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Question: what do you think of bitcoin? [permalink]
Asked by btcguy (24.5.71.x) on March 23 2018, 2:41pm
Reply on March 23 2018, 9:23pm:
    Interesting concept, but in practice it is a ridiculous waste of energy and of people's time. I have a bet with a friend that it'll be less than $2,000 for a BTC by June. I might not win, but it's closer to that now than it was when I made the bet ;)

Question: How you see reaper after 10 years from now ? [permalink]
Asked by Danny (197.52.47.x) on March 23 2018, 10:44am
Reply on March 23 2018, 9:22pm:
    The same-ish I would think? but better.

Question: what do you think of libsodium [permalink]
Asked by mark (12.176.89.x) on March 23 2018, 12:03am
Reply on March 23 2018, 9:21pm:
    Haven't used it, but looks good!

Question: Will reaper ever be a web app, rewritten in Javascript/WebAssembly? [permalink]
Asked by Will (23.125.224.x) on March 22 2018, 3:24am
Reply on March 22 2018, 12:47pm (edited at March 22 2018, 12:48pm):
    It am pretty sure that it will never be rewritten, but it is definitely possible that it could get cross-compiled to that as an additional target at some point.

Question: When will you marry, and probably, have kids? [permalink]
Asked by Human Being with (117.241.169.x) on March 21 2018, 2:01pm
Reply on March 21 2018, 2:06pm (edited at March 21 2018, 2:07pm):
    Approximately 13 years ago, and not, respectively.

Question: is there anything in WDL that will help me watching file for changes? [permalink]
Asked by olilarkin (92.12.227.x) on March 19 2018, 9:57pm
Reply on March 19 2018, 10:10pm:
    you'd be better of emailing...

Question: Would you ever work on virtual singing software? [permalink]
Asked by Will (172.58.3.x) on March 19 2018, 4:17pm
Reply on March 19 2018, 6:45pm:
    You mean like a VSTi that makes human voice singing sounds? I dunno, maybe? Unlikely?

Question: Have you watched any Jordan Peterson lectures? Maps Of Meaning and the Personality series are great! [permalink]
Asked by Ryan (23.16.24.x) on March 18 2018, 12:48pm
Reply on March 19 2018, 1:52am:
    I haven't, thank you for the recommendation!

Question: Will there be an AAC render option for windows users inside Reaper anywhere near in the future? Do you have an alternative on how I can export/render my Songs as AAC out of Reaper? Thanks and by the way: REAPER is awesome :) [permalink]
Asked by Tobias (77.22.254.x) on March 17 2018, 6:00pm
Reply on March 17 2018, 9:54pm:
    When AAC is no longer patent encumbered...

Question: Humblest apologies to ask here but i see you claim responsibiity for the Linux port, amazing! thank you! Midi Devices = completely empty. not showing a working usb keyboard (aseqdump -p 20 right now and i'm seeng live midi) nor soundcard midi ports (ardour sees both fine). literally blank empty midi device panel, with ALSA audio driver... any hints on figu [permalink]
Asked by Aaron Peacock (83.223.233.x) on March 15 2018, 8:43am
Reply on March 15 2018, 11:54am:
    ALSA MIDI is not yet implemented, if you want to use MIDI hardware you should use JACK for now.

Question: Do you think a full-duplex audio device init/config and playback/rec engine would be a good fit for an FPGA? It's basically a state machine, right? the codec says "here's a buffer" or "gimme a buffer" and the DMA controller does it's job. Why has nobody done low-latency computer audio as a driver presented in hardware? [permalink]
Asked by Aaron Peacock (83.223.233.x) on March 15 2018, 2:31am
Reply on March 15 2018, 11:56am:
    Limited utility? Some vendors use FPGA for live mixing/routing/etc (e.g. RME), but when it comes to higher latency stuff like dealing with disk, might as well let a general purpose CPU do that?

Question: if you weren't dev of reaper, would you spend your time making and justifying feature requests? why? [permalink]
Asked by deee (79.168.107.x) on March 13 2018, 4:32pm
Reply on March 13 2018, 8:05pm:
    That's hard to say, but I can't remember the last feature request I submitted for any bit of software... Maybe that Winamp-in-javascript thing, asking for http playlist support :)

Question: What was the last thing that frustrated you? [permalink]
Asked by Will (50.84.190.x) on March 13 2018, 2:54pm
Reply on March 13 2018, 8:05pm (edited at March 13 2018, 8:06pm):
    Waiting on hold when calling a bank, and them reading news headlines. Terrible. Music or silence on hold is WAY better, having no hold (or call-you-back) is infinitely better.

Question: 'nother SWS q: https://goo.gl/37jt3G last comment, is this ok / save to do ? Asking b/c https://goo.gl/8J9WNw (#2405 ff). (Generally ok to ask SWS q's here from time to time as fb from other contrib. is rare currently ?) [permalink]
Asked by nofish (87.123.192.x) on March 12 2018, 12:47pm
Reply on March 12 2018, 1:29pm (edited at March 12 2018, 1:31pm):
    It is better to email me. That patch looks fine, though if you had a line "TAKEFX_NCH 6666" it would buffer overflow, no? not that you'd see that ever, but still...

Question: Are you always resting financially easy and secure, or do you have times of worry where you wonder what if you lost it all? [permalink]
Asked by Will (23.125.224.x) on March 12 2018, 6:01am
Reply on March 12 2018, 1:27pm:
    This question is confusing as to whether it's a "should you be worried about money" or "do you worry about money" sort of question. In either case, though, probably not, unless something crazy or stupid happens.

Question: Why is REAPER's OSC control name for peak meter value is named "VU" when it doesn't actually output a VU value? Are there plans to add proper VU metering to OSC parameters? I'm making a custom-made Arduino-based control surface, and i'd really like to use a real VU meter driven by REAPER's OSC output, but it seem to be not possible at the moment (in part due [permalink]
Asked by aburakov (212.17.34.x) on March 11 2018, 3:01pm
Reply on March 12 2018, 1:47am:
    We're not the most pedantic

Question: "King Gizzard & Lizzard Wizard" Did you hear them? More common question: how do you about complex musical stuff like syncopes, complex time signatures, microtones, abstract sound design, modular synths? Is that an evolution or should we keep simple to still be a humans? [permalink]
Asked by MPL_ (46.72.72.x) on March 10 2018, 5:50am
Reply on March 12 2018, 1:47am:
    I haven't heard them, and as far as simplicity goes, I guess if you like it, do it...

Question: cat or dog ? [permalink]
Asked by wasereb4 (88.130.48.x) on March 10 2018, 1:08am
Reply on March 12 2018, 1:47am:
    I am a human. I don't have pets but I love dogs and cats!

Question: Ever considered Android? So much of iOS philosophy seems contrary to (what I can infer of) yours [permalink]
Asked by Colin (103.21.51.x) on March 9 2018, 3:45am
Reply on March 9 2018, 7:48pm:
    I've used some Android phones and it has its own set of problems... if someone made a nice, open, and not terrible Linux phone I'd be game though.

Question: I want to create a reverb vst plugin which has feedback to generate pad like sounds. how to implement feedback? how to feed output to input? [permalink]
Asked by ruchira (123.231.122.x) on March 7 2018, 4:38am
Reply on March 7 2018, 12:16pm:
    For feedback you want a delay line. Reverb would be separate from that (pre or post? unsure!), WDL has a "verbengine.h" which is based on FreeVerb...
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