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Question: From little things big things grow! = Must be a little proud hey :) Congrats! cockos.com/jsfx/....=....reaperblog.net/2021/07/tycho-super8/...And a question. Anymore JSFX ideas you working on? or, a way to make them less cpu hungry (linux/saike fx especially?) He is making/pushing some serious boundries too.
Asked by xiu xiu (138.199.59.x) on July 18 2021, 3:14pm
Reply on July 19 2021, 1:19pm (edited at July 19 2021, 1:20pm):
    Hah yeah that's cool. Optimized the EEL2 (JSFX) code generation in the latest releases (and it now uses SSE on x86_64, which improves the Rosetta2 performance too).
Question: Favorite chord progression?
Asked by DdSL (186.210.93.x) on July 18 2021, 2:43am
Reply on July 19 2021, 1:20pm (edited at July 19 2021, 1:21pm):
    Starting with vii then going down a half step to a (borrowed) major chord
Question: You know about this lovely song? youtube.com/watch?v=K1LzWtnLfo0
Asked by Lamarr the Headcrab (27.58.117.x) on July 17 2021, 2:49pm
Reply on July 19 2021, 1:21pm:
    I do not, but I will listen
Question: Most difficult part of developing a DAW(for you): Time based synchronization, memory management, UI, other?
Asked by Matt (198.22.153.x) on July 15 2021, 10:46pm
Reply on July 16 2021, 6:14pm:
    Dealing with plug-in compatibility, probably
Question: Which programming language is REAPER written in?
Asked by Florian (91.13.183.x) on July 15 2021, 3:50pm
Reply on July 15 2021, 4:03pm:
    Early-2000s style C++
Question: What do you think about Miller Puckette work as software developer and researcher in computer music? Did it directly influenced you in any way? Also do you know personally know him?
Asked by DsSL (201.48.143.x) on July 13 2021, 4:31am
Reply on July 13 2021, 7:50pm:
    I've never really used Max or PD so I don't know much (nor have I met him) ;)
Question: Hi, Justin! Did you see you made the front page on YouTube? i.imgur.com/OJqAxDH.jpg
Asked by Erin (66.215.231.x) on July 11 2021, 8:13pm
Reply on July 12 2021, 3:27am:
    Now I feel old
Question: Are you strong enough to watch a video of your boy, Conor McGregor, breaking his ankle last night? youtube.com/watch?v=rx4N2wKK9ro
Asked by Mommy (194.5.215.x) on July 11 2021, 1:18pm
Reply on July 11 2021, 1:37pm:
    I am far too weak
Question: Is there a big chance of win11 break somethings related to reaper or audio?
Asked by DdSL (186.210.93.x) on July 7 2021, 7:47pm
Reply on July 8 2021, 1:36am:
    MS has been very good about backwards compatibility for the last 30ish years?
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Question: Did you see this? hackaday.io/project/180500-airamp-...
Asked by Scott (34.225.44.x) on July 7 2021, 5:17pm
Reply on July 8 2021, 1:36am:
    Yeah hah
Question: Good news, everyone! Which news??
Asked by Ambient Dreams (27.58.68.x) on July 7 2021, 6:38am
Reply on July 7 2021, 2:22pm:
    It is a reference more than anything ;)
Question: I found a stash of your songs online, what a treasure .can we record / write to any of these ? Hint me keyboardist so expect the unexpected. You choose.
Asked by neovich (14.200.140.x) on July 6 2021, 9:51am
Reply on July 6 2021, 3:53pm (edited at July 6 2021, 3:54pm):
Question: If the narrator of this dimension made you go into academic life for good. What would you apply to? What would you research in MA and PhD? And what would you teach? (you can choose freely)
Asked by DdSL (200.146.246.x) on July 6 2021, 3:30am
Reply on July 6 2021, 3:51pm:
    I'd have to figure out what I'd be remotely qualified to teach...
Question: What's your diet like? Do you avoid any particular foods?
Asked by Will (23.125.224.x) on July 5 2021, 3:21pm
Reply on July 5 2021, 3:54pm:
    I go for maximum diversity... a few aversions: most cheeses (get migraines from some), and hazelnuts (mild rashes), maybe something else I'm forgetting about
Question: Do you think Audacity crossed the line with their new privacy policy or is the public overreacting? its here if you haven't seen it archive.fo/d3LBR
Asked by reaperblog (172.103.218.x) on July 4 2021, 9:07pm
Reply on July 4 2021, 11:54pm (edited at July 5 2021, 9:52pm):
    What's the line, anyway? I dunno. Sharing minidumps is the part that would bother me, you never know what personal information could end up in those? Edit: if it's just stack traces, fine... if it's a partial memory dump that's a line crossed, for me. That Audacity backlash feels like an overreaction to me.
Question: Have you ever thought of getting an ecolabel for Reaper? Not as bragging, but to remind the competition that low cpu usage and generally good software with tight code can be a factor in terms of CO2 Emissions.
Asked by spoiled hobo (77.181.7.x) on June 28 2021, 2:21pm
Reply on June 28 2021, 3:37pm:
    Hah, no...
Question: Win32: Is there a resource editor that you recommend for Linux or WINE? Thanks
Asked by Gio (94.70.6.x) on June 24 2021, 10:39pm
Reply on June 26 2021, 1:43pm:
    Hmm would VC6 run in WINE? :) that's all I can think of
Question: What part of development You like more? making GUI features, making audio features/plugins, making video features or maybe You like fixing bugs : ) ?
Asked by Poooooooooooooony (162.210.194.x) on June 23 2021, 3:09pm
Reply on June 24 2021, 6:54pm:
    writing JSFX is probably the most fun
Question: Strings VS. Pads. Which do you prefer?
Asked by Bongo (182.68.224.x) on June 23 2021, 2:40pm
Reply on June 24 2021, 6:55pm:
    I'm guilty of not using either, but if I had to pick one, probably pads (unless I had a bunch of string musician friends)
Question: Have you ever considered writing an operating system? It would be a massive project, expensive in both time and money. And history suggests that you’d ultimately fail. But I fall asleep every night fantasying about an OS that behaves just like Reaper.
Asked by Yrnotfar (75.57.24.x) on June 22 2021, 4:23am
Reply on June 22 2021, 4:19pm (edited at June 22 2021, 4:20pm):
    I've thought about making a swell-generic-sdl target which could run on linux without GDK/X11/Wayland/etc...
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