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Question: hey jf- how do you actually feel about "secrets"? or "whistleblower reports" + how might (youtu.be/ZSj7QsHRxHQ news report affect your good self? thanx.. ::we see this as IMPORTANT news::
Asked by 2023 (109.153.99.x) on June 7 2023, 10:02am
Reply on June 7 2023, 6:02pm:
    I think the government has too many secrets for sure, but then there are some that probably shouldn't be released ... e.g. things that are just embarrassing but without any public benefit. Snowden giving a trove to the Guardian who then was very selective on what was important to release was a good model IMO. Releasing cables of diplomats discussing things seems less helpful and more destructive. Anyway...
Question: Which curse do you choose? Every time someone purchase REAPER you sneeze (small sneeze for the discout and a normal sneeze for the comercial) or at every REAPER version release you have to post a video dancing (5sec for dev versions, 15 sec for normal versions, 5min for a big release (like v7) ???
Asked by 123frog (179.104.166.x) on June 6 2023, 3:42am
Reply on June 6 2023, 12:24pm:
    I'd probably go the dancing route, though the 5 minutes for big release would be a bit much that's only every so many years...
Question: hey jf- interested in what formats come off yr camera foe web videos...which format options + settings would you normally encode videos for (eg: youtube) uploads? ((including adding audio >on a windows os)) ta.
Asked by 2023 (109.153.99.x) on June 4 2023, 11:54am
Reply on June 5 2023, 1:14am:
    usually high bit rate simple profile h264, then I process/reencode to h264 with reaper, targeting around 8mbps video and 320kbps audio...
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Question: Dress code: Maybe Cockos' mascot should wear a bow tie in similar fashion to playboy bunny. Then everything would make sense?
Asked by Gio (79.130.173.x) on June 4 2023, 10:29am
Reply on June 5 2023, 1:15am:
    hah that'd be nice
Question: whats your favorite time of the day
Asked by heya (189.112.211.x) on June 4 2023, 8:25am
Reply on June 5 2023, 1:15am:
    hmm mornings are nice. also evenings. middle of the day these days = too bright, sunscreen time.
Question: What are the odds that Reaper will be able to use the native Wayland GDK backend in the future? I've been really enjoying using Reaper on swaywm with my Framework laptop but since the built-in monitor is a 3:2 HiDPI resolution, I have to use fractional scaling to make it usable and that makes XWayland apps noticeably blurry. It's not too bad, but I would love a crisper UI!
Asked by Tinker (75.164.129.x) on June 3 2023, 6:01pm
Reply on June 3 2023, 7:26pm:
    Hard to say, plug-in compat in this case would be a nightmare.
Question: Have you ever experimented with running REAPER in a docker container?
Asked by dronenb (45.19.34.x) on June 3 2023, 5:35pm
Reply on June 3 2023, 7:26pm:
    I haven't, but I've run it headless in VMs and stuff
Question: Thoughts on OO? Overstructured or the simplest solution possible for large problems?
Asked by bozo (137.186.18.x) on June 3 2023, 7:52am
Reply on June 3 2023, 1:58pm:
    It depends! Over-designing and overfitting is a problem, as are lack of encapsulation and poorly-defined interdependencies.
Question: Does Realimit alter ("touch") the audio in any way if the audio is below the threshold and brick-wall limit? My guess an hope is that it's not. So far I'm liking more than my Ozone limiter, and that's saying a lot!
Asked by Thonex (98.149.146.x) on June 2 2023, 12:50am
Reply on June 2 2023, 3:00am:
    Try enabling delta solo and you can find out :)
Question: hola, on the stash is there an exclude argument we can use, to get results excluding png,pdf etc? - stash.reaper.fm/browse.php?q=tag%3...
