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Question: How about wdl_log display __FILE__ __LINE__? Maybe you can use #define WDL_LOG(...) wdl_log_print(__FILE__, __LINE__, __VA_ARGS__) and void wdl_log_print(const char *file, int line, const char *fmt, ...) #else #define WDL_LOG(...) do {} while(0)
Asked by Gio (94.68.165.x) on September 11 2021, 8:53pm
Reply on September 11 2021, 11:13pm:
    I forget, does __FILE__ in a macro give you the file of the macro, or the file of where the macro was invoked?
Question: Are you going to watch the new Matrix movie?
Asked by MS_from_Sweden (82.100.127.x) on September 11 2021, 7:27pm
Reply on September 11 2021, 11:14pm:
    Yeah sure. The first one was great.
Question: What do you think about logic programming languages, such as Prolog?
Asked by Matt (187.19.232.x) on September 11 2021, 1:13am
Reply on September 11 2021, 11:14pm:
    Never touched 'em
Question: Did you play Disco Elysium? If yes, what kind of detective were you?
Asked by Fred (91.33.161.x) on September 8 2021, 6:12pm
Reply on September 8 2021, 8:33pm:
    I haven't (I'm old and boring!)
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Question: I am so thankful that Reaper still works on Windows 7, as I have no intention of upgrading to W10. Are there any plans to change this? (Seems like too many other developers have abandoned W7 already)
Asked by NigelH175 (90.251.100.x) on September 7 2021, 1:46pm
Reply on September 7 2021, 11:13pm:
    We will not change that any time soon, no.
Question: Hi Justin. Thinking of building dream DAW-PC. Will Octo-channel memory give any noticable advantage in Reaper?e
Asked by Ian the The (81.221.211.x) on September 6 2021, 3:27pm
Reply on September 6 2021, 8:24pm:
    I have no idea, probably not
Question: How is there with the rain? Everything ok for you and closes ?
Asked by DdSL (189.112.244.x) on September 3 2021, 12:06am
Reply on September 3 2021, 1:24am:
    Yes I'm OK. Feel bad for people with basement apartments, or who have to take the subway to work :(
Question: Is there a reason, why 3rd party Lua-modules can't be loaded in Reaper? There are plenty of helpful modules out there but trying to load them usually doesn't work in Reaper(assuming the module is generally compatible with Lua 5.3).
Asked by Mespotine (95.90.174.x) on September 2 2021, 1:33pm
Reply on September 3 2021, 1:24am:
    Not sure
Question: would asking that hovering and using the mousewheel / double clicking adjusts the volume in reaplay in the exact same way as on a reaper track be crazy ?
Asked by del159 (207.148.176.x) on September 2 2021, 12:34am
Reply on September 3 2021, 1:25am:
    Next time I work on it I'll look at that, but for the most part it was going for consistency with Winamp
Question: Why REAPER converts a video into audio when we glue the media item containing both (video & audio)? It doesn't make sense to me. I mean glue means to combine two media items into one, be it an audio or video item. Rather there should be something like "convert this video item into audio" option or something like?
Asked by Yes, I am human (77.111.246.x) on August 31 2021, 3:25pm
Reply on August 31 2021, 7:10pm:
    Video is a bonus feature in R
Question: Why REAPER resource path is under "UsersAppDataRoaming" instead of "UsersAppDataLocal"? I head Local is for storing something permanently and Roaming is for storing it temporarily?
Asked by Abhi (122.177.153.x) on August 31 2021, 2:28pm
Reply on August 31 2021, 3:25pm:
    I think you have that backwards -- roaming is for stuff that should persist.. I suppose some things could go into local (metadata caches etc) but that'd be too complicated.
Question: What's your favorite guitar tuning?
Asked by Matt (187.19.233.x) on August 31 2021, 4:49am
Reply on August 31 2021, 2:02pm:
    Plain ol' EADGBE probably
Question: A curiosity I always had and couldn't find the why on the forums: why Python modules crash when trying to import them into a reascript in python? Also why is the network of lua disabled?
Asked by DdSL (189.112.150.x) on August 30 2021, 3:56pm
Reply on August 31 2021, 1:17am:
    Python is relatively difficult to integrate into other apps, so I dunno. I wasn't aware that Lua had network support natively? Or did you mean EEL2's network API? I suppose we could port that to Lua.
Question: Hey, Justin. Are you planning to move to new LLVM-based Intel Compiler at some point? I would love to see some benchmarks on LoL for REAPER; overall performance improvements look rather good, especially for FP (at least on paper).
Asked by Gio (94.68.165.x) on August 30 2021, 1:22pm
Reply on August 31 2021, 1:18am:
    I'm hesitant to change toolchains as doing so is usually a pain and everything works...
Question: I want to compile sws on Linux. How do I tell cmake to use WDL which I downloaded? Just copying the WDL directory to the sws directory doesn't work :/
Asked by Chris (196.240.57.x) on August 28 2021, 1:44pm
Reply on August 28 2021, 3:47pm:
    Maybe it needs to be in the right relative path? e.g. WDL/ next to sws-root?
Question: What do you think about GitHub Copilot (copilot.github.com/?
Asked by Matt (187.19.233.x) on August 27 2021, 11:48pm
Reply on August 28 2021, 3:47pm:
    If you have to sit there and analyze other people's code to make sure it's correct, maybe I don't see the point so much? Other than to greatly reduce the amount of typing, which my occasional RSI-having side probably would appreciate.
Question: Overall, has REAPER been received better or worse than you imagined when you released it?
Asked by IDDQD Sound (67.68.162.x) on August 27 2021, 8:11pm
Reply on August 28 2021, 3:45pm:
    I never really expected much, was making for myself... but I suppose at this point it's been more accepted than I anticipated! Though it's been a long, long time :)
Question: What do you think of the recent reports of Apple's photo surveillance on its devices?
Asked by rofl (23.105.140.x) on August 26 2021, 11:07pm
Reply on August 27 2021, 5:41pm:
    It's definitely the wrong direction, even if the motives are good. Once you have the ability to do something, it's hard to tell powerful governments no. :/
Question: Do you have any suggestions/links for complete tutorial for SWS extensions & ReaPack?
Asked by iPhone 12 Pro Max Ultra (77.111.247.x) on August 25 2021, 9:23am
Reply on August 25 2021, 12:46pm (edited at August 25 2021, 2:54pm):
Question: How a 14 MB REAPER installer extracts a total of 131 MB software?
Asked by Abhi (27.58.113.x) on August 25 2021, 9:16am
Reply on August 25 2021, 12:45pm:
    LZMA compression. Also we optimize for distribution size, so there are a lot of .png files which are stored in fully-uncompressed form (.png normally uses zlib compression which makes them smaller on disk, but if you store them without it, LZMA can do a better job of compressing them across multiple files).
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