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Question: Do you code standing, lying down, seated, crouched ?
Asked by Foot, Yours (186.210.30.x) on May 18 2024, 1:35am
Reply on May 19 2024, 7:25pm:
    mostly standing these days
Question: What movie did you watch when you were young that's stuck with you?
Asked by bacteria (123.136.30.x) on May 17 2024, 6:13pm
Reply on May 19 2024, 7:26pm:
    too many! just today I was quoting Wargames. and I have vivid memories of watching Commando.
Asked by germ (73.59.221.x) on May 17 2024, 12:48pm
Reply on May 17 2024, 2:27pm (edited at May 17 2024, 2:31pm):
    busy this weekend (brooklyn half, recovery, boathouse plans) but maybe during the week. email
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Question: Back in March 1998, a string of new Winamp versions in the 1.8 range were released adding genre versions, some of which would be backported into the ID3 spec. In Winamp 1.82, the genre "Negerpunk" was added (which, of course, isn't a real genre). Do you remember the story behind the bit at Nullsoft, or anyone else that may know more about it?
Asked by ryan fae (96.248.95.x) on May 17 2024, 3:22am
Reply on May 17 2024, 11:47am:
    I was adding things (including features, and genres) in response to requests from EFnet IRC, including, regrettably, that one.
Question: As a programmer, I often deviate from a healthy lifestyle and get sucked into my work. Do you get into positions like that as well?
Asked by Ryan (198.44.129.x) on May 17 2024, 2:44am
Reply on May 17 2024, 11:46am:
    I used to but as I've gotten older I've been better about keeping a balance.
Question: Do you have any future plans for Reaper?
Asked by Matthew (76.37.54.x) on May 17 2024, 2:32am
Reply on May 17 2024, 2:40am:
    Fix more bugs and add more features, hah.
Question: Since it will be legal to do now, do you have any interest in hacking on your old code again and adding features to winamp?
Asked by Will (23.125.224.x) on May 16 2024, 11:55pm
Reply on May 17 2024, 2:40am:
    we'll see what the license is, but nah I think my time is better spent on REAPER. I don't use Windows enough anyway.
Question: What's your take on this? llama-group.com/wp-content/uploads...(TL;DR the people who own Winamp are open sourcing it)
Asked by Kevin (152.173.97.x) on May 16 2024, 7:57pm
Reply on May 17 2024, 2:40am:
    Hopefully they GPL it! It's all based on a bit of ancient crap written by a stupid teenager so it will be nice if someone cleans it up and modernizes it a bit. but not too much.
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Question: Is there an universal order?
Asked by wasereb4 (95.90.211.x) on May 16 2024, 3:39am
Reply on May 16 2024, 6:23pm:
    Not sure I follow that question
Question: Is the name "ReaSamplomatic 5000" based on "Net-o-Matic 5000"? Were you into this game back then? warcraft.wiki.gg/wiki/Net-o-Matic_5000
Asked by tkna (153.240.222.x) on May 15 2024, 10:38pm
Reply on May 16 2024, 6:23pm:
    Not that I know of, lol, but great minds... or maybe I was influenced by the culture.
Question: if you were 21 again, what would you code and build now
Asked by sunny (146.75.164.x) on May 15 2024, 7:59pm
Reply on May 15 2024, 8:15pm:
    Hmm do I have the 30 years of programming memories to work with or am I really 21 again? Does REAPER exist? etc.
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Question: Do you like some boardgame?
Asked by Bananamen (170.239.234.x) on May 14 2024, 9:04pm
Reply on May 15 2024, 2:41pm:
    been playing backgammon lately but not sure that counts ;)
Question: hey jf- is the future "cloud" processing? (for reaper)
Asked by 2024 (86.185.199.x) on May 12 2024, 12:59pm
Reply on May 12 2024, 6:38pm:
    not that I can see
Question: are there a lot of feature branches on the line besides the current ones on dev? not asking specifically for one, maybe mroe like a number, just curious if there's a queu of features youre maybe interested in but can't manage yet or for any reason are just there waiting. Or everything on dev is all there is?
Asked by justino (187.213.121.x) on May 11 2024, 10:34pm
Reply on May 12 2024, 6:37pm:
    There are some wip branches but not sure how promising they are, also some "would be nice" todos...
Question: Thanks for being there
Asked by Timur (217.107.125.x) on May 10 2024, 7:19pm
Reply on May 10 2024, 10:02pm:
    And you too!
Question: Just read this and it made me think of you and your running. (: sciencealert.com/elite-runners-liv...
Asked by Dom64 (82.132.215.x) on May 10 2024, 3:10am
Reply on May 10 2024, 10:02pm:
    Hah well I can't run a 4 min mile that's for sure! and they don't establish causality, maybe those who are able to run so quickly just live longer... but anyway I like running and it seems to be what we're made for!
Question: Just noticed, that in v7 mouse-modifiers differentiate now between mouse-modifier actions and regular actions in the reaper-menu.ini. Thanks for this addition.
Asked by Mespotine (212.122.61.x) on May 8 2024, 2:34pm
Reply on May 8 2024, 10:34pm:
    Ah yes, right on
Question: Dear Justin, I've searched extensively on forums and couldn't find an answer. Is there a way to modify the default behavior of routing a multi-channel track so that it sends all channels to another multi-channel track, instead of just "channels 1-2"? This is crucial for handling templates with hundreds of tracks. I tried using the SetTrackSendInfo_Value method for scripting, but it didn't work as expected. Thank you for your help.
Asked by Wenhao Su (185.217.5.x) on May 8 2024, 4:59am
Reply on May 8 2024, 10:35pm:
    Hmm I don't think so, we should add that to the "track/send defaults" in the prefs, will look at that.
Question: hey jf- why do we have vertical piano rolls in daws when a piano is played horizontally? (other than obvious answer) heh, would a horizontal piano roll make no sense to people? (+bonus question! how do you feel about top> bottom tracker style rolls?) ta
Asked by 2024 (86.185.199.x) on May 7 2024, 9:51pm
Reply on May 8 2024, 10:36pm:
    I guess because we usually represent time as left to right? the only vertical piano rolls I've seen have the music come from the top, which is also backwards because we read top to bottom etc...
Question: Which countries have you been to?
Asked by Will (23.125.224.x) on May 7 2024, 2:38pm
Reply on May 7 2024, 7:23pm:
    The big North American ones, a few in the Caribbean, maybe 8 or so in Europe and Tahiti.
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