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Question: Re: LVN_COLUMNCLICK works but it's left click. Eventually, used WM_CONTEXTMENU and detect if rclick is within listview header, etc. [permalink]
Asked by Gio (79.130.190.x) on October 17 2017, 3:32pm
Reply on October 17 2017, 5:50pm:
    Ah right, that's what we do too

Question: Why should we prefer iOS? [permalink]
Asked by Tayfun (5.46.117.x) on October 17 2017, 7:33am
Reply on October 17 2017, 3:03pm:
    I dunno, as far as phone OSes it's pretty good, but for non-phone-use I'd take Linux or macOS myself.

Question: I use WM_NOTIFY: ...LPNMHDR)lparam)->code == NM_RCLICK && wparam = 0 to capture rclick in listview header but that approach doesn't seem to work under [edit]wine. Am I doing it wrong, any alternative suggestions? [permalink]
Asked by Gio (85.73.134.x) on October 16 2017, 4:59pm
Reply on October 17 2017, 3:02pm:

Question: What happens if REAPER stops developing you? [permalink]
Asked by wasereb4 (87.167.84.x) on October 15 2017, 6:04pm
Reply on October 17 2017, 3:02pm:

Question: Best way to get in touch with you via Email? justin@cuckos.com bounced back :-( [permalink]
Asked by Nate (71.125.44.x) on October 11 2017, 2:40pm
Reply on October 11 2017, 3:11pm:
    Looks like you misspelled it

Question: Can I acquire permissions to publish my original music to Winamp AVS Visualizer video? [permalink]
Asked by Joe V (97.93.2.x) on October 10 2017, 11:58pm
Reply on October 11 2017, 12:49am:
    I don’t think you need permission.

Question: What happens if you stop breathing? [permalink]
Asked by wasereb4 (79.246.89.x) on October 9 2017, 9:13am
Reply on October 9 2017, 12:50pm:
    You lose consciousness and start breathing again, from what I understand.

Question: What happens if you stop developing REAPER? [permalink]
Asked by Heiko (213.168.89.x) on October 7 2017, 11:50am
Reply on October 7 2017, 11:18pm:
    What happens if you stop breathing?

Question: Having to scroll through long ass files vs having to tab between multiple smaller files? Where do you draw the line? [permalink]
Asked by fmap (142.163.90.x) on October 7 2017, 1:06am
Reply on October 7 2017, 11:19pm:
    Laziness usually prevails, so files end up bigger (and less numerous) than they should be. It would be improved if we didn't have half a dozen different build systems (vc6/vc2005/vc13/xcode3/xcode5/makefile)

Question: Do you use GitFlow in REAPER development? nvie.com/posts/a-successful-git-branching-model/ If not, what pattern do you use [permalink]
Asked by mabian (79.54.163.x) on September 30 2017, 12:37pm
Reply on October 1 2017, 8:00pm:
    We have a master branch which things ready-for-stable-release go on, then we have feature branches and a branch for potential releases (which combines the feature branches with master), and the potential release branch sometimes gets reset to master depending on how things go...

Question: which would you say is the best and fastest way to learn DSP? [permalink]
Asked by maximilian (89.0.188.x) on September 27 2017, 1:57pm
Reply on September 28 2017, 1:38am:
    Dunno, I've only ever done it with incredible slowness.

Question: re video pan/crop with joystick. ideally would be good to playback a video on timeline and move joystick with realtime view of the movements while recording changes as automation to render as new file. that would create the feel of operating pan/tilt head live when editing. useful for running multiple cameras without needing as many operators. would grow whe [permalink]
Asked by EcBaPr (124.170.224.x) on September 26 2017, 12:17pm
Reply on September 28 2017, 1:38am:
    Hmm yeah. Perhaps at some point I need to make video processors on the master track realtime automated. Mmmm.

Question: Do you prefer Rubber Band timestretch over Elastique? A commercial Rubber Band licence seems to be cheaper and more flexible. Right? [permalink]
Asked by Mommy (199.36.220.x) on September 26 2017, 6:00am
Reply on September 26 2017, 12:01pm:
    It is interesting for some uses but I prefer elastique, personally.

Question: (Wanted to just thank you for taking the time to answer so courteously over the years but since this is called Ask Justin...) How do you test REAPER and has your approach to testing changed since the Winamp days? [permalink]
Asked by Anon (37.152.218.x) on September 24 2017, 8:09pm
Reply on September 25 2017, 12:55pm:
    I use version control a lot more than I did with Winamp originally, so there's a lot of diffing and thought given to those changes. I try to test everything I change, and make tests for things that I think could be affected, but I don't usually keep those long term. The biggest things we do is encourage pre-release testing by as many users who wish to test, the whole "closed" or "invite-only" pre-release cycle thing is a huge waste IMO. I'm pretty happy having a site with bleeding edge versions and a forum to discuss them, and ending up (eventually) with stable builds that go to the main web site...

    REAPER is probably one or two orders of magnitude more complex than Winamp was, heh.

Question: hi.. would you have any interest in writing a plugin or small application that does whats described in this post.. https://goo.gl/HzKzSf It would be very useful and there is nothing (i could find) currently available to achieve this.. [permalink]
Asked by EcBaPr (124.170.224.x) on September 24 2017, 10:58am
Reply on September 25 2017, 12:52pm:
    You could do this using REAPER w/ joystick-MIDI support and a custom video processor... would take a bit of scripting though, yeah. Maybe at some point I could do it... would you be looking for interactive realtime use, or for automated use to render later, or both? The way video is handled, realtime preview while recording automation is perhaps a touch tricky.

Question: Have you ever used any of the sanitizers (https://github.com/google/sanitizers ) and if so did they help you find genuine issue [permalink]
Asked by Anon (37.152.218.x) on September 22 2017, 9:14pm
Reply on September 22 2017, 11:12pm (edited at September 25 2017, 12:50pm):
    Not those, but some gcc/clang/PVS Studio warnings have been helpful. I'll check out those though... Edit: ah, they're now available in xcode too, sweet!

Question: Which projects did you look at back in the day to learn C as well as you did? [permalink]
Asked by Dave (50.84.190.x) on September 22 2017, 2:09pm
Reply on September 22 2017, 11:13pm:
    I dunno, access to code and documentation was pretty difficult back then.

Question: Do you often experience a mental state of excitement while coding, where you hardly can stop and really want so see that feature running… sometimes loosing the ability to question what you are doing? If yes, do you rather stop or continue the whole night? [permalink]
Asked by David (93.221.70.x) on September 21 2017, 6:41pm
Reply on September 21 2017, 6:46pm:
    I get obsessive about coding related things at times, but I've gotten better at getting them to an intermediate state that is non-complete but what that I can resume more easily, so I don't have to stay up all night. I do continue to question what I'm doing as I'm doing it, too, and often do a lot of work only to throw it away (or let it live only in my git reflog until it gets gc'd away someday).

Question: Do you think real-time remote music collaboration is possible in the short term? [permalink]
Asked by Thomas (107.77.237.x) on September 18 2017, 5:12pm
Reply on September 19 2017, 12:39pm:
    Multiple people editing the same project remotely? Sure. In REAPER? Not in the short term

Question: Yeah, I have a working Windows version. I sent the wrong link earlier. I'll send the right one to your email tomorrow. Thanks,Wyatt [permalink]
Asked by Wyatt Rice (76.77.160.x) on September 18 2017, 5:25am
Reply on September 18 2017, 12:39pm:
    Check out github.com! If you're not using git (or some other version control), you should be!
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