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Question: Have you seen this? Looks really out of the box thinking, some really interesting things going on there youtu.be/P5fWPBOdrY8
Asked by alex (187.213.28.x) on October 1 2023, 7:46pm
Reply on October 2 2023, 1:46am:
    some good things, only watched a little but the UI to adjust a tempo markers as a resize-of-a-measure is pretty nice.
Question: What kind of coffee brand do you recommend? With my previous question: I have noticed that I am required to learn some maths lol.
Asked by Matthew (98.13.93.x) on October 1 2023, 3:55pm
Reply on October 2 2023, 1:47am:
    Lately I've been drinking Counter Culture Hologram, but I like a variety... I generally prefer a light-to-medium roast.
Question: How are waveforms displayed within a DAW? In general: how does a DAW converts a wayform into an image?
Asked by Matthew (98.13.93.x) on October 1 2023, 11:02am
Reply on October 1 2023, 11:33am:
    It depends a lot on zoom level and view options. If zoomed in where each pixel is less than or close to a sample's worth of audio, then you'd draw the sample as one or more pixels, either as rectangular sample if you want to show the encoded sample, or using sinc interpolation if you want to show the analog representation of that signal. If zoomed out so that each pixel represents multiple samples, then you'd likely want to look at all samples in that represented interval and find the minimum/maximum, then draw that as a range (unless you had a rectified view enabled, etc). For efficiency you likely will want to cache lower resolution views of the underlying audio, too (e.g. .reapeaks) so that you don't have to look at millions of samples to draw the view. And you might also want to do some spectral analysis for things like spectral peaks....
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Question: hey jf- is the ufo / uap topic on your radar? why are people NOT talking about this!?! is it not THE most profound,game changing or important conversation we as a species could have right now??
Asked by 2023 (86.154.42.x) on October 1 2023, 10:26am
Reply on October 1 2023, 11:37am:
    tbh I'm not sure there's a there there. So the story goes, back when they first started testing jet aircraft they'd have the pilots wear gorilla suits so that if prop-powered aircraft pilots saw the jets, the pilots would sound insane ("there was a gorilla flying a plane with no propeller!). With so many secret aircraft developments/testing, it's really not unreasonable to think that these are entirely various programs. The government stringing people along about it is really their goal, keeps people from looking too hard at their secret programs. While it is fun to imagine these scenarios, if there were another intelligent species involved, I think it would be incredibly unlikely that it would be able to be kept so secret.
Question: Hey Justin, hope youre well. What's your solution for repository hosting for multiple remotes? Are you into the cloud hosting stuff or on-premises server/ssh kinda setup?
Asked by Jack (91.90.123.x) on October 1 2023, 10:05am
Reply on October 1 2023, 11:38am:
    we put some stuff in github, and the important bits are self-hosted on a linux box via ssh/git/etc.
Question: Workflow and aesthetics question: tiled windows or stacking floats?
Asked by SpoiledHobo (77.181.175.x) on September 30 2023, 6:55pm
Reply on October 1 2023, 2:03am (edited at October 1 2023, 2:04am):
    whatever works, don't spend much time thinking about such things
Question: What's the work schedule like for you and Schwa? I notice a lot of weekend and/or evening builds. Defiinitely doesn't seem like a 9 to 5 M-F operation.
Asked by Chris (173.70.123.x) on September 30 2023, 6:36pm
Reply on October 1 2023, 2:04am:
    not much of a schedule, yeah, we do stuff when it makes sense heh.
Question: hey jf- just happened to come across this stream (youtu.be/MJ8YMTF8Ics?feature=shared & the point is basically about some ill effects from wheat+grains+rice+sugars intakes... as part your health do you consider selective choices of diet/nuttrition to be 1 of your main focuses?
Asked by 2023 (165.120.114.x) on September 29 2023, 10:49am
Reply on October 1 2023, 2:05am:
    that matters but also enjoying things is too so everything in moderation yeah?
