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Question: Do you know about the survival game 'Life After' ?
Asked by Afterlife (27.58.1.x) on April 16 2021, 5:50pm
Reply on April 17 2021, 11:12pm:
    I haven't heard of it, no. Maybe I'll look at it when FS2020 finishes downloading and then I get bored with it
Question: Is there any chance that the Reaper Stash could be made to be a little more user friendly? eg. Subfolders etc...so that people could organise their uploads more coherently, thus things like audio collaborations could be a bit easier to organise, and easier to find stuff in general. ( I feel like the more collaboration the better at the mo. A friend and some others are playing a game of musical Exquisite Corpse, and I was wondering if there was a way to do that using reaper stash in sub folders)
Asked by DomCom (82.132.237.x) on April 14 2021, 6:26am
Reply on April 14 2021, 3:22pm:
    That'd be nice but not sure if/when that'll happen
Question: I end up in slight pain during & after running. Research founds that I lack warm up & cool down. Can you tell me exercises you do before & after running?
Asked by Running & reaping (music) is all I do (27.58.28.x) on April 13 2021, 7:53am
Reply on April 13 2021, 2:14pm (edited at April 13 2021, 2:18pm):
    Heh well slight pain isn't always avoidable for me. The hard part is deciding what pain is OK and what pain isn't. I definitely go slow to warm up and cool down (and most days just go slow in general -- speed is a once in a while sort of thing). I don't usually do anything right before or after, but in the evenings these days I do a bunch of stretches and sometimes foam roller my quads/IT/hamstrings/calves at 2 minutes each (16 minutes total). And some days strengthening exercises (various, but google Myrtl Routine and that might help)
Question: Why not dual license Reaper to create an Open Source version without the proprietary components (elastique, etc.)? You wouldn't need to provide/maintain binaries, just the source for people to build it themselves.
Asked by Derren (82.25.242.x) on April 12 2021, 4:33pm
Reply on April 12 2021, 6:39pm:
    There would be no upside for us, only a headache of having to be an open source project maintainer :)
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Question: What is the purpose of Win + mouse modifiers in REAPER? They don't work after all.
Asked by Vitali (195.191.162.x) on April 12 2021, 4:22pm
Reply on April 12 2021, 6:40pm:
    No? Or you mean plain Win+ and not Win+othermod+?
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Question: You should watch Stranger Things (Netflix series).
Asked by Demogorgon (27.58.10.x) on April 12 2021, 4:19pm
Reply on April 12 2021, 6:40pm:
    Saw the first season, it was enough
Question: Hello M. Frankel ! I've a newbie question : if I decided to write a C++ app right now with libraries / dependencies like Guile, ... a, b, c... Will my today's compiled app (under its binary form) could be broken if some dependencies were obsolete in a distant future ? If so, what would you do appart from using virtualization software at that time ? Have a good day ! Best,
Asked by Arlequin (212.224.224.x) on April 10 2021, 6:21am
Reply on April 10 2021, 12:09pm:
    Well, on Windows/macOS you would either need to static link or to ship copies of the libraries yourself, in which case you should be fine. On Linux, you could static link, or you could use the shared library, and in theory if some newer version of the library isn't compatible, they'd change the major version number and the linux distribution would still provide the old version as a separate package? I'd probably static link if the license allows for it, or provide a binary of the library to go in a local path to your app if not...
Question: There are numerous websites where REAPER is mentioned as Reaper. How's your reaction when you see this? Be honest :P
Asked by REAPER not Reaper (27.58.66.x) on April 10 2021, 4:35am
Reply on April 10 2021, 12:06pm:
    I'm case-insensitive when reading things :)
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Question: SWELL/GDK: Is there a reliable way to process VK_OEM_X keys? Currently I just use the plain characters and works but have difficulty to process the period character...
Asked by Gio (79.130.25.x) on April 9 2021, 9:04pm
Reply on April 10 2021, 12:05pm:
    #ifdefs I guess? Do you mean the period character on the main keyboard or on the numpad?
Question: Are there any other core preformance things you will work on / update like you did with PDC? Also, with the expolsion of core counts in the last 5-7 years do you find it affects how you think of core performance from a coding perspective?
