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Question: Chinese [permalink]
Asked by futurewy (139.207.85.x) on October 19 2018, 4:44pm

Question: Hi Justin! Would you please consider adding a Chinese Forum to "REAPER Non-English Speaking User Forums"? Lots of my friends are using RP, and I think they would be very cheerful to see it! ; ) [permalink]
Asked by Moy Walker (103.65.40.x) on October 19 2018, 4:50am

Question: A bit quiet in here the last days, no? [permalink]
Asked by wasereb4 (94.134.90.x) on October 18 2018, 2:55am
Reply on October 18 2018, 3:36pm:
    Not unusually so, I'd think.

Question: What do you think about the return of Winamp? [permalink]
Asked by Sam Black (192.56.11.x) on October 15 2018, 9:50pm
Reply on October 15 2018, 10:28pm:
    I've long since stopped caring about what happens to it ;) I've spent more than twice as long working on REAPER than I did on Winamp. And I use REAPER every day.

Question: Have you consider AppImage for Linux builds? [permalink]
Asked by Gio (79.131.92.x) on October 14 2018, 1:45pm
Reply on October 14 2018, 11:38pm:
    I haven't looked at that yet...

Question: Your favorite candy bar, cereal, and icecream? [permalink]
Asked by Martin (87.220.81.x) on October 13 2018, 3:49pm
Reply on October 14 2018, 11:38pm:
    Hmm snickers is pretty good, not sure I have a favorite. Cereal, I've been in to muesli lately. Ice cream: soft serve.

Question: I was curious to know if exists somewhere the source code for the wasabi framework. At the time of winamp3 i was so glad it was tentatively cross-platform [permalink]
Asked by Leonardo (93.34.1.x) on October 11 2018, 8:11am
Reply on October 11 2018, 11:58am:
Question: Will REAPER installer's size ever cross 50 MB? Or even, 20-30 MB in future? Are there legacy codes in REAPER? [permalink]
Asked by Abhi (117.197.6.x) on October 10 2018, 9:49am
Reply on October 10 2018, 1:59pm:
    Maybe? Not sure what you mean about legacy codes, but there's definitely a lot of stuff that we'd like to remove but are stuck with, hah. "feature latch".

Question: Are you familiar with Halt And Catch Fire? If so, thoughts? [permalink]
Asked by Lokasenna (198.48.166.x) on October 9 2018, 4:27pm
Reply on October 9 2018, 8:45pm:
    I've tried to watch it a couple of times and failed

Question: If you do that, please have a look at the latest mod of baby sequencer here then: https://stash.reaper.fm/v/20869/seq%20megababy%20nm I've created a full-blown sequencer configuration for REAPER and this mod is quite useful in real-life scenarios. Hard to explain, you have to play with it all in real projects to get the sense what and how. For example, I currently have special macros for my project only that will record disable for recording into sequencer etc...lots of things to consider, but oh the fun... [permalink]
Asked by John (78.1.184.x) on October 7 2018, 3:47pm
Reply on October 9 2018, 8:47pm:

Question: Is there something in REAPER you regret having implemented the way you did because later on you wanted to change it but it's difficult/impossible for not breaking things etc.? [permalink]
Asked by wasereb4 (94.134.90.x) on October 4 2018, 3:19am
Reply on October 4 2018, 1:00pm:
    Tons of things, sure. Sometimes they get overhauled (the way regions were stored originally was as a pair of markers, ugh), other times not (MIDI items/editors/etc).

Question: Do you know Haiku OS? [permalink]
Asked by Nixon (80.135.146.x) on October 3 2018, 7:33am
Reply on October 3 2018, 2:05pm:
    I haven't used it but I'm familiar with its existence (via BeOS)...

Question: Super8 is a beautiful thing I'm trying to start using. In tandem with baby sequencer you can practically create music on the go. With the right configuration I think it's the best sequencer combo on the market. Yes, even better than live. Good job on that and thanks for sharing. Not a question, I know - but this sequencing stuff is pretty inspiring [permalink]
Asked by John (78.0.253.x) on October 2 2018, 7:51pm
Reply on October 3 2018, 2:05pm:
    Ah I've not used it with sequencer_baby, that's interesting. Maybe we could make them sync up via a special back-channel...

Question: Re q=4346s: You're right,it's (mostly) straightforward. Swell rocks,even theming works! My Q: CoreMIDI has MIDISend() which is,if Im not mistaken,able to send outside of any callback (in the main thread). Jack doesn't seem to have an equivalent. I would use Jacks ringbuffers to pass data to process() (see https://tinyurl.com/y9sdedsz) How would u do it? [permalink]
Asked by User (62.214.88.x) on October 2 2018, 6:22pm
Reply on October 2 2018, 6:37pm:
    I'd probably be lazy and use a mutex-protected queue of messages, but that'd effectively be the same thing...

Question: In the homepage of reaper.fm, down below 'New in Version 5' -> 'Video', is that you playing the guitar, right behind the drummer in a gif image? [permalink]
Asked by Abhi (59.92.92.x) on October 2 2018, 1:15pm
Reply on October 2 2018, 1:20pm (edited at October 2 2018, 1:21pm):
Question: What do you make of the whole Linux CoC situation? [permalink]
Asked by Esmo (104.128.136.x) on October 2 2018, 5:43am
Reply on October 2 2018, 1:30pm (edited at October 2 2018, 1:35pm):
    I just read the code of conduct -- it seems fine. I don't get the criticism, most of it makes very little sense based on the actual code.

Question: In regards to the first question - what's the most complicated thing you ever created in REAPER and actually used to create an art piece? Not code wise, feature wise. [permalink]
Asked by John (78.0.253.x) on October 1 2018, 8:21pm
Reply on October 1 2018, 10:30pm:
    I use the Super8 JSFX a lot! In fact I'm uploading yet another youtube video of a practice. Not sure if it's the most complicated but it's something.

Question: If you were presented with 100% customized REAPER rig - how fast would you be able to use it in regards to your own setup? I guess you would too have a learning curve - that's kinda scary and cool at the same time, lol [permalink]
Asked by John (93.141.30.x) on October 1 2018, 8:19pm
Reply on October 1 2018, 10:28pm (edited at October 1 2018, 10:29pm):
    Depends on if I'm allowed to reset key bindings and menus back to normal haha. I do sometimes use other peoples setups, and it's a bit like trying to type on a foreign keyboard -- some things work, others definitely do not!

Question: What are your thoughts: on the Mr.Robot TV Show? (If you have seen it) [permalink]
Asked by Bean (49.196.162.x) on October 1 2018, 5:49pm
Reply on October 1 2018, 10:30pm:
    First season was A+, after that A- (still good but hard to follow the first). Really good production and music and design throughout.

Question: Re: flipped coordinates in swell: 1) If not flipped, right/bottom are outside rect. If flipped, which are outside? 2) How is ScreenToClient calculated? Relative to the flipped or to the actual left/top? [permalink]
Asked by Julian (192.42.116.x) on September 28 2018, 6:38pm
Reply on September 29 2018, 9:39pm:
    This would be better asked via email or forums, I'll check the forums for that.
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