use, phone, speakers, headphones, keyboard, mouse, etc.?
Asked by Rano (103.171.247.x) on April 23 2024, 3:31am
Reply on April 23 2024, 7:57pm:
    various computers for dev (usually M1 MBA or a 2015 rMBP w/ thunderbolt display and external keyboard (original MS natural kb) mouse (cheapo whatever), but also sometimes a Windows laptop or linux thinkpad or linux DAW box). iphone 11 pro for phone stuff. Various headphones and speakers. When talking on the phone or riding the train I'll use some 2nd gen airpod pro, which are pretty fantastic.
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