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Question: Hello Justin! When making music, where do you see yourself between experimentation in terms of hoping for happy accidents and composition/songwriting?
Asked by spoiled hobo (77.179.40.x) on October 5 2022, 9:04pm
Reply on October 6 2022, 2:54am:
    the former for inspiration and then refined with the latter, usually
Question: if we buy you a bitchin' keytar will you work on reaper's midi editor?
Asked by kaulquappe (84.185.110.x) on October 5 2022, 2:10pm
Reply on October 5 2022, 7:31pm:
    I'll work on reaper's midi editor without a keytar, it just might not be the things you want it to ber
Question: do you have longer-term plans for REAPER which you are slowly working through, or do you let serendipity guide the process? or something else entirely?
Asked by sams (84.185.110.x) on October 5 2022, 11:55am
Reply on October 5 2022, 7:30pm:
    Some things take time (e.g. our silence handling branch which is in the +dev branches) but in general we do see where we go
Question: I am confused between buying a guitar or a ukulele. Any help? They have different tunings, so that's also another problem to face.
Asked by Abhi (117.99.164.x) on October 4 2022, 3:31pm
Reply on October 4 2022, 4:32pm:
    ukeleles are fun and relatively easier to play, but guitars feel way more versatile so I'd probably go that route
Question: whats up bro
Asked by robot240 (170.211.62.x) on October 4 2022, 2:32pm
Reply on October 4 2022, 4:33pm (edited at October 4 2022, 8:08pm):
    working on an album (at the moment I type this I'm between takes rerecording vocals)
Question: hey- are you actually writing this future extension for pins as well?
Asked by 2022 (2.26.240.x) on October 4 2022, 2:09pm
Reply on October 4 2022, 4:33pm:
    not sure what this is?
Question: gday! - so,in theory,how many times can anyone actually have their mind completely blown? 1,7 or 42?
Asked by 2022 (2.26.240.x) on October 1 2022, 3:49pm
Reply on October 2 2022, 4:00pm:
    I'd imagine there would be a Gaussian distribution in this answer?
Question: Hello ! In order to write good / safe / maintainable C++ code, what do you think about C++ Core Guidelines and Google Style Guide ? If C++ was not there and you had REAPER in mind, would you bet on Zig or Rust for writing a robust software ? Have a good day ! Best.
Asked by Arlequin (212.224.238.x) on September 28 2022, 5:36pm
Reply on September 28 2022, 7:33pm:
    I haven't read those guide(lines) at length but in general I'm more in favor of a lighter flavor of C++. I haven't used Rust or Zig so I'm not really a good person to ask! "If you didn't have English and you were going to write a book, would you choose Danish or Swedish?"
Question: Is there any plans to modernize the Reaper forum or create a dedicated app? The layout on mobile is very unpleasant to use because the letters are too small
Asked by Artur (187.19.175.x) on September 26 2022, 12:35pm
Reply on September 26 2022, 1:11pm:
    Not currently, we've looked at it but haven't found something that makes sense cost/benefit-wise.
Question: Do you consider one day to increase the Reaper team with some active community members? Like MPL or Sonic Anomaly
Asked by Artur (187.19.175.x) on September 25 2022, 10:55pm
Reply on September 26 2022, 1:10pm:
    Not really thinking about that, have a good flow going now and don't want to increase my time spent on management.
Question: So what music players would you choose today? I'm still rocking Winamp 2.95 and almost 20 years later it STILL WORKS like a champ! Even on Windows 21H2! You really made some killer software!
Asked by IraAbaddon (37.19.221.x) on September 25 2022, 5:57pm
Reply on September 26 2022, 1:10pm:
    I usually end up using a browser with WHUMP ;)
Question: heya- i like to think of REAPER as the Lee Jun-fan's 1 inch punch..so, how do you feel about either fist,or,palm strikes? (the monks,use a lot of palm strikes) :D
Asked by 2022 (2.26.240.x) on S do you feel about either fist,or,palm strikes? (the monks,use a lot of palm strikes) :Deptember 25 2022, 12:44pm
Reply on September 26 2022, 1:09pm:
    I'm not a fighter
Question: Did you find yourself annoyed about the turing complete thing? ;-)
Asked by Will (23.125.224.x) on September 24 2022, 7:59pm
Reply on September 25 2022, 3:00am:
    not sure what you mean?
Question: LICEcap for linux?
Asked by Robotman (71.29.5.x) on September 24 2022, 2:25pm
Reply on September 25 2022, 3:00am:
    Apparently it works in WINE? Not sure what the API to read from the screen looks like, that'd be 95% of the work.
Question: just listened to "self imposed" - and got thinking..why doesnt justin use a bit of vocal correction on input,or post....he made the tools for it! ? :D (liked btw)
Asked by 2022 (2.26.240.x) on September 24 2022, 8:13am
Reply on September 24 2022, 12:43pm:
    I did ReaTune it a bit but I didn’t want to overdo it, it’s right where I like it
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Question: Are modern machines fast enough to use an interpreter for JSFX instead of generating machine code on the fly?
Asked by Will (23.125.224.x) on September 23 2022, 8:45pm
Reply on September 24 2022, 12:32am:
    If you don’t mind 5-10x the cpu use, sure. (I mind)
Question: Did you had another names for REAPER before its release?
Asked by Zipper (177.191.3.x) on September 23 2022, 2:08am
Reply on September 23 2022, 12:25pm:
    it was very early "jmde" (justin's music development environment)
Question: Also, is there any reason not to try and 'constexpr' as many function as you can? As I understand, if the 'constexpr' function cannot be evaluated at compile time, it will just act as a regular function? So best case is you get compile time evaluation wins, worst case is you have a regular acting function.
Asked by jack (146.70.134.x) on September 22 2022, 2:34pm
Reply on September 22 2022, 3:41pm:
    Optimizing compilers try to do that anyway, afaik? But anyway, for most uses I don't see it having a big effect.
Question: Hey Justin, do you prefer c-style casts or c++ style casts? The only true benefit of c++ style casts I can see is being able to easily search a codebase for them, validation of casts is cool but maybe not persuasive enough, especially in the case of 'dynamic_cast' which can have runtime penalties.. Cheers :)
Asked by jack (146.70.134.x) on September 22 2022, 12:16pm
Reply on September 22 2022, 3:38pm:
    I use C-style casts most of the time. I still want a language-aware semantic grep tool...
Question: hey-so,can you see it yet?
Asked by 2020 (2.26.240.x) on September 21 2022, 7:43pm
Reply on September 22 2022, 3:37pm:
    I see it all
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