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Question: Why do audio converter softwares give option to convert an audio file into higher bitrates? Like from 128 kbps to 320 kbps? A lost quality cannot be gained, obviously. There is really no reason to give the option of upscaling an audio file's bitrate, right?
Asked by Ninja(m) (182.68.62.x) on May 22 2020, 2:11pm
Reply on May 22 2020, 9:22pm:
    True but maybe someone asks you for a 320kbps mp3 and you want to fulfill their request?

    In all seriousness though, if you're writing software you don't want to necessarily limit your users to things that you think would be useful, instead you want to let them do whatever they need to do (and adding logic to remove bitrates that aren't sensible is just more work etc).
Question: C compilation on Windows/MSVC is very slow (especially compared to Unix). Do you have any tips to make it suck less?
Asked by fujimotos (211.7.85.x) on May 21 2020, 11:37pm
Reply on May 22 2020, 2:52am:
    Not really, but I mostly use mac/linux these days which are both way faster.
Question: Do you plan to add different locales support to NINJAM Chat? If so - when?
Asked by Ingwarr (176.37.50.x) on May 20 2020, 11:03pm
Reply on May 20 2020, 11:13pm:
    What do you mean?
Question: (sorry for forum related post but) noticed kenny g does not have a special member tag (when others do)> why is that? is he not part of the team,or?
Asked by 2020 (95.151.177.x) on May 20 2020, 7:38pm
Reply on May 20 2020, 11:14pm:
    Kenny is big on keeping connected with all of the proles. He's on https://www.cockos.com/team.php though
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Question: What's the minimum version of Debian you recommend for development that will also do well with SWELL? Currently using 9 but I feel it might be too new...
Asked by Gio (79.130.171.x) on May 18 2020, 4:25pm
Reply on May 18 2020, 6:55pm:
    It depends if you want to distribute binaries you produce and what your minimum requirements are there, I guess? I use Debian 9 on my DAW and it's fine. For distribution builds though we use some older Ubuntu installs that have gcc 4.x and 5.x...
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Question: Have you ever had to deal with persistant bots or malevolent attacks on any webpages?
Asked by 2020 (109.181.167.x) on May 17 2020, 2:42pm
Reply on May 17 2020, 9:46pm:
    Not sure if they're malevolent but it's not uncommon to have certain web pages thrashed by out of control bots. I've had to develop tools to help deal with this, which have thankfully been working relatively well the last couple of years (knock on wood).
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Question: How to write lyrics for my song? Any tip?
Asked by SongWriting (182.68.48.x) on May 16 2020, 5:48pm
Reply on May 16 2020, 8:20pm:
    Hell if I know, maybe hum a tune to it and get that figured out then find words to fit it?
Question: Are there any plans to include subfolders and drag and drop support for folders in the FX Browser?
Asked by Abhirup (223.223.139.x) on May 16 2020, 7:11am
Reply on May 16 2020, 8:20pm:
    See above guidelines thank you
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Question: Do you ever consider growing your hair really long again?
Asked by Justin (23.125.224.x) on May 16 2020, 4:22am
Reply on May 16 2020, 8:20pm:
    Nah I much prefer short hair
Question: do you own any weapons,or care much for any type of firearms? (for safety perhaps)
Asked by 2020 (2.26.163.x) on May 15 2020, 9:13pm
Reply on May 16 2020, 3:12am:
    I have shot plenty of guns (growing up in Arizona), but I prefer to stay as far away from them as possible.
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Question: In your opinion, programming - technical or humanitarian branch?
Asked by Pony (46.252.212.x) on May 15 2020, 7:00pm
Reply on May 15 2020, 9:11pm:
    It's a spectrum that is somewhere between technical and art?
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Question: What are your thoughts about Logic's huge 10.5 update? Do you and Schwa ever talk about keeping up with the competition? You seem to be a competive guy, based on your running/biking activities, so do you ever feel pressure to add similar features to keep REAPER competitive in the marketplace? Don't you dare give me a "meh" answer!
Asked by Mommy (107.150.31.x) on May 15 2020, 6:39pm
Reply on May 15 2020, 9:10pm:
    Running and bicycling is not a competitive thing for me, they are things I enjoy. Same for REAPER.
Question: Hows your workspace these days? clean & tidy,or messy & cluttered?
Asked by 2020 (95.149.70.x) on May 14 2020, 1:33pm
Reply on May 14 2020, 9:40pm:
    Mostly clean though maybe needing some dusting at the moment
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Question: Which is better option - buying a 11-13 inch laptop with huge external monitor or buying only a 15-17 inch laptop?
Asked by Lappy (182.68.59.x) on May 14 2020, 6:06am
Reply on May 14 2020, 1:15pm:
    I'd get the monitor if you're at home a lot
Question: Thr33 questions about Winamp3: Was it FOSS? If so, is source (and compilation instructions) available; and are you proud of it?
Asked by AdB3 (194.59.251.x) on May 14 2020, 3:14am
Reply on May 14 2020, 1:16pm:
    It wasn't, the underlying frameworks were somewhat but not most of it. I didn't have enough to do with it to be proud of it (I was off fucking around with other things mostly).
Question: Hey Justin. Would you like to join Discord Online Jamming Central on Discord? Nothing really important, but it would be nice to pop in and check out/communicate with the community... discord.gg/fpEzv7n
Asked by David (96.224.215.x) on May 13 2020, 6:00am
Reply on May 14 2020, 2:08am:
    I've joined a couple of Discords but I only check them once every few months, it seems...
Question: Have you ever had to deal with a psychopath? If yes how did you deal with him?
Asked by The Mentalist (94.134.91.x) on May 12 2020, 4:01pm
Reply on May 12 2020, 6:38pm:
    Not that I know of, but it's not really a thing I keep track of
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Question: In terms of people abiding by the restrictions imposed by your health authority, how has it been in your area?
Asked by schmoe (172.218.181.x) on May 7 2020, 6:55pm
Reply on May 8 2020, 10:39pm:
    I'm not sure. There's been increasing traffic lately, not sure where everybody is going.
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Question: Whistle blowers such as julian assange or edward snowden>are they heroes or villains?
Asked by 2020 (2.26.240.x) on May 7 2020, 10:40am
Reply on May 7 2020, 4:17pm (edited at May 7 2020, 4:18pm):
    Assange is totally a villain, but at the same time he almost certainly deserve protection as it's very hard to argue that wikileaks was not in effect a press organization.

    As far Snowden goes, hero. In an ideal world he would be able to face the consequences of his actions (technically breaking of laws) and be able to defend himself in a fair trial... but lord knows that wouldn't happen in this country in the last 20 years.
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Question: Is Reaper profitable?
Asked by Shaun (51.9.177.x) on May 6 2020, 8:04pm
Reply on May 6 2020, 8:58pm (edited at May 7 2020, 12:28am):
    Yes. Edit: more profitable than Uber, even!
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