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Question: Hey, do you have any knowledge about SP Flash Tool for Mediatek Android smartphones??
Asked by Why So Hard? (27.58.121.x) on January 21 2021, 4:06am

Question: Hey- see this sometimes on forum "forum.cockos.com is temporarily down If you are seeing this, it is likely that the forum is down for routine maintenance. It will be back up in a few moments. You can refresh this page at your leisure until it returns. " what is actually occurring in these times please? actual changes or uploading?
Asked by 2021 (2.25.95.x) on January 21 2021, 12:32am
Reply on January 21 2021, 1:05am:
    Automated backups
Question: Is LV2 support coming to REAPER soonish?
Asked by mxmilkiib (31.132.35.x) on January 19 2021, 11:34pm
Reply on January 20 2021, 2:24pm:
    Prerelease soonish yeah
Question: Hey jf,hope all is well..so use firefox mainly and when i browse on forums initially i get the v5 theme,but when i go into a thread (general for eg) this switches to v3 theme..why is that and how can i make it always default to v5 theming for any given thread?? ty.
Asked by 2021 (2.25.95.x) on January 19 2021, 6:42pm
Reply on January 20 2021, 2:24pm:
    No idea, I think there's a user setting perhaps?
Question: Hello, Justin! After beeing asked about speakers and microphones, i want to ask you, which sound card you use under linux .. and headphones in general? (headphones question is just curiousity) .. And is there a way to control "cache samples smaller than.." in RS5K via scipt? Thank you.
Asked by Simon (83.222.186.x) on January 18 2021, 10:25pm
Reply on January 20 2021, 2:26pm:
    On linux I use both a Zoom R24 via USB on a laptop, which is OK, but on my main recording box I have a PCI RME device which is awesome and I highly recommend! (though these days you'd get a PCI-E one). Headphones: Grado SR80 or whatever for open-eared listening, Beyer 770s for some protection from drums etc.
Question: Could you describe the concept of GPL/LGPL related to JS and therefore EEL2, is it possible to use those JS scripts in a proprietary application?
Asked by Gio (94.70.31.x) on January 17 2021, 7:14pm
Reply on January 18 2021, 7:37pm:
    As it pertains to running GPL JSFX in REAPER, perhaps the best analogy is GPL JSFX:REAPER::GPL software::Windows? In keeping with the spirit of the GPL, if proprietary software runs a GPL script, the user should have access to the source of that script and be able to change it.
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Question: Which speakers do you own?
Asked by MS_from_Sweden (82.100.127.x) on January 17 2021, 12:03am
Reply on January 18 2021, 7:36pm:
    I have some ADAM A5s at home that never get used, headphones mostly, and some Meyer HD-1s at the studio which are great and still kickin it (though I had to replace the foam on them)
Question: Which microphones do you own?
Asked by MS_from_Sweden (82.100.127.x) on January 14 2021, 5:31pm
Reply on January 14 2021, 11:11pm:
    More than I can name, but nothing special. In front of me now is a cheapo MXL 770, which isn't bad!
Question: Do you know Jon Gomm? I think he is a great musician. Maybe have a look at this: youtube.com/watch?v=88L0D4UFl9Q
Asked by positiveGuy (94.134.91.x) on January 11 2021, 3:50pm
Reply on January 14 2021, 11:11pm:
    I'll check him out!
Question: A proficient coder told me "If you cannot code on paper, by handwriting, then you cannot really code". Did you write out any of the Winamp code by hand before you actually started typing it in the compiler?
Asked by Mike (73.91.212.x) on January 11 2021, 2:55am
Reply on January 11 2021, 2:45pm:
    Being able to do something and actually doing it are two very different things!
Question: What was the best bug reaper ever had?
