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Question: hello- so i learnt a new language and think you could perhaps perfect it? they call it "bidenese". is it a legit language iyo? > youtu.be/3HmFnp-jgfw
Asked by unnamed1 (2.25.95.x) on October 15 2021, 1:15pm
Reply on October 15 2021, 2:31pm:
    I don't really feel like watching that, sorry
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Question: What timezone does this site report your answers in? It's 4:40pm CST and the last comment (posted just now) shows 9:40pm.
Asked by Will (23.125.224.x) on October 14 2021, 9:41pm
Reply on October 15 2021, 12:17am:
    UTC maybe?
Question: What is your favorite cuisine?
Asked by Rachie (109.37.132.x) on October 14 2021, 5:31pm
Reply on October 14 2021, 9:40pm:
    Please don't make me choose between Mexican and Indian, I'll get sad. OK fine I'll choose Indian. Of course both of those countries are large and have a lot of variety within them, so I'm going to choose the version I used to get from Chandni on 29th street before it closed :(
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Question: Do you still own an iPod? Does it still work?
Asked by Will (23.125.224.x) on October 14 2021, 3:38am
Reply on October 14 2021, 2:09pm:
    Nope been using my phone for these purposes for a very, very long time
Question: For the third year in a row REAPER wins the KVR Readers' Choice Awards "Favorite Audio Software" category. Congratulations again :) kvraudio.com/blog/best-audio-and-m...What is the winner's speech?
Asked by MS_from_Sweden (82.100.127.x) on October 13 2021, 11:13pm
Reply on October 14 2021, 2:08pm:
    "Thank you, thank you very much"
Question: g'day! so has there ever been a version of reaper where you thought "yep,thats it,now 100% bug free and keeping it that way!" ??
Asked by unnamed1 (2.25.95.x) on October 12 2021, 10:49pm
Reply on October 12 2021, 11:09pm:
    Critical hubris overload
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Question: hey-do you ever check tucker carlson/fox news...or any news? where do you gather informations?
Asked by unnamed1 (2.25.95.x) on October 10 2021, 4:04am
Reply on October 10 2021, 1:33pm (edited at October 10 2021, 2:19pm):
    Despite being named "News", TC and the vast majority of what's on Fox News is opinion and commentary, NOT "News". So no, I don't watch that, it's pretty low on information and high on opinion. The NYT, Washington Post, and propublica are all pretty decent sources (though they all sometimes err, as they are made of humans), and if you want commentary with supporting facts John Oliver's show on HBO is pretty good.
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Question: Do you like campfires and do you have a fireplace in you home ?
Asked by Just Asking (207.148.176.x) on October 8 2021, 12:09am
Reply on October 8 2021, 7:27pm:
    Sure as long as I'm upwind of them... but no, I don't have a fireplace.
Question: Are you still using Visual C++ 6 to work on the Windows 32-bit version of REAPER? Which VC++ version do you use now for 64-bit Windows?
Asked by Matt Campbell (68.103.72.x) on October 7 2021, 3:09pm
Reply on October 7 2021, 7:26pm:
    We use VC2005 with ICC now for win32/win64 releases (though usually VC2013 for development purposes). We stopped using VC6 early this year.
Question: Hi Justin, I am writing a book on audio production, and I would like to use Reaper as the DAW for readers to follow along with. Who would I contact for permission n to reprint a few tables and icons from the manual? Thanks so much!
Asked by Keith (130.215.8.x) on October 7 2021, 2:09pm
Reply on October 7 2021, 7:27pm:
    I'll ask Geoff!
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Question: I have upgraded to Windows 11 stable version (launched yesterday). Now, REAPER looks better than before :-P (thanks to Microsoft, haha). Now will you switch from Win10 to Win11 for REAPER development? Because obviously a software dev have to use latest tools, no?
Asked by Abhi (122.176.5.x) on October 6 2021, 12:57pm
Reply on October 6 2021, 5:38pm:
    Nah, these days I mostly use macOS and linux anyway. And our compilers on windows are quite old :)
Question: For what you use chromebooks?
Asked by Josh (185.169.255.x) on October 5 2021, 6:08pm
Reply on October 6 2021, 5:39pm:
    Mostly for running linux via Crouton
Question: What is your strangest code side project?
Asked by Stark (78.72.156.x) on October 5 2021, 1:35pm
Reply on October 6 2021, 5:39pm:
    Not too many side projects these days. Lots of code to automate/optimize/secure the business, I guess
Question: Do you agree with this resumé? ('What it all means') stereophile.com/content/analog-com...
Asked by wasereb4 (79.246.88.x) on October 4 2021, 12:52am
Reply on October 4 2021, 1:52am:
    No, if the reed-solomon error correction produces the same bitstream as was encoded, then there can be no variation in the output (unless the error-correction logic causes other components in the CD player to behave differently, which would be a defect in the player, IMO).
Question: Were you featured in Wired magazine when you were 19? I seem to recall a one page article about you.
Asked by BozSteinkalt (23.241.70.x) on October 3 2021, 12:49am
Reply on October 3 2021, 2:29am:
    Sounds about right, yeah, but that was a long time ago :)
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Question: hey- do you think some clever developer could actually create a "music only" operating system? which would be fully dedicated to music making softwares. (with basic internet connectivity) (AOS- audio only system)
Asked by unnamed 1 (2.25.95.x) on October 2 2021, 3:56pm
Reply on October 3 2021, 2:30am:
    Sure, someone could do it, but I don’t think it would be clever as much as silly…
Question: hey..so we know what you and keeny look like..are there any face images of either schwa or white tie anywhere online? (or do they remain__ unseen?)
Asked by unnamed 1 (2.25.95.x) on September 29 2021, 1:53am
Reply on October 1 2021, 5:38am:
    That's for them to answer...
Question: Do you find additive synthesis interesting, from any perspective?
Asked by n997 (87.95.123.x) on September 28 2021, 4:55am
Reply on October 1 2021, 5:39am:
    A little?
Question: Thank you, and have you ever thought about NDIS for JPG?
Asked by Nicholas Forystek (173.16.33.x) on September 27 2021, 8:51pm
Reply on October 1 2021, 5:39am:
    NDIS? Shoutcast? For JPG? meh
Question: What is your favourite GUI library.
Asked by Ulf Enhörning (185.75.43.x) on September 27 2021, 8:24am
Reply on September 27 2021, 4:54pm:
    I don't use any other than win32 and WDL vwnd, so I wouldn't know... dear imgui is pretty cool, not that I've made anything with it.
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