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Question: Have you got any future plans to support secure CRT functions, possibly in wdltypes.h? Also something unrelated, your answers' paragraphs in top level text browsers need some attention. Have a nice weekend
Asked by Gio (94.70.7.x) on July 13 2024, 1:19am
Reply on July 14 2024, 2:49am:
    hmm, why?
Question: Have you watched "If the Stars Had A Sound" (the Mogwai documentary) yet? If so, what do you think?
Asked by SpoiledHobo (77.181.101.x) on July 12 2024, 1:25pm
Reply on July 12 2024, 1:27pm:
    ooh thanks for the reminder I need to watch that!
Question: Sometimes I want to do drastically different mixes and want to switch back and forth to compare easily. Do .RPP files work well with Git? If not, what workflow would you suggest to do something similar?
Asked by willitwork (89.187.187.x) on July 12 2024, 7:42am
Reply on July 12 2024, 1:27pm:
    they should as long as you don't have conflicts, if you do have conflicts you'll have to make sure you resolve them correctly. Or you could save separate projects and use project tabs...
Question: Wow, I am seeing one of your code somewhere in github. You used a for loop like this "for (;;)". I never seen this thing and can't find anything on google about it. It basically looks like a loop without any arguments, I think. Then what is the use of this?
Asked by Abhi (106.201.176.x) on July 10 2024, 7:24am
Reply on July 10 2024, 2:38pm:
    it is the same as while (true) {
Question: Hi Justin...this is a first for me, but I'm actually a procurement official working with Eastern Kentucky University and our music department trying to update our Reaper license but because of state reporting requirements, I need to speak to someone directly regarding Reaper's security documentation if you issue certain reports. Is there a way that I can contact you directly? I reached out through Cockos customer support email, but we haven't had much luck there.
Asked by Shane Harris (157.89.75.x) on July 9 2024, 5:44pm
Reply on July 9 2024, 7:33pm (edited at July 9 2024, 7:36pm):
    That is the way. It might take a few days for them to respond to these types of requests.
Question: Sorry if I am wrong, and please correct me. As far as I know, you don't have knowledge about traditional music notations, right? Music staffs and all that. Then how you added a nice notation view like Musescore software into REAPER? Have you hired somebody else for that or you learnt everything and implemented it by your own?
Asked by Abhi (122.162.184.x) on July 9 2024, 1:23pm
Reply on July 9 2024, 5:06pm:
    I have some knowledge but I am by no means an expert on that. Schwa has a lot more expertise, and thus did most of the score editor, and has a big reference book on it.
Question: So, with the nature of this site being open to anyone. Do you worry about spammers?
Asked by Matthew (76.37.54.x) on July 9 2024, 2:51am
Reply on July 9 2024, 1:08pm:
    The human=yes prompt seems to get a lot of the automated ones... and it's pretty low traffic and relatively easy to moderate. But if that changes then it'll change...
Question: What music gets you in the zone / inspires you these days during productive coding sessions?
Asked by Will (23.125.224.x) on July 8 2024, 2:59pm
Reply on July 9 2024, 1:09pm:
    Still go to instrumental things like Mogwai a lot.
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Question: Do you use auto complete when coding or do you type every single character out by hand every time ?
Asked by tab to complete (149.102.244.x) on July 7 2024, 3:24pm
Reply on July 8 2024, 1:39am:
    mostly type or copy/paste, only auto-complete I use regularly is when writing lua/eel2 code in the reascript/jsfx IDE.
Question: I am really sorry, but I am discussing here to make my favorite DAW follow an external MIDI clock. forum.cockos.com/showthread.php?p=...I want to cut the recorded content to fit the grid in order to reuse the improvised content of Renoise and REAPER as a pattern. 0x0.st/XBmc.mp4You once said that `REAPER needs predictability.` I am not sure what you mean by that. What does that mean? askjf.com/index.php?search=midi%20clock
Asked by tkna (153.240.222.x) on July 6 2024, 1:27pm
Reply on July 6 2024, 3:54pm:
    REAPER needs to be able to predict tempo changes in the future in order to transform media, pre-render FX, etc. If you want to sync in realtime to tempo changes, a lot of things will break.
