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Question: Which lead melody instrument you love the most? Acoustic preferably, but you can tell electronic too.
Asked by Ghast (223.236.247.x) on November 29 2023, 7:57am
Reply on November 29 2023, 8:01pm:
    Electric guitar with a pleasant distortion?
Question: What will you be working on for Reaper in 2024?
Asked by Jasonspring (91.165.163.x) on November 28 2023, 10:38pm
Reply on November 29 2023, 8:02pm:
    All the stuff
Question: hey jf.. #IF you had a position to find a solution to resolve or completely end ALL global warfares : what might that "solution" be for you? thanx.
Asked by 2023 (81.159.206.x) on November 27 2023, 2:14pm
Reply on November 27 2023, 9:18pm:
    Uhhhhhh good luck there
Question: have you heard any music generated by ai alone that impresed you? in a few years , what will musicians/artists do to compete?
Asked by mike s (173.70.39.x) on November 26 2023, 6:43pm
Reply on November 27 2023, 3:59am:
    I imagine no music is generated by AI alone...
Question: Do you know first antivirus ever was also named as reaper?
Asked by Creeper (182.68.24.x) on November 26 2023, 11:15am
Reply on November 27 2023, 4:00am:
    I didn't know that! AV software or a virus that kills other viruses?
Question: Hello! Could you see some increase in REAPER license sales (even if it's small) during the Black Fridays every year, even though you never have any discounts?
Asked by MS_from_Sweden (82.100.127.x) on November 26 2023, 12:40am
Reply on November 26 2023, 1:12am (edited at November 26 2023, 1:13am):
    For 2021 and 2022, there appears to be a trend where the sales increase over the course of November. Black Friday itself isn't atypical, but looks higher than Thanksgiving (which tends to be a little low). This month not that trend doesn't seem to appear, from what I can tell (probably since 7.0 launched in October).
Question: I'm writing a synth in C using portaudio, I am generating sounds via both mathematical functions and hardcoded waveforms, it is great fun! However I get a lot of clicks and pops while playing it (I have midi support), any tips to remedy that?
Asked by Anastasis (94.67.83.x) on November 23 2023, 3:26pm
Reply on November 24 2023, 8:17pm:
    Is it in the generated output or is it due to audio device underruns? If the latter, make sure nothing you're doing spends too much time -- if you're generating 10ms of audio, you shouldn't go above 10ms of CPU time (or ideally, nowhere near 10ms of CPU time). And if you have to take a lock, make sure no other thread holds that lock for very long.
Question: When will the SDK reascript page getting an update?
Asked by Navelpluisje (163.158.50.x) on November 22 2023, 8:37pm
Reply on November 22 2023, 10:32pm:
    ah thanks will do
Question: hey jf- being 1 of reapers most loyal users... "how many of the thousands actions are you NOT using,on a daily/weekly basis?" (are you actually developing it for others more* than your own* uses?)
Asked by 2023 (81.159.206.x) on November 22 2023, 1:36pm
Reply on November 22 2023, 7:29pm:
    Hah most of them, but there are plenty which I _might_ use...
Question: why is the winamp source code on archive.org, I didn't know it was such a giant source code but it's interesting to read
Asked by wonka (24.49.189.x) on November 21 2023, 7:03pm
Reply on November 22 2023, 2:32am:
    iirc there was some leak
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Question: which store is your go to for sweaters/coats/winter clothing
Asked by Eoee (147.135.77.x) on November 20 2023, 7:53pm
Reply on November 21 2023, 12:57am:
    I haven't bought much lately but I'd probably end up going to REI and getting something wool...
Question: what time do you wake up ?
Asked by 2009 (138.199.55.x) on November 20 2023, 3:48am
Reply on November 21 2023, 12:57am:
    these days around 7:30
Question: congrats on 18 years of reaper (+ thanks). reaper still seems ahead of the pack, performance-wise - i'm curious if there are any architectural decisions you made back then that have held up over that time. (my guess would be anticipative rendering which still seems unique)
Asked by dan_remaincalm (119.18.0.x) on November 19 2023, 2:31am
Reply on November 19 2023, 3:41am:
    Using doubles for everything except time was great. For time, less great... Pretty much everything has evolved though, probably very little has remained. The biggest win I think is trying to keep the build process fast and easy.
Question: So I asked this question back on May 9, 2022 regarding Pipewire. Any thoughts on Reaper supporting Pipewire?
Asked by bringkeys (70.190.185.x) on November 18 2023, 8:29pm
Reply on November 19 2023, 1:34am:
    We'll get there eventually, haven't found a good example implementation yet, though I've barely looked. Feel free to posts links in the comments.
Question: hey jf- ever had the "full english breakfast" & how does it rateā­ in your global travel breakfast guide? heh
Asked by 2023 (81.159.206.x) on November 18 2023, 12:14pm
Reply on November 18 2023, 7:45pm:
    It's a good thing for sure! I've had it many times. I like a wide variety of breakfast. It's the optimistic meal!
Question: Hey Justin, have you ever heard of Chris from Airwindows? He releases new plugins basically every sunday and they are very interesting, maybe you could get something nice from his Galactic reverb, tapeDelay2, Clearcoat, and so on. They're all free(patreon supported) and so on, he also uses and encorages people to use Reaper. So yeah, hes an interesting mind for sure, you caould probably like some of his gadgets. e.g. youtube.com/watch?v=n6LIx52Wf_4
Asked by Not-Chris (187.201.236.x) on November 18 2023, 2:07am
Reply on November 18 2023, 7:46pm:
    Yeah, cool, though I rarely have time to bother with plug-ins, prefer to play with instruments... That reverb in the opening part of that video sounds a lot like Rrreeeaaa stretching things a ton heh
Question: Do you prefer Mr. Bungle or Cardiacs?
Asked by Sunblister (77.179.167.x) on November 17 2023, 5:19pm
Reply on November 18 2023, 7:46pm:
    Never heard of Cardiacs, will have to check that out. Mr Bungle is OK but haven't listened to them in a long, long, long time...
Question: hey jf- have read somewhere that reaper developing is just a 2 man team.. iis whitetie not part of that team? (kenny g,scribe~?) or...
Asked by 2023 (86.185.121.x) on November 14 2023, 3:00pm
Reply on November 14 2023, 6:34pm:
    Depends on how you define it, he does work on the theme and programming things related to that but doesn't work on the reaper executable etc. I look at us as being a 6 person team.
Question: Is punk dead yet?
Asked by SpoiledHobo (77.179.125.x) on November 14 2023, 12:21pm
Reply on November 14 2023, 6:35pm:
    Will it ever die?
Question: why is it still experimental native dark mode(reaper) on mac os?
Asked by ape din (188.172.110.x) on November 14 2023, 11:58am
Reply on November 14 2023, 6:35pm:
    Yeah I guess it could be allowed... macOS does all sorts of weird different things in dark mode, but should be fine.
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