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Question: hmm- did you see what marvel have made of the New Warriors? (youtu.be/5PCWUCv1rnU?t=68 thoughts??
Asked by 2020 (95.149.70.x) on March 19 2020, 7:09pm
Reply on March 20 2020, 4:08pm:
    I don't really follow comic book movies much...
Question: Can I play kick drum and snare drum together in a rock or pop song?
Asked by Abhi (110.227.153.x) on March 19 2020, 5:28pm
Reply on March 19 2020, 5:29pm:
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Question: Why did you name JSFX the way you did? Was it influenced by javascript in anyway?
Asked by trajan (138.68.19.x) on March 19 2020, 5:11am
Reply on March 19 2020, 1:35pm:
    It originally was from the "JesuSonic" guitar processor. Not related to JavaScript.
Question: Don't know if it is inappropriate to ask here but I haven't found any information about how to properly layer instruments (like 2 or more VSTi plugins) and play all of them with just one MIDI item. And also able to apply different different effects to each instrument. All other DAWs have this. And this is very very helpful for layering drums, instruments in electronic music. If it is possible, can you pass on this to Kenny sir so that he will make a video in this topic? Or maybe you can tell us here?
Asked by LAYERS!!! (104.131.19.x) on March 18 2020, 9:03am
Reply on March 18 2020, 7:04pm:
    You should ask on the forum, but in short: there are many ways, the easiest way is to route the MIDI from one track to two tracks, each with a VSTi+FX on it. But go to the forum or the tutorial videos...
Question: Did you ever had a moment, where you actually dreamt of code? As if like "ok, I suppose I need a vacation now!" ?
Asked by Mespotine (109.104.53.x) on March 17 2020, 10:46pm
Reply on March 18 2020, 2:49am:
    More often is dreaming of music, where you come up with the most amazing riff...
Question: dude-you have entered my dreamspace 2x now,and both have been a disaster-- lol...wtf's going on here? (never invited this!) *grumble* :/
Asked by 2020 (95.149.70.x) on March 17 2020, 6:18pm
Reply on March 18 2020, 2:49am:
    Sorry! I try to stick to my own but you know...
Question: A movie released on 2011 - Contagion, is becoming popular now because of covid19. That movie is 2nd most popular watched movie currently. Same story. A virus is leaked from an Asian country (don't know if it's China or other, I didn't watch that movie yet). And people have flu like condition and in the end, around 25 million people get die worldwide. More like a drama movie, not horror (like zombie movies). Are you going to watch it? Or maybe you have already watched it?
Asked by Abhi (117.234.163.x) on March 17 2020, 4:25am
Reply on March 17 2020, 2:07pm:
    I remember seeing it when it came out, but I don't think I need to watch it again...
Question: do you think the covid-19 was engineered and intended as a biochemical weapon?
Asked by escanor (112.198.69.x) on March 16 2020, 8:55pm
Reply on March 16 2020, 9:12pm:
Question: Is it a good choice to buy a hard copy of REAPER manual? It always get updates. If I buy it now, there won't be any new features in my physical copy. Whereas digital one always get updates. But reading a physical book is much better than digital one. I am so confused. I want to learn about REAPER as much as I can do. Unfortunately, can't compete you or Schwa XD
Asked by Abhi (182.64.64.x) on March 16 2020, 3:25pm
Reply on March 16 2020, 4:37pm:
    Up to you! If it goes out of date it usually is still quite helpful.
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Question: I know this is inappropriate but a lot more people would stay home if you implemented Elastique time-stretch in ReaSamplomatic5000. You could save millions of lives!!!
Asked by Mommy (142.196.35.x) on March 16 2020, 2:03pm
Reply on March 16 2020, 2:21pm:
    Could be interesting, it might not perform well in the realtime (monitoring) setting though
Question: OH MY GOD, CAN'T BELIEVE! You have given us free commercial licence for REAPER till June 2020? THANK YOU SO MUCH. I hope coronavirus will get end soon and we all to live peacefully. Take care! (Still can't believe how can you give your hard work to everyone for free :O
Asked by OMG! (198.16.78.x) on March 15 2020, 5:18pm
Reply on March 15 2020, 7:40pm:
    I hope it encourages people to stay home!