Question: Since mentioning your X60, what do you think about the old full height keyboard keys it has vs. the modern chiclet keys? I have a T420 which also has the full height keys and much prefer them to modern laptop keyboards.
Asked by wasereb4 (83.135.15.x) on September 28 2023, 11:31pm
Reply on September 29 2023, 1:10am:
    I like them, but I also am fine with my M1 MBA's keyboard. I do still love the trackpoint though.
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Question: Any DOS game recommendations ?
Asked by JustPlay (84.252.114.x) on September 28 2023, 6:15pm
Reply on September 29 2023, 1:10am:
    Prince of Persia, perhaps?
Question: My kid is 8 and is way more intelligent than me which makes guiding him very difficult. He knows html/css/js/python already, he can build websites and simple games. Where should he go from here? Just keep learning languages and fiddling with them? Is there a specific path you would suggest or should I just get out of his way and let him find what he likes?
Asked by Sean (174.68.161.x) on September 28 2023, 5:23pm
Reply on September 28 2023, 5:51pm:
    Sounds like your kid is on his own path and probably doesn't need guiding! I'd say embrace and encourage... :)
Question: What second-hand laptop would you recommend in today's market? I'm not a gamer and I want it to run Reaper in 2050 (I know how to change a hard drive).
Asked by Jojo (31.37.8.x) on September 28 2023, 9:13am
Reply on September 28 2023, 11:43am:
Question: I feel that this question has been asked thousands of times. But what is your opinion on AI generated art? In general: AI generated content, code, text, etc.
Asked by Matthew (98.13.93.x) on September 28 2023, 5:16am
Reply on September 28 2023, 11:45am:
    It's interesting and cool (amazing what can be done), but also not that interesting nor cool (e.g. it's hard to feel moved emotionally by it). Definite utility value though. Which makes it less like art. I don't think that machine-generated content should be copyrightable, at any rate! Not without substantial human involvement.
Question: What do you think of this? Feels a bit like the CLAP initiative. bitwig.com/stories/bitwig-and-pres...
Asked by Clep (187.213.28.x) on September 27 2023, 12:47am
Reply on September 28 2023, 11:46am:
    Some value there, but in general my feeling is that there are significant enough differences between DAWs that any export/import you'd do would be sufficiently lossy that it doesn't get to be of terribly high value. But we'll see...
Question: Would you like to come and visit Albania? if yes, my home is yours!
Asked by Ape Din (188.164.221.x) on September 26 2023, 7:32pm
Reply on September 28 2023, 11:46am:
    Thanks! I don't know much about Albania.
Question: Hey Justin, do you use c++ move semantics much?
Asked by jack (91.90.123.x) on September 25 2023, 9:02am
Reply on September 25 2023, 1:08pm:
    Nope in general I try to avoid passing complex objects around by value anyway
Question: Hearf of game mode in MacOS sonoma? It allocated more resources to a currently played game in full screen. Maybe this can be hacked to work on reaper as well?
Asked by mlprod (104.28.31.x) on September 25 2023, 8:07am
Reply on September 25 2023, 1:07pm:
    The audio processing threads are mostly all realtime anyway, shouldn't help much for that. Maybe for background tasks like building peaks, but those aren't really time critical anyway.
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Question: Does Schwa Surf?
Asked by heya (186.210.26.x) on September 24 2023, 4:26am
Reply on September 24 2023, 10:55pm:
    I have no knowledge of such
Question: Is yours the reaper we're meant not to fear?
Asked by Gary (24.18.243.x) on September 23 2023, 2:36pm
Reply on September 23 2023, 4:38pm:
    I'm sure the timing wouldn't line up for that but retrospectively one could make that argument
Question: Justin, what formula is used in RS5k to map velocity to amplitude?
Asked by ReaSamplomatic (50.7.142.x) on September 23 2023, 6:38am
Reply on September 23 2023, 12:58pm:
    Linear interpolation of gain (so if mapping 0..127 to -inf .. +0dB, 63 would be around -6dB (0.5), 32 would be around -12dB (0.25) etc.
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