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Question: don't know why, but previous post isn't complete and instead of code line it shows box = "n". =)), but i won't annoy you anymore, thanks. [permalink]
Asked by Poooooooooony (94.230.192.x) on June 19 2018, 7:02pm

Question: is in EEL2 something similar to string.gsub? and i was disappointed, that there's no simple concatenation in 1 line like (..) in Lua, for example single line in Lua: local box = "n" will be much cluttered in EEL2, isn't it? But i wanted only to ask, if you have [permalink]
Asked by Pooooooooony (94.230.192.x) on June 19 2018, 5:57pm
Reply on June 19 2018, 6:13pm:
    Ah gsub would be handy, yeah.

    You can use sprintf() to concatenate multiple things, e.g.
    str = sprintf(#,"%s%s%s", a, b, c);
    Different syntax, yes, but also quite handy once you get used to it.

Question: I'm starting with C++ and am wondering about the best way to easily make useful, optimised, compatible (with different versions) GUIs in Windows? [permalink]
Asked by dän (155.143.123.x) on June 19 2018, 12:01pm
Reply on June 19 2018, 12:20pm:
    Hmm I dunno, I'd say: compatible, efficient, easy-to-write: choose at most 2... the way we do it is a bit of a pain... :/

Question: Do you plan someday in future to improve work with strings in EEL2? it's a pain in comparison with Lua [permalink]
Asked by Poooooooony (78.152.169.x) on June 19 2018, 10:27am
Reply on June 19 2018, 12:19pm:
    Hmm any suggestions?

Question: I use Linux Mint, but i wonder, what Linux distributive is the best/most efficient for REAPER and audio recording in general for you? [permalink]
Asked by Poooooony (78.152.169.x) on June 19 2018, 9:20am
Reply on June 19 2018, 12:19pm:
    I'd imagine they're all pretty similar? Just use a realtime kernel...

Question: Which programming language you love the best? And how many and which programming languages you use currently? [permalink]
Asked by Programmer (59.92.95.x) on June 18 2018, 10:54am
Reply on June 18 2018, 4:30pm:
    As far as languages I use regularly, C/C++, EEL2, and PHP are the most often used. Also Lua a bit, and occasional assembly. Writing JSFX and video processors in EEL2 is probably the most fun. ;)

Question: "If It Breaks, Kenny (Gioia) Broke It" ... what does it means? :O [permalink]
Asked by Longer Name (104.131.75.x) on June 18 2018, 10:52am
Reply on June 18 2018, 4:29pm:
    There was a bug we fixed for kenny, and you never know if one person's bug is another's feature.

Question: open-std.org/JTC1/SC22/WG21/docs/papers/2018/p0977r0.pdf... Do you think it's too late? [permalink]
Asked by Gio (79.130.185.x) on June 18 2018, 10:45am
Reply on June 18 2018, 4:28pm:
    I'm so C++-15-years-ago so...

Question: I'd like to know when you making music, what are some of your favorite plugins? (Other than Reapers of course).. [permalink]
Asked by Fngrstck (66.61.34.x) on June 17 2018, 12:22am
Reply on June 17 2018, 3:05am:
    These days I pretty much only use instruments and the builtin plugins/jsfx.

Question: What do you think about recording at higher sample rates like 96 kHz vs. 44,1 kHz and could you please explain any advantages of higher sample rates? [permalink]
Asked by Tobi (77.22.254.x) on June 14 2018, 10:42pm
Reply on June 15 2018, 2:20am:
    I look at digitization of audio as if it were representing the analog signal exactly, as long as the frequencies are within the range of the nyquist frequency of the sample rate, not clipping, and high enough to not run into the noise floor... As such, I don’t think the sample rate matters much as long as it’s high enough to catch the frequencies of the thing being recorded.

Question: Have you been travelling again lately? If so, where? [permalink]
Asked by Albi (177.247.239.x) on June 14 2018, 4:00pm
Reply on June 15 2018, 2:17am:
    I went to the beach in NC.

Question: Any thoughts on Landr? Do you have proper recordings? I like your jamming sessions btw. [permalink]
Asked by james (198.91.197.x) on June 14 2018, 4:38am
Reply on June 14 2018, 1:33pm:
    I haven't used it. What's a "proper recording"?

Question: Many people are saying all over the internet that Studio One 4 copied lots of features from REAPER. What's your opinion regarding this? ;) [permalink]
Asked by Yay! (220.158.145.x) on June 13 2018, 4:33pm
Reply on June 13 2018, 6:53pm:
    I haven't used it, but in general I don't think that's really a problem (everybody copies everybody else some amount of the time, otherwise software would be completely unique and useless).

Question: Got an old thinkpad for Linux/Reaper. Are you running Debian stable for linux development and daily use? [permalink]
Asked by Travis (70.178.64.x) on June 12 2018, 4:40pm
Reply on June 12 2018, 5:45pm:
    Debian stable on 2 diff linux machines, Ubuntu 18.04 on another, and Ubuntu xenial-on-crouton-on-ChromeOS on an ARM Chromebook.

Question: As you are a very great programmer, I want to know from where I can learn programming, from basics to advance, online. Any good websites? [permalink]
Asked by Abhi (61.2.249.x) on June 12 2018, 1:17pm
Reply on June 12 2018, 3:26pm:
    Ah thank you for the kind words... I started learning programming decades ago so it's hard for me to know where the best place is to start these days. I'm clueless!

Question: G Morning Frank. I am curious about how many people is working around Reaper to keep it so so so updated. I imagine something like a loft with a bunch of people happily working, each one developing in a new feature or fixing something. By the way, ¿Que tal tu español? [permalink]
Asked by Javier (195.235.163.x) on June 12 2018, 7:13am
Reply on June 12 2018, 1:15pm:

    I studied some spanish in highschool and remember some but if I were to answer in spanish it would be very broken and use strange vocabulary I imagine ;)

Question: I didn't know New York had beaches! I had to google it. When I think of NY, I think of rats, subways, and agressive cops. Are the beaches as nice as Florida's or the Caribbean? [permalink]
Asked by Mommy (76.110.183.x) on June 12 2018, 4:28am
Reply on June 12 2018, 1:15pm:
    The beaches in the rockaways are nice! Not *that* nice, but pretty nice!

Question: How does this make you feel? https://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2018/06/inventor-says-google-is-patenting-work-he-put-in-the-public-domain/ [permalink]
Asked by Will (50.84.190.x) on June 11 2018, 2:43pm
Reply on June 11 2018, 3:04pm (edited at June 11 2018, 3:05pm):
    Ugh I think all software patents need to go. Five years ago I'd say "well google is probably doing it defensively so that nobody else can, they have a good track record of that (look at their open video codec stuff)", but these days who knows. :(

Question: Do you have morning rituals? (if yes, can you name some?) [permalink]
Asked by Georgy (172.250.71.x) on June 11 2018, 12:35am
Reply on June 11 2018, 1:00am:
    Coffee is the biggest. I spent some time at the beach and really enjoyed swimming in the mornings, maybe I can work that in.

Question: If you wouldn't be developing Reaper, what kind of software would you be developing instead? /MS from Sweden [permalink]
Asked by MS2000 (77.218.242.x) on June 10 2018, 7:58pm
Reply on June 11 2018, 1:00am:
    Hah I have no idea.
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