Asked by Not Kurt Vonnegut (187.32.160.x) on January 10 2021, 11:29am
Reply on January 10 2021, 11:38pm:
    How to best decide what best would be is another question... most entertaining? hardest to solve? Longest-lasting? :)
Question: I recently saw a great video on of why Apple M1 chips are performing so well, including a good explanation on out-of-order execution of code, leveraging off the fixed instruction length of the ARM architecture; video on The Dev Doctor channel at www.youtube.com/watch?v=cAjarAgf0nI . to what extent did this come into play when preparing the Reaper Beta for the M1 Macs, and do you see more opportunities to optimize Reaper for Apple's new chips?
Asked by John McG (220.245.168.x) on January 10 2021, 1:45am
Reply on January 10 2021, 11:38pm:
    We haven't done much specifically for them (we did the aarch64 port of various bits earlier on for linux, and everything else just compiles), so time will tell!
Question: hi, is there currently a Linux version of the SWS S&M extension? I did not find it on the Internet, there is an option to install both the reaper and sws extension via wine, but I would like to install it natively on Linux
Asked by Michael (93.80.54.x) on January 9 2021, 11:19pm
Reply on January 10 2021, 11:40pm:
    there is, the best way to get it is to get the source from github and compile it, I think?
Question: Have you seen this? skins.webamp.org
Asked by Robare (24.63.9.x) on January 8 2021, 7:30pm
Reply on January 9 2021, 6:21pm:
    Yep yep and webamp on archive.org as a player too :)
Question: What construction (among functions, loops, conditions etc.) do you use most often in Reaper code?
Asked by Vitali (195.191.162.x) on January 8 2021, 4:13pm
Reply on January 9 2021, 6:21pm:
    I suppose they're all used a lot?
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Question: hi, I'm very curious why did you name your programming language "Jesusonic"? I am an Orthodox Christian and the mention of my God's name in vain disturbs me. Please explain what meaning you put in this name? And is there blasphemy in it?
Asked by Michael Mihnevich (93.80.54.x) on January 7 2021, 11:23pm
Reply on January 8 2021, 4:31am:
    It was an homage to Jesus in respect of his best messages -- to be kind, care for other people, etc.
Question: Hey Justin, have you heard of mnt reform? crowdsupply.com/mnt/reform What do you think about it?
Asked by positiveGuy (82.207.238.x) on January 7 2021, 6:54pm
Reply on January 7 2021, 6:58pm:
    Yeah those are awesome. I'm waiting for some other arm chips to catch up to the M1 though... :) also I have too many laptops as it is
Question: Hi Justin! I trying to make Reaper extention for visually impaired and draw in "trackview" some guide rectangles and lines. I draw by processing WM_PAINT.Everything seems to be good for macos and Linux! Is there some way to eliminate flickering when WM_PAINT & WM_NCPAINT received on windows OS? Special sync?Please any tips)
Asked by Stefan (77.111.247.x) on January 7 2021, 2:13pm
Reply on January 7 2021, 6:59pm:
    No good answer here, sorry! At some point we'll probably add hooks to allow native hooking of various window drawing.
Question: I wonder: is the WAK-entry in FXChains a reference to the WAD-doom-fileformat? Where's All the Keyboard? (And what's the meaning of the second value?)
Asked by Mespotine (80.187.107.x) on January 6 2021, 5:43pm
Reply on January 6 2021, 9:56pm:
    Boring, just "want all keys" :) The second value is the FX embed state if that plug-in supports it and it is enabled (&1=TCP, &2=MCP).
Question: Hi Justin, I developed a plugin for Reaper. I output the DLL and place it in the %APPDATA%/REAPER/UserPlugins folder. It works great on Windows, but on macOS platform REAPER does not load this plugin at startup. What do I have to do to run this plugin on macOS. Thank you.
Asked by Musa Kurt (185.253.121.x) on January 4 2021, 12:50pm
Reply on January 4 2021, 9:27pm:
    Hmm a lot of possibilities of why it might not get loaded. is it reaper_xyz.dylib, in your ~/Library/Application Support/REAPER/UserPlugins/ folder? Does it have any GateKeeper quarantine metadata set from having been downloaded? Does it get loaded at all? Are there unresolved symbols? Try running REAPER from a console and see if it prints anything?
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