Asked by obsessiveconfigdisorder (82.19.103.x) on May 31 2023, 12:34pm
Reply on June 2 2023, 3:01am:
    Nope, will look at adding such
Question: Hey Justin, my freind wants to ask why did you name the file 000-REAMDE-DO_NOT_INSTALL_VST_PLUGINS_HERE? Thanks
Asked by nikolalkc (159.153.150.x) on May 30 2023, 4:42pm
Reply on May 30 2023, 9:58pm:
    If you mean the 8th/9th characters, well, it's a reference...
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Question: Hello Captain, I've done some research, and plan to watch, but wondered WHAT was the quote that was misheard, and inspired the company name?! moviequotesandmore.com/office-spac...👍✌️
Asked by IntriguedEtymologist (82.19.103.x) on May 30 2023, 3:36pm
Reply on May 30 2023, 9:58pm:
    The one that sounds like "cockos"
Question: Do you see the need for a 24-bit bitmap that would serve for dialog painting only? Right now virtual painter is less than efficient in memory footprint for a typical 1280x1024px. Unless you have an interesting suggestion...
Asked by Gio (79.130.170.x) on May 29 2023, 3:20pm
Reply on May 29 2023, 3:36pm:
    a 4MB buffer for a window is pretty reasonable, no?
Question: Thoughts on Vim? Do you use it or use the motion inside another editor?
Asked by vimmmy (89.187.187.x) on May 29 2023, 6:22am
Reply on May 29 2023, 3:45pm:
    I use vim a lot, but often have to look up how to do various things (e.g. case-insensitive searching, missing perl regex heh)
Question: hey jf- went & checked out a vibrant street art festival @chelmsford,uk.. named "concrete canvas"...would you like access to our mini art & graffix collection?
Asked by 2023 (86.136.229.x) on May 28 2023, 9:57am
Reply on May 29 2023, 3:46pm:
    Post a link in the comment if you'd like to share
Question: What is the triage process @ Cockos? Is there a roadmap? Am wondering if anything like the cool ethos vscode employ, where upvotes== implementation #ref: bit.ly/vscodeTransparentTriage
Asked by Cockos+Nullsoft fanboy (82.19.103.x) on May 24 2023, 7:55pm
Reply on May 25 2023, 12:58pm (edited at May 25 2023, 1:00pm):
    We are very influenced by feedback but we do things based on our judgment, there are lots of other design considerations! I don't think there needs to be a flow diagram, also I think many features would never get to a "closed" state, instead they stay in a limbo of "some day perhaps."
Question: hey jf- ~IF you was to be recording @ 48khz wavpack formats..might you choose floating point over integer on the track recording settings ?? (+why,or not so please?) ta,.
Asked by 2023 (86.136.229.x) on May 23 2023, 4:38pm
Reply on May 23 2023, 9:23pm:
    if you're recording an input that can't go over +0dB, I'd record integer because it will likely compress better... and you can figure out what your noise floor realistically is, and only use that many bits (e.g. 19 or 20 bit is probably good enough)
Question: Hey Justin, are you more of an "implement something in a way that you know will have to be replaced, just to get things going" or a "think it through a bit more and try and get something decent from the start" kinda guy?
Asked by Jack (91.90.123.x) on May 22 2023, 1:28pm
Reply on May 22 2023, 7:59pm:
    There are times when each has its benefits and drawbacks. If it's a self-contained module that is called from other places with a pretty solidified design pattern, then the former is good. If it's something more complex with a loosely defined interface, then it's good to experiment and contemplate until the design makes sense.
Question: Is jsfx online already a thing? Wondering if it could (or did!) Port and perform well in and with webdirt 🤔🙌🙏✌️
Asked by Jonny (31.94.66.x) on May 22 2023, 1:11pm
Reply on May 22 2023, 8:00pm:
    Not that I'm aware of... the thing is, in the browser, what would the useful application be?
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Question: Have you an idea for a programming project? Beginner to advanced. Ideally something which could serve as a showcase project for a job in IT. Thanks!
Asked by Chris (95.90.215.x) on May 21 2023, 2:35pm
Reply on May 22 2023, 8:01pm:
    I don't, but I'd say make something that scratches an itch that you have! (metaphorically)
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