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Question: Are there any physical DAWs? I mean, in shape of a piano keyboard, which have all features of a proper DAW (like all types of instruments & effects) so that it will be like a portable high quality DAW which we can carry anywhere with us and start making music and also have internet from where we can share our music directly to anywhere.... I tried searching all this but didn't find any, ahhhhh, I still find technology of this era somewhat limited!
Asked by DAWs are AWWs (27.58.113.x) on December 23 2020, 10:52am
Reply on December 23 2020, 12:37pm:
    REAPER used to come on Open Labs devices which were sort of that (computers with integrated keyboards etc)...
Question: Maybe WDL_ALLOW_UNSIGNED_DEFAULT_CHAR should take into consideration the /J option, that would be _CHAR_UNSIGNED, right now if fails by default. What you think? Best wishes for Xmas.
Asked by Gio (79.130.163.x) on December 23 2020, 7:54am
Reply on December 23 2020, 12:36pm:
    Should probably go through and make sure all of WDL doesn't break with that first :)
Question: If you're over windows, how are you using your beloved vs code 6?
Asked by Will (23.125.224.x) on December 23 2020, 4:23am
Reply on December 23 2020, 12:35pm:
    It's mostly vim and make on other OSes these days
Question: hey- with win os do you see disk partitions as a big thing or?? are ssd or any other drives actually benefiting from partitions in some way?
Asked by 2020 (2.26.240.x) on December 23 2020, 12:59am
Reply on December 23 2020, 1:44am:
    I don’t see them as useful from a performance or reliability perspective, but sometimes good from a logistical perspective? I’m pretty over Windows though...
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Question: What are you thoughts on the COVID vaccine? Will you take it? I'm sure my job will force me to take the vaccine.
Asked by Mommy (142.196.50.x) on December 22 2020, 10:26pm
Reply on December 23 2020, 1:43am:
    When it is my turn, absolutely!
Question: Hey Justin, I'm enjoying your Super 8 jams and tutorials you've been posting lately, especially the guitar tone. What fx you are using on your guitar, are they plugins or are you using pedals etc?
Asked by Nick Demosthenous (46.177.253.x) on December 22 2020, 1:09am
Reply on December 22 2020, 2:30pm (edited at December 22 2020, 2:31pm):
    Thanks! I use different setups depending on where I am, but for the minimalist super8 setup that ends up in the videos, the guitar signal path is:
    1. Guitar (Fernandes Monterrey, usually) connected to R24's hi-z input
    2. (toggleable) JSFX distortion (fuzz) - shape: 32, hard limit -25dB, wet -9dB dry -60dB
    3. JSFX amp model (or ReaVerb) with the "Fender Deluxe - Tweed Champ.wav" cab model
    4. (toggleable) ReaDelay with one tap, wet set to -2.5dB, length is 147ms feedback -4.4dB
    I don't love the sound of the guitar with the delay and distortion off, it's a bit too plucky, but you can make it all work...

    (at home I have a pedalboard with strymon sunset / micropog / nano big muff pi / the wave / strymon iridium. and some amps at the studio and a friend's awesome pedalboard is often there)
Question: Hey Justin! I am doing sound design for shows and working with MP4 videos. I have been working in reaper for 10 years and so I was able to solve the problem with video freezes. With the latest updates, the situation has only gotten worse. I could not work on the new 4k monitor, as the freezing situation became simply unbearable and I was sent back to the 1080 monitor. Please, give me advice, I'm desperate. The operating system is Windows 10.
Asked by Ilia Kostroma (178.215.98.x) on December 20 2020, 4:23pm
Reply on December 20 2020, 8:51pm:
    This isn't really the place for it but if you can narrow down in what version something changed and post on the forums or email support at cockos dot com that would be the way to go about it.
Question: I am considering learning to code and I want to write my own Mp3 player and add a few features I don't really see in Winamp. What language was Winamp written in and what software/IDE would you recommend I use for my project?
Asked by Mike (73.91.212.x) on December 20 2020, 12:25am
Reply on December 20 2020, 8:52pm:
    Winamp was written in C and C++ I think... Hard to recommend things these days, I guess I'd say use Visual Studio or something?
Question: Hey- apologies but> have you ever considered making (the daw that must not be named here) into a 360 panoramic or VR ready environment? would it even make sense? plus what are your general feelings towards 360 video,virtual reality soft and hardwares?
