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Question: Justin, i just watched an interview with you about Reaper and felt obliged to write on this board, that you are pure inspiration for a developer. You are like an icon for software developers(at least to me). You are the Jake Gyllenhaal of programming :) Seriously, seeing how down to earth and humble you are is very uplifting. The code bits you've published on 1014 have been very helpful and will continue to be to a lot of programmers(post more). Why aren't other high profile software developers like you?
Asked by cloverfield (89.215.248.x) on March 13 2019, 9:28pm
Reply on March 13 2019, 10:34pm:
    Thanks, I'll take that as I'm like JG from Nightcrawlers! Hah. Why aren't other software developers more like me? Maybe they are out there and we don't know about them? *shrug*
Question: Do we need a built-in print format specifier for WDL_INT64/WDL_UINT64 in wdltypes.h?
Asked by Gio (62.103.216.x) on March 13 2019, 3:21pm
Reply on March 13 2019, 7:46pm (edited at March 13 2019, 7:47pm):
    Might be helpful yeah. I'm usually lazy and find that 53 bits is normally enough for me, so I'll often just use printf("%.0f",(double)int64val);
Question: Not a question but thanks for the latest update putting free item positioning back to how it was. It is so much appreciated.
Asked by Rob Townsend (90.240.196.x) on March 13 2019, 12:25pm
Reply on March 13 2019, 7:47pm:
    Happy it could be improved (it's not actually how it was, but better than both previous ways!)!
Question: Is there any API's available for Ninjam Servers? I know you have to create a status username and password for ninjam, but you've mentioned that I have to download something to retrieve API information from the ninjam server?
Asked by David (108.21.100.x) on March 12 2019, 10:13pm
Reply on March 12 2019, 11:53pm:
    I ported the C++ ninjam protocol to PHP once, it was pretty straightforward. There's not an API but you could do the same, or I guess I could clean up that code for release (eventually).
Question: I see EEL doesn't have bitwise not operator. Is there a way to clear a certain bit without using operator NOT (standard syntax I've used for years is --> function ClearBit (val, bit) return val & ~(1
Asked by John (78.0.194.x) on March 12 2019, 3:24pm
Reply on March 12 2019, 5:05pm:
    For EEL you can use ((-1-x)|0) for bitwise not...
Question: If Macs would switch from Intel to ARM, what would you think about this switch?
Asked by MS from Sweden (77.218.250.x) on March 11 2019, 9:42pm
Reply on March 12 2019, 1:58pm:
    I'm ready for it. I'd be curious to see how it would go (at least on the portable side). I like my arm chromebooks, though they are a lot slower than I'd like them to be (maybe the A12x etc are faster?).
Question: Have you tried the WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux)? What do you think of the recent embrace of open-source by Microsoft?
Asked by Geppo (37.159.68.x) on March 11 2019, 12:19pm
Reply on March 11 2019, 1:35pm:
    I've tried to enable it on my Win10 laptop but it failed with a cryptic error message, sigh.
Question: Which one is better for native development? VS 2013, 2015 or 2017?
Asked by ruchira (175.157.40.x) on March 10 2019, 8:17am
Reply on March 10 2019, 2:19pm:
    I'd go with 2013 personally, but who knows?
Question: Easiest way to disable cursor blinking in curses editor? It might be useful when you have more than one context open just to indicate visually where the focus is etc.
Asked by Gio (94.70.10.x) on March 10 2019, 3:05am
Reply on March 10 2019, 4:54am (edited at March 10 2019, 4:56am):
    In curses_win32.cpp, change the line:
          ctx->cursor_state = (ctx->cursor_state+1)%CURSOR_BLINK_TIMER_ZEROEVERY;
    to be
          ctx->cursor_state = 1;
    Or maybe we should change it to be:
          ctx->cursor_state = (ctx->cursor_state+1)%CURSOR_BLINK_TIMER_ZEROEVERY;
          if (!ctx->cursor_state && GetFocus() != hwnd) ctx->cursor_state=1;
Question: When was the last time you upgraded your development machine?
Asked by Will (23.125.224.x) on March 4 2019, 11:16pm
Reply on March 4 2019, 11:19pm:
    My Mac is from 2014 I think? My studio linux PC is an old C2Q, I also have a year old Thinkpad X1 which doesn’t get much use, and some ARM Chromebooks which surprisingly get more (they are light and built like toys so I take them with me everywhere)...
Question: Have you ever played a car game with steering wheel kit and VR headset? Saw in YouTube, feels very realistic and even better than real life, haha.
Asked by Abhi (117.197.1.x) on March 4 2019, 3:05pm
Reply on March 4 2019, 11:20pm:
    Nope, sounds like fun though. Flight simulator would probably be awesome too I imagine.
Question: I worked through reverse-engineering the Base-64-decoded renderstrings recently and found, that some of the values are stored as floats. My problem being, that I don't know, how to convert a 3 or 4byte integer into it's float representation. How do you do it in Reaper? Do you convert it using a special algorithm before makeing it Base64 or does C/C++ do it for you? In the former case, what would you reommend reading about that?
Asked by mespotine (88.130.49.x) on March 4 2019, 2:07pm
Reply on March 4 2019, 11:21pm:
    In C you can use a simple cast eg “*(float *)&integervalue”. One can also interpret the bits directly using the IEEE 754 spec...
Question: I actually own Melodyne assistant. I used it in a thing today, and I didn't have to manually transfer anything. So cool! It worked like a charm :)
Asked by MS from Sweden (77.218.250.x) on March 1 2019, 10:34pm
Reply on March 2 2019, 2:42am:
Question: Have you ever tried to emulate analog fx like EQ or compression? What would be the hardest part about it?
Asked by Albi (187.189.28.x) on March 1 2019, 8:29pm
Reply on March 2 2019, 2:42am:
    I haven't.
Question: Is there any setting that will force swell functions on macOS (such as GetCursorPos and GetWindowrect) to use coordinates relatively to top left (similar to Win32) instead of bottom left?
Asked by Julian (171.25.193.x) on March 1 2019, 8:47am
Reply on March 2 2019, 2:42am:
    No, generally it's safer to just convert the local window coordinates anyway (via ScreenToClient()).
Question: how to delete wdl_faststring created on the heap? after i try to delete, i still able to access it.
Asked by Pony (46.252.213.x) on February 28 2019, 9:31pm
Reply on March 1 2019, 1:09am:
    Try it using guard malloc? :)
Question: Are REAPER child window IDs consistent cross-platform? I.e. can they reliably be used to find child window HWNDs, such as piano roll or arrange view?
Asked by Julian (199.249.230.x) on February 26 2019, 9:07pm
Reply on February 27 2019, 8:48pm:
    To the extent that they have IDs, and continue to exist in their present form, yes.
Question: In Reaper, please could we have an option to have free item positioning ...
Asked by Rob Townsend (90.252.86.x) on February 26 2019, 6:48am
Reply on February 26 2019, 2:29pm:
    See rule above
Question: ey now that ara is on reaper, why my music is still sounding like shit?
Asked by daniel (179.40.48.x) on February 26 2019, 3:32am
Reply on February 26 2019, 3:40am:
    Haha me too! What are we doing wrong?!
Question: do you have a middle name? I GOTTA know!!
Asked by wiggles (67.249.116.x) on February 25 2019, 4:32am
Reply on February 26 2019, 3:40am:
    Maybe I'm too exposed on the internet anyway, so I'll keep that one private?
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