Asked by mlprod (185.81.111.x) on April 9 2021, 8:48am
Reply on April 9 2021, 4:26pm:
    Some smaller things on my list: WDL_Resampler overhaul to use a smaller sinc-interpolator + larger FFT-accelerated FIR AA, JSFX SSE backend and improving aarch64 code generation...
Question: Do you recommend any mastering tutorial/video course? Thanks!
Asked by Mastering (192.145.127.x) on April 6 2021, 8:27pm
Reply on April 8 2021, 1:13am:
    I don't have any recommendations, sorry
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Question: How many Kenny videos you have watched so far? Also any favourite video(s) of him?
Asked by Ken (so a three letter name can't be taken by askjf.com :O (27.58.68.x) on April 6 2021, 8:53am
Reply on April 8 2021, 1:13am:
    They're all my favorite
Question: how you deal with all thiw chaos,..zen tea?
Asked by sean (209.121.229.x) on April 6 2021, 4:04am
Reply on April 8 2021, 1:13am:
    the trinity of work, exercise, food
Question: Some movie / game / book recommendation ?
Asked by Daniel Lumertz (189.112.49.x) on April 5 2021, 11:06pm
Reply on April 8 2021, 1:18am:
    The books that I read recently that have stuck with me as being really awesome are by Tamsyn Muir: "Gideon the Ninth" and "Harrow the Ninth." Also NK Jemisin's Broken Earth trilogy, Iain M Banks Culture series, anything by Vonnegut or Philip K Dick... movie (that I like, but the first one that came to mind): Children of Men. Games: Resident Evil 5, the mercenaries mode especially, though I've given up on games since these days I just get motion sickness.
Question: If Reaper runs out, you're going to give the project to someone else?
Asked by Bung (88.237.85.x) on April 5 2021, 3:55pm
Reply on April 5 2021, 5:52pm:
    The Reaper would have to come for Reaper, in which case which Reaper would win?
Question: hi Justin.. I am using OSCii bot with BehringerX32. I need to send an OSC address which has both string and integer in the same address.. X32 is expecting "/subscribe ,si /ch/01/mix/on 50" the 50 is the integer to request update frequency for the string.. is there anyway to send both string and integer from a single "oscsend" command in OSCii ?
Asked by EcBaPr (119.18.3.x) on April 5 2021, 10:42am
Reply on April 5 2021, 11:00am:
    I think you want something like something like: oscsend(device,"si/subscribe","/ch/01/mix/on",50);

    (the "si" prefix tells it a string and an integer will be the values)
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Question: Back in the 90's, early 00's, did Nullsoft/Winamp pay any mp3 patent royalties to Fraunhofer? Or was the mp3 decoder free to use for anyone?
Asked by MS_from_Sweden (82.100.127.x) on April 4 2021, 7:46pm
Reply on April 4 2021, 8:30pm:
    Not initially, but eventually.
Question: How many songs should be in a regular album? Some artists only put like 3-4 songs per album whereas some artists put huge songs like 22-23 songs per album. According to you how many songs per album is enough?
Asked by Artist (27.58.99.x) on April 4 2021, 4:27am
Reply on April 4 2021, 8:30pm:
    I think around 40-60 minutes is a good album length. Number of songs, that depends!
Question: In an interview Brian Eno talked about a loop relation there is between technology creators and artists . In very few words: A artists use some technology in a way it was not design to, and then some technology maker redo the tool, and then a artist use it for something it is not design to and so on… Do you see this happening in REAPER development ? Source youtu.be/JUL8kNYmgsA?t=1440from 24:00 to 25:00. (he starts this subject in 20:40 if you are interest for more in that interview )
Asked by Daniel Lumertz (189.112.150.x) on April 2 2021, 12:37pm
Reply on April 2 2021, 9:55pm:
    Yeah sure. Not music related, but Winamp skins came about that way...

    It also happens automatically when you're a musician and a software developer too :)
Question: Any April fool ya made to someone or someone to ya?
Asked by Cool (27.58.103.x) on April 2 2021, 8:40am
Reply on April 2 2021, 9:55pm:
    They can be funny but also sort of sad?
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