Asked by 2020 (2.26.240.x) on December 18 2020, 6:10pm
Reply on December 18 2020, 11:50pm:
    I haven't yet but I'm not yet on the VR bandwagon so...
Question: Hey- seeing your laptop in uses- but do either you or schwa also use super powerful desktop pcs or whatever? which kinda setup do you push system benchmarks for stability,high load cpu or resource handling and dsp measuring?
Asked by 2020 (2.26.240.x) on December 17 2020, 5:23pm
Reply on December 17 2020, 5:53pm:
    There's no real reason I can think of for us to have super high-end stuff.
Question: Hi Justin. First: THANK YOU for all your hard work on Reaper. Do you still like living in SF? I recently left the city, begrudgingly, kicking and screaming. But it was time to move on, SF has in many ways lost its soul. The architecture is still quite lovely and inspiring, but the gentrification finally pushed out a vast majority of the exuberant quirky weirdos that made life fun.
Asked by Hungry Ear (73.132.195.x) on December 17 2020, 3:31am
Reply on December 17 2020, 4:29pm (edited at December 17 2020, 5:52pm):
    I've been living in NYC for about 10 years :) I like SF fine, though I haven't spent much time there since... If I were to move back to the bay area, though, I'd probably choose somewhere with easier hiking trail access.
Question: What is a "0 watt amplifier"? simplifieramp.com/
Asked by Will (23.125.224.x) on December 15 2020, 6:49pm
Reply on December 15 2020, 10:11pm:
    I didn't read it but it would probably be giving the qualities of an amplifier (warmth, harmonics, frequency response, whatever) without amplifying.
Question: hey-so,do you believe in leading by example,and do you feel our 'elected' leaders are leading by good* examples? are they showing us the 'right' ways??
Asked by 2020 (2.26.240.x) on December 15 2020, 1:34pm
Reply on December 15 2020, 3:13pm:
    I do believe people should lead by example, and no, I don't think our leaders are doing a good job at that (I'm sure someone somewhere is, but tons of examples to point to of leaders' actions sending the complete wrong message). I do feel that putting elected in scare-quotes is inappropriate, though.
Question: It is hard to be skinny with a physical labor job. How do all the superstar coders stay so skinny?
Asked by Mike (73.91.212.x) on December 15 2020, 3:23am
Reply on December 15 2020, 3:13pm:
    By avoiding physical labor? I dunno
Question: Any precaution/worry about the vaccine? Looks like a huge beta testing release, not sure what's the best option.
Asked by Gio (79.130.163.x) on December 14 2020, 6:20pm
Reply on December 14 2020, 8:33pm:
    Yeah something this fast will likely have issues, but they do seem to be far far less severe and far less prevalent than the disease itself, so seems like an obvious win.
Question: Is there any difference between mp3 and wav in low frequencies or only high frequencies get affected during audio compression?
Asked by Taylor's Evermore is really good! (27.58.8.x) on December 14 2020, 3:06pm
Reply on December 14 2020, 4:51pm:
    All frequencies do get affected, though probably more noticeable on the high end
Question: Hey Justin! What script/extension of reaper are yours favorites/best ones? There is one you use recurrently?
Asked by HumanBeingWithFellings (179.104.165.x) on December 13 2020, 5:03pm
Reply on December 14 2020, 4:51pm:
    There are some JSFX that really blow me away for sure, I forget off the top of my head though. :)
Question: T-shaped skill VS. I-shaped skill.... which is better? What do you like being between two? (currently, I guess you are I-shaped person)
Asked by The Skill (27.58.64.x) on December 13 2020, 7:45am
Reply on December 13 2020, 1:26pm (edited at December 13 2020, 1:28pm):
    I'm probably a [.] but I don't think I'd be I-shaped
Question: hey- so during this unique year,have you discovered any game changing ideas,information,skill or practices which have greatly empowered your daily flow?
Asked by 2020 (2.26.240.x) on December 13 2020, 3:06am
Reply on December 13 2020, 1:29pm:
    Trying to think if there is anything... not really! Just incremental changes as it almost always goes...
Question: Do you sometimes have sleepless nights? What do you do then if so?
Asked by wasereb4 (87.167.82.x) on December 13 2020, 2:17am
Reply on December 13 2020, 1:27pm:
    Never a whole night (knocks on wood), when I can't sleep it's usually because I have too much going on in my head so I try to go get it out by doing things (writing, coding, whatever).
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