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Question: What is the name of the "REAPER-only media player" you are talking about? What are the features? Will it be included in REAPER or will it be a standalone plugin?
Asked by MS_from_Sweden (82.100.127.x) on July 15 2020, 7:46pm
Reply on July 15 2020, 10:12pm:
    Everything is still up in the air, it's mostly a nostalgia project. I'll post a build soon.
Question: Hey- ever listened to library music from the 70's? >> youtu.be/CLM2H7dqwdo?t=2912 your cuppa tea
Asked by 2020 (95.148.58.x) on July 15 2020, 1:07pm
Reply on July 15 2020, 7:08pm:
    Listening now, liking it so far!
Question: Hello Justin. Thank you for winamp and NSIS, you are kind of a hero of mine. I want to write a new music player inspired by winamp. Ideally I'd like to include a modified version of the original skin from winamp 2 so that my program looks almost identical to winamp. Do you own the copyright to the winamp 2 built-in skin, or AOL? Are you able to give me permission to distribute an extracted/modified version in an open source project? And if you are able to grant that permission, will you?
Asked by Dale (59.167.120.x) on July 15 2020, 10:15am
Reply on July 15 2020, 7:09pm:
    I don't own shit. The owners of winamp.com probably do. I actually spent a few weeks in May writing a REAPER-only media player VST which is modeled after Winamp, though with a new skin. Gotta release that one of these days...
Question: GDK/SWELL: WM_ACTIVATEAPP TRUE does not broadcast, FALSE does. Any thoughts that could lead to a possible solution? Currently use GetActiveWindow() and send the msg manually as a workaround but it's not ideal when I know that swell_gdk_reactivate_app exists...
Asked by Gio (79.130.179.x) on July 14 2020, 9:43am
Reply on July 14 2020, 12:20pm:
    Hmm it should get broadcast in response to a GDK_FOCUS_CHANGE event, no?
Question: Is it possible to FIRST make an android app and if that app becomes successful, then later make that app for Windows PC natively (not using emulator) ?? Or that android app must rewritten from scratch for PC version?
Asked by Android to Windows (117.97.136.x) on July 12 2020, 7:35am
Reply on July 12 2020, 10:01pm:
    I dunno, would the android app be written in Java? I imagine you could write a porting layer, if someone hasn't already?
Question: This isn't a question, I just want to thank you for making a bunch of awesome audio software over the years!
Asked by gribbly (192.182.148.x) on July 11 2020, 10:57pm
Reply on July 12 2020, 10:01pm:
    Thanks! Should I delete this since it's not a question? Well there's a question so uh maybe.
Question: Can somebody make a complete story and present that story only in form of songs?
Asked by Mirage (182.64.179.x) on July 10 2020, 6:36am
Reply on July 11 2020, 7:32pm:
    I think it can be done
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Question: Have you ever seen this project? Interested to hear your thoughts. github.com/Const-me/vis_avs_dx
Asked by Will (23.125.224.x) on July 8 2020, 4:42pm
Reply on July 9 2020, 11:42pm:
    I hadn't, and I haven't tried it, but I like the idea of it!
Question: "Please wait some time before asking another question" uhmmm, how much time we have to wait? :O
Asked by StudioOne5isReleased (117.99.161.x) on July 8 2020, 8:13am
Reply on July 9 2020, 11:42pm:
    I don't remember...
Question: I am a complete rookie at coding but I would like to give it a try. I would like to make a basic music player that is more tailored to my needs. What language would you suggest I do this in and what sort it GUI compiler would you buy/download to do it with if you were a total coding rookie?
Asked by Paul (50.86.54.x) on July 8 2020, 3:35am
Reply on July 9 2020, 11:43pm:
    It's hard for me to know what would be good for someone just starting out, the last time I was just starting out it was 25 years ago! What OS do you want it to run on?
Question: Have you ever tried nootropics? They are said to improve mental and cognitive performance.