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Question: have you ever tried any theme from reaper stash? if you did then which one you like. have you watched kenny and jon videos just to check how they are making videos? why not also give credit to jon and hire him and make his unofficial reaper blog into official one? after all, teamwork really gives better reward than doing the same thing all alone.
Asked by Apple Illogical Noob (46.101.38.x) on March 15 2020, 8:11am
Reply on March 15 2020, 7:40pm:
    I have tried lots of themes, yes. Not lately though. Interesting idea about hiring Jon, I will discuss it with people.
Question: There is one thing common in CEOs of top companies (like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg), the thing is they read books. How just reading any book can make you a better human? Why not watching videos of those things make you a better human? Do you read books in your free time? Okay, now REAPER related. Have you ever fully read REAPER manual (by Geoffrey, right?)? Be honest please.
Asked by Books (107.170.127.x) on March 15 2020, 8:05am
Reply on March 15 2020, 7:38pm (edited at March 15 2020, 7:39pm):
    Reading is an interesting thing in that it presents your brain with the most abstract thing -- ideas -- via the simplest means available (language). If you believe we're turing machines and thus functions of our inputs, reading books would be a very pure form of input (compared to movies or music).

    I do read books but mostly fiction. At the moment I'm reading non-fiction, though, Scott Jurek's book. I have not read the REAPER user guide start to finish, but I've seen most of the pages :)
Question: Does it happen to you when you feel like you just want to stop everything what you are doing now, like developing REAPER (which is your primary thing, right?), and also stop listening to music and doing programming, which are related to it. And you feel like to do completely different thing, like painting for example? But then after some days, you come back to your primary things with all freshness? And feels like it is completely new thing to do? And you do it even with much more interest than before?
Asked by Abhi (117.225.87.x) on March 15 2020, 3:37am
Reply on March 15 2020, 7:37pm:
    Sure yeah I get burned out and switch gears.. be it painting or monotype printing or just running to get the mind blanked out.
Question: Do you know Dummies books? If yes, then best dummies books you have read and you love so much?
Asked by Dummy (104.131.188.x) on March 14 2020, 1:44pm
Reply on March 14 2020, 5:41pm:
    I am familiar with them but haven't read any in a very long time.
Question: Best book for learning everything about music production? Everything containing music theory (mainly for DAW music, not the classical orchestra type), and DAW related stuffs, like compressors, eqs, their buttons like attack, release, threshold and all. Also learning songwriting and lyricswriting? Is there any single book (1000 page, I don't mind) available which teach you all this? Or even multiple books? From where you learnt music?
Asked by Abhi (117.97.171.x) on March 14 2020, 7:30am
Reply on March 14 2020, 5:41pm:
    Sorry I haven't read (m)any books on music... other than random internet pages on music theory and stuff.
Question: Did you stock up on toilet paper?
Asked by Will (50.84.190.x) on March 13 2020, 7:24pm
Reply on March 13 2020, 7:54pm:
    I try to keep a well-stocked home in general
Question: Best Taylor Swift song you like so far? Also which version of her you prefer, the old countryside guitar one or the latest hip hop electronic one?
Asked by Abhi (182.64.59.x) on March 13 2020, 6:29am
Reply on March 13 2020, 7:55pm:
    I don't really listen to her, sorry!
Question: why hackers ?? sometimes I just can't comprehend your high level jokes XD
Asked by Abhi (117.97.147.x) on March 12 2020, 5:27pm
Reply on March 12 2020, 10:22pm:
    To make proper use of REAPER as a video editor you need to be comfortable editing video processor code.
Question: If I try to GWL_WNDPROC an edit box then UTF8 support does not work as expected for GetDlgItemText, it just returns the ANSI chars... Any ideas before I dig it?
Asked by Gio (79.130.170.x) on March 12 2020, 5:54am
Reply on March 12 2020, 3:14pm (edited at March 12 2020, 3:17pm):
    Hmm might be easiest to have you post the subclass code so we can see?
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