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Question: How are you? [permalink]
Asked by Smith (190.232.224.x) on July 31 2018, 11:39pm
Reply on August 1 2018, 12:49pm:
    Not bad! Played a show last night which was fun!

Question: "Whether or not it's true (or at least, whether other people qualified to judge that would agree) is another question." but that was not my question! that is your filter / criteria : ) Thank you [permalink]
Asked by deee (79.168.107.x) on July 31 2018, 6:16pm
Reply on August 1 2018, 12:49pm:

Question: "Not really my cup of tea (it's hard to make something you're not in to...)" you think it is unfair saying that this is noticeable by using reaper? [permalink]
Asked by deee (79.168.107.x) on July 31 2018, 3:14pm
Reply on July 31 2018, 5:44pm:
    I think that an essential part of making something is using it, so that's not unfair to say. Whether or not it's true (or at least, whether other people qualified to judge that would agree) is another question.

Question: What would you ask Cutler if you could pick his brain? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J2GV_bCfnCw [permalink]
Asked by Will (50.84.190.x) on July 31 2018, 2:43pm
Reply on July 31 2018, 5:48pm:
    vi or emacs? spaces or tabs? I'm kidding, I don't think I have any questions for anybody. Funny though I was just reading that hacker news link about NT being VMS...

Question: How many kilometres can you run per day? [permalink]
Asked by Run! (106.223.174.x) on July 31 2018, 1:27pm
Reply on July 31 2018, 1:46pm:
    The most I've run in a week is about 65km, the most in a day 42km (or 52km of walking+running on the great saunter).. Most days I run around 5-10km.

Question: Forgive me...My suggested tagline for 5.94: Putin on the Ritz :-D [permalink]
Asked by Aaron (184.75.233.x) on July 30 2018, 4:44pm
Reply on July 31 2018, 1:03pm:
    Maybe we'll keep adding words to the existing one

Question: Did you ever try to do electronic music with reaper? i mean: Drum and bass, trance, techno, house, chill? [permalink]
Asked by deee (79.168.107.x) on July 30 2018, 1:14pm
Reply on July 31 2018, 1:04pm:
    Not really my cup of tea (it's hard to make something you're not in to...)

Question: Interesting read about BeOS/Haiku: https://spectrum.ieee.org/computing/software/the-dawn-of-haiku-os [permalink]
Asked by Zabukowski (93.138.233.x) on July 28 2018, 3:39pm
Reply on July 29 2018, 9:34pm:

Question: What is your opinion on Haiku (BeOS) ? [permalink]
Asked by Zabukowski (89.172.67.x) on July 28 2018, 12:12pm
Reply on July 28 2018, 12:40pm:
    I haven't used it, how's the hardware support?

Question: Do you think creating a new plugin standard that is open source a good and/or feasible idea? Being at the mercy of steinberg, apple or avid in perpetuity seems like a bad idea. [permalink]
Asked by rasmus (37.72.175.x) on July 26 2018, 3:58am
Reply on July 26 2018, 12:23pm (edited at July 26 2018, 12:26pm):
    This classic cartoon comes to mind:

    But this is a different case, sure, since the standards you describe are proprietary. Perhaps we need to support LV2, huge ugly hacks that it will require aside (complete destroy/create required on sample rate change, among other issues)...

Question: I love you so much! Thank you for everything you do for and in the creative field! I hope your summer is going great? [permalink]
Asked by Georgy (216.240.42.x) on July 25 2018, 11:00pm
Reply on July 26 2018, 1:17am:
    Summer is my favorite! And this one is no exception. Thanks for the kind words and I hope your summer is going well too!

Question: This [redacted] guy is extremely annoying and really hard to read his posts. I hope you're not taking him seriously. [permalink]
Asked by Tinny (213.202.66.x) on July 25 2018, 4:17pm
Reply on July 25 2018, 4:28pm:
    There are a lot of people on the internet who one has to ignore. The other day I learned that if I were a better musician I would somehow make better DAW design decisions. Who knew?

Question: Why isn't REAPER open source ? (Please don't say b/c you decided so, I mean WHY you decided so :)) [permalink]
Asked by wasereb4 (94.134.90.x) on July 24 2018, 2:30am
Reply on July 24 2018, 1:47pm:
    There are some things difficult to support that way (VST2/VST3 end up as a hybrid open source thing, and ReWire, while not totally relevant today, at one point was important and is not available for open source). Also we wouldn't be able to use elastique...

Question: ahem!.... ... [permalink]
Asked by Yay!!! (117.197.10.x) on July 23 2018, 5:17pm
Reply on July 23 2018, 10:37pm:
    That's not a question

Question: What is your philosophy on Vacationing? How often do you take one? What do you like do on them? What kinds of places do you like to go to? [permalink]
Asked by Prizmaxic (65.73.206.x) on July 23 2018, 2:11pm
Reply on July 23 2018, 10:37pm:
    Hmm not sure if I have a philosophy. I like to go to the beach, or hiking, or to visit friends, I guess?

Question: How often do you find yourself using recursion? Did you find it to be a difficult concept when first starting and do you still? [permalink]
Asked by nist (23.226.133.x) on July 22 2018, 10:07pm
Reply on July 23 2018, 10:39pm:
    I must admit I don't write a lot of recursive algorithms, but it's something I'm pretty comfortable with in general...

Question: Nerdiest thing you enjoyed as a teenager you're willing to admit outside of computers .. [permalink]
Asked by Will (23.125.224.x) on July 22 2018, 5:11am
Reply on July 22 2018, 1:13pm:
    I dunno, just general nerdiness of self I guess?

Question: Do you miss the Steve Ballmer days? When things mostly worked... [permalink]
Asked by Gio (79.130.167.x) on July 21 2018, 9:11pm
Reply on July 22 2018, 2:57am:
    Hah, can't say I much do?

Question: What kind of security measures would you recommend the average developer implement on a macos based machine? How much would you think would be overkill? [permalink]
Asked by sands (104.145.235.x) on July 21 2018, 7:14pm
Reply on July 22 2018, 2:58am:
    Hmm for general desktop environment? I guess don't run sketchy things, and run behind NAT?

Question: having an option to create a take in a new take lane with no splits and the ability to edit them separately would be nice. not sure if i'm explaining this well ¯_(ツ)_/¯ [permalink]
Asked by Sean (108.90.246.x) on July 20 2018, 6:24am
Reply on July 20 2018, 12:33pm:
    (see above re: REAPER requests -- Post this in the FR forum, and make some text and screenshots describing your desired behavior... e.g. 30 second item, then record from 10s to 15s, then it would look like X and behave like Y).
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