Asked by Sylvester (76.95.178.x) on July 7 2020, 9:54pm
Reply on July 8 2020, 3:34am:
    I have not
Question: Hi, is there any relationship between EEL2 and EEL (eelang.org/? If not, why is it called EEL2? :-)
Asked by Christof (193.170.101.x) on July 6 2020, 2:43pm
Reply on July 6 2020, 6:09pm:
    No relationship. It's called EEL2 because it is derived from an earlier "EEL" (part of AVS) which is not the one you linked to, so it is called EEL2 both because it is a sequel and also in order to disambiguate itself from the one you linked.
Question: Everybody says people should "Learn to code, Learn to code, Learn to code", but what is the real economic value in a lot of people learning to code? Realistically, a lot of people work in restaurants, factories, etc., so what is the real point?
Asked by Joey (73.91.212.x) on July 5 2020, 5:51pm
Reply on July 6 2020, 1:02am:
    As someone who never tells people to learn to code, I wouldn't know! What I will say is that imagining things you want to do, then building tools to let you do them, can be immensely satisfying. Maybe it's good for the people who learn and get skills which then they can use to make useful things for others? Really though, finding ways of being creative is good for people in general, economic benefit or not. "Learn to paint, learn to paint, learn to paint!" Whatever works.
Question: What do you think is the purpose of life?
Asked by Sylvester (172.116.159.x) on July 4 2020, 11:00pm
Reply on July 5 2020, 2:21am:
    The previous times this has been asked, as "meaning", I've said I don't know. When it comes to purpose, I also do not know. I have some ideas on how to best utilize life, but they are probably not the purpose.
Question: Any chance you could cobble together some of the ReaPlugs code to make a nice channel strip plugin? It'd be really handy sometimes.
Asked by Dave (194.35.118.x) on July 4 2020, 6:17pm
Reply on July 5 2020, 2:21am:
    Hmm perhaps
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Question: Is there any particular (tehnical) reason, that in Reaper on Windows, only floating plugin windows can be HiDPI compatible?
Asked by zabukowski (89.142.62.x) on July 3 2020, 12:01pm
Reply on July 3 2020, 4:10pm:
    By "HiDPI compatible" I assume you mean "hidpi compatibility mode", which is sort of the opposite (it disables hidpi for that plug-in). The reason there is that you can only enable that setting for a top-level window at the time of creation. We could theoretically destroy/re-create the chain if undocked to enable such a mode, but meh. Either update your plug-ins, or set REAPER to be hidpi unaware, IMO.
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Question: heya!- how do you feel about post recording quantizing for drums/guitars or vocals?? /are you ever doing that type of post editing for yourself??
Asked by 2020 (95.149.70.x) on July 2 2020, 6:09pm
Reply on July 3 2020, 1:21am:
    I think if it's done artfully there's a lot of value, but just smashing it into a grid is often a shame.
Question: Do you think you are as good a programmer as Vojtech from Melda?
Asked by askingforafriend (61.68.116.x) on July 2 2020, 11:51am
Reply on July 2 2020, 1:36pm (edited at July 2 2020, 1:37pm):
    Everybody has different strengths and weaknesses, it's really silly to try to compare IMO
Question: I use reaper and love it, but whats so bad about trump? I dont get it, Since when does likability have to do with getting things accomplished? I lean democrat on all social issues and im also vegan so. o.o
Asked by Austin (174.251.64.x) on July 1 2020, 7:31am
Reply on July 1 2020, 4:14pm (edited at July 1 2020, 4:34pm):
    Most of the things he does in an official capacity are sufficient for me to think he's a terrible president.
Question: Hi, how much hours(per day) have you been coding/working since all these years(& presently?)?
Asked by lila (157.37.187.x) on June 30 2020, 1:20pm
Reply on June 30 2020, 10:00pm:
    Some days 0, other days 10+? Hard to know!
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