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Question: What are your pros and cons of cargo bikes vs bike trailers?
Asked by PedalingPanda (194.156.7.x) on July 6 2024, 7:04am
Reply on July 6 2024, 3:54pm:
    Bike trailers you don't have to use all of the time, and when you're not using it you can treat it like a normal bike (easier to deal with, take indoors, etc). But for moving a lot of stuff I'd prefer a cargo bike, much less tedious to ride.
Question: Can you tell in easy language what is ReaScript and if I learn python fully, what I can do? Create my own effects or even instruments for REAPER?
Asked by Abhi (207.244.71.x) on July 6 2024, 6:10am
Reply on July 6 2024, 3:53pm:
    For effects or instruments in REAPER, the easiest thing to learn would be JSFX, which is the EEL2 language (or C++ for making CLAP plug-ins or whatnot, but that's less easy).

    ReaScript is better for higher level stuff, programming the REAPER UI, etc. While you can use Python for it, using Lua or EEL2 offers better integration.
Question: You said you use Mac and not Windows. Then why REAPER's manual has Windows' version in almost all pictures?
Asked by Abhi (171.48.1.x) on July 6 2024, 5:57am
Reply on July 6 2024, 3:52pm:
    I am not the author of the user guide
Question: I'm not a Pearl Jam diehard by any means, but I really recommend the new album Dark Matter since you liked Ten so much back in the day. It's the same vibe. Very, very good!
Asked by Will (23.125.224.x) on July 4 2024, 2:23pm
Reply on July 5 2024, 12:23am (edited at July 8 2024, 8:07pm):
    thanks, I'll check it out! Edit (Jul 8): gave it a full listen, pretty good! At its high points I liked it a lot, though I did find myself a little bored at times. That second half of the last track was really good, but there's another song I've heard in the last 5 years that I am very highly reminded of, gotta figure out what that was. Gonna wrack my brain on that one while I go for a run in the 90+ degree weather now. Edit again: ah, one of the Verve songs off of Forth, I think. Very different song but some common progression and feel in there
Question: hello
Asked by Bozai Bozai Numaan Ali Khan Numaan Ali Khan (49.205.254.x) on July 4 2024, 11:59am
Reply on July 4 2024, 1:58pm:
    hi ih
Question: Hello Justin. By chance, the release days of the pre-releases always coincide with the birthday of some member of the Forum, intentionally?
Asked by Javiramallo (195.235.163.x) on July 4 2024, 11:49am
Reply on July 4 2024, 1:58pm:
    Hah unintentionally, sure, the forum has enough members to cover every birthday no doubt.
Question: Do you fancy coming for a visit to St. Helena?
Asked by James (80.73.220.x) on July 1 2024, 11:20am
Reply on July 2 2024, 2:22pm:
    California or the island? I haven't thought about either, I guess, but the island looks interesting.
Question: Snapdragon Windows Arm version of Reaper, when?
Asked by Michael (129.222.78.x) on June 30 2024, 1:17pm
Reply on June 30 2024, 1:46pm:
    Our pre-release site has an ARM64EC/Windows11 build of REAPER 7.04rc1, but there is pretty much zero demand for it as a platform, last I checked. Perhaps we'll update that build in the next few months.
Question: Do you think complicated software like REAPER can be developed just using HTML, CSS & Javascript?
Asked by Abhi (110.227.151.x) on June 30 2024, 8:26am
Reply on June 30 2024, 1:45pm:
    The UI could for sure, but you're very limited when it comes to threads (you can have workers but no shared memory) and plug-ins (n/a).
Question: CreateProcess exists in UTF-8 hooks but not in SWELL emulation. Do I have to manually control the situation with posix_spawn or fork()/exec()? Thanks.
Asked by Gio (94.70.6.x) on June 30 2024, 5:15am
Reply on June 30 2024, 1:44pm:
    Rather than implement and try to emulate the full CreateProcess API, we instead offer SWELL_CreateProcess() (and SWELL_CreateProcessIO() on